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  1. That answered all. ATControl - Joe, you sir are a great source of info for this game-- both here and on your channel. Thanks! Cheers, Gert
  2. @Avwriter, I'm a long time flightsim tinkerer, all the way from FS1 and BAO Tower.. so a bit of reading and tinkering is really no problem. ;) I can live without 4K. Seems I finally have a reason to upgrade to Win10 than. heh Now to tell the wife.. Btw @ATControl, if you don't mind: Are you the same person from the ATControl youtube channel? While watching those vids (and enjoying it greatly!) it's the first time I noticed both male and female pilot voices during a single setting. Am I assuming correctly this is a setting within Tower 3d Pro itself and that's what you mean with "random in the game"? Thanks for the replies guys, it's appreciated! Gert
  3. Hi everyone, I'm planning on buying Tower!3D Pro and all addons but before spending quite a few bucks I'd like to ask a few questions: I'm on a Win7 machine and plan to buy Tower!3D Pro via steam. I'm aware that Tower!3D Pro had patches already, hence my question as I'm a little confused. If I install Tower!3D Pro under my Windows 7, do I at this date, still get (horrible) Anna as my pilot voice option? I'm aware that Anna is a Win7 voice but I got confused by a earlier dev post that said that you can optionally select different pilot voices (so also a male voice) under Tower!3D Pro settings since a SP patch. I'm not sure if I understood this correctly. Or do I have to "upgrade" to Win10 to get to hear the male voiced pilot? Another question: has anyone tried running Tower!3D Pro at 4K? Is 4k even a selectable option? I'm running on a 40 inch native 4K monitor and I hope Tower!3D Pro won't get to "grainy" if 4K isn't a option but instead is being upscaled from 1920 resolution. Thanks in advance! Gert
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