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  1. Thanks for taking a look at this and the quick response. I’m certainly not picking on FSUIPC, it was just suggested that I look at it as an option since I’ve exhausted a lot of other potential causes. I started looking at LM support forums last night and will see if that offers any help. Thanks again for all the help. Much appreciated!
  2. Attached is the FSUIPC4 log file. You'll see that I have the Alabeo 207 Skywagon set up as default. No issues there. I can load the 737 fine and click around the panel. The second I touch the keyboard is when the CTD happens. I'm well aware about the recommendation to load the 737 first, but if I try THAT it does a CTD and doesn't even load. At least when I load the other plane first I can switch to the 737, just can't do anything with it because the keyboard crashes it. I also reviewed the PMDG site and I don't even have update KB4038788 installed. FSUIPC4.log
  3. Everything works on my new systems with P3D v3.4 installed with the exception of the PMDG 737. It loads fine and I can look around with the view hat, mouse etc. As soon as I press any button on my keyboard I get CTD. Spent hours researching and troubleshooting. Reinstalled all versions of sim connect, reinstalled PMDG several times. Reininstalled P3D. I don’t have any CTD or any problems with any other planes. For some reason the keyboard causes a crash. It was suggested that I reach out to assess possible issues with FSUIPC.