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  1. That is something I think I requested for the next version. Not necessarily that we are able to issue those commands as ATC would handle most of that before handing over to the Tower but in this game all planes arrive lined up 20 + miles away from the airport when in reality there are waypoints and flight paths you all are taking to come in and getting on when leaving so having planes coming in like that would be nice as an option if we are going to take some of approach control away from ATC. Would make multiplayer a little more dynamic giving the other guy something to do on departur
  2. There is a sticky thread where all the custom schedules are listed if the authors consented if that is what you mean.
  3. Would certainly be interesting to add in some random emergencies that are automatically handled such as some wind go around's or engine outs that may require us to clear a path for landing or have someone taxi back to the gate.
  4. Run the game yeah sure, play it not so much. Low traffic on an optimized airport maybe for a bit but I doubt it would be a good experience. Cheap off the shelf? A more modern i3 or Ryzen 3 with 4 cores would be a bare minimum. 8gb of ram and any storage device. You'll want a GPU vs onboard and could likely get away with a lower end one but that will add cost. If you build one yourself you can find some decent stuff on the used market that will get you by for less most likely.
  5. Fun schedule, jumped straight to 18:00 and enjoyed it, good work!
  6. I'm sure the basic plans can be sourced or renders of the changes looked up so they can get things mostly accurate. If the project is large enough to changing the airport and information is publicly available it can be done. If they know these things are happening is an entirely different story.
  7. While wholly true what I will say is some of the definition updates and changes to how the real time scanners handle certain applications or comm's it can still break things. I don't disable AV entirely but there are times when I have to stop the real time scanners or add an application as an exception that never had issues previously because of an update or change to what they are looking for which that app is now in violation of for whatever reason.
  8. The headsets that have a passive overlay of the room around you may work, if you can subtly put that if you look down by recognizing the keyboard or something. Not sure if that feed can be tapped into like an augmented reality thing.
  9. Really depends on how it's done. Supreme Commander (first one) is the best game I have ever played for multiple monitor setups overall in the way they designed it to be a truly secondary monitor for a dedicated map or unit / production information. If someone has multiple monitors configured as individual displays then something like that is helpful telling the game to enable it and we can put what we want on each screen. In Eyefinity or Surround the monitor's are all registered as one display to the OS so it wouldn't operate any differently other than the engine needs to underst
  10. I too am curious, if the game just registers the inputs and rendering based upon the head view I think it could be fun to move things around and push on the screens and look for the planes. BUT this will be a very different experience and audio integration will need to be spot on for the text to speech. I preordered one finally a few months back and am looking forward to it. But I can see how doing something like this in VR will be VERY difficult vs reality hah. But mixing it with my keyboard and the headset to look around in would be a great change to it. Yeah, I used adapters a
  11. I did it in some of my more fun schedules playing like I had a weather situation diverting planes to the airport I was at. I had them arrive early enough to ensure they landed and then it was up to me to get them to the gate before that same flight popped up for a departure towards the end of the session. Giving myself 30 minutes between their arrival into the pattern and the supposed push worked decently but any go around or delays and I'd have issues with two flight numbers active having to delete one.
  12. I hope for resolution scaling. I've had a triple monitor setup since... 2006 or so. Right now I'm stuck playing windowed on a single monitor for full non issue play lol. Spanning my three screens by the game just rendering the added pixels in the DOF would be great. Not holding my breath though.
  13. As much as I want ORD I am glad its going to the new one. The better that version is the happier I will be and more likely to open the wallet for a more functional and rich experience :) Depending on how the next ones are I may pick some up.
  14. I looked into this back when I bought the game and if I recall its Windows 7. When you get to windows 10 the default speech has multiple voices to pick from and can do so randomly. Its been almost two years since I looked into it so I may be recalling incorrectly but that was what I recall being the situation.
  15. Yeah the different voltage rails go to different components in the computer. That is not a lot of power to play with. Being a pre-built HP system they may have put a weaker 6750 or a customized version in that uses less power. File folders and browsers wont typically spike a power issue unless they are pulling cycles off the CPU for refreshing or something graphical. Once they load into the memory the HDD wont be needed until you change folders or do something with the file and that usage is pretty minimal power wise. Just sustaining all the components. So the versions of the 55
  16. I used to have a 1090T from that CPU series and I am pretty sure it was a 125 TDP. Your case fans will draw power albeit not too much and not necessarily from the same rail that the other parts do (12v, 5v 3.3v) but the PSU can only send so much power out overall, and so much down each rail (rating sticker usually on the side of the PSU). I doubt that you are sustaining a full CPU load while in Tower3D so it wont be at max power. Your hard drives, GPU and other parts are pulling some power down but when not in use most things don't use too much. Its like buying stock on margin t
  17. Wattage is important to consider in building a computer to ensure you budget enough for the maximum that you could draw. However while your 6750 could use 350 watts for most things it wont be near that number. If it was pulling down more than your PSU could supply the system would lock up / reboot. Your PSU likely has a higher peak rating that allows it to give a bit of extra power for short bursts if the card ramps up for a moment. Tower 3D does not have a lot of graphical needs, mostly just poor optimizations impacting FPS. If you can based on your post I would pick up your o
  18. DDU / DDR should be Display Driver Utility or Display Driver Remover or something along those lines. Good tool that cleans off all display drivers other than windows defaults so you can do a nice fresh install. Upgrades within a family of cards don't necessarily require it. Same with swapping brands but it is best to clean things out and avoid conflicts. You said that you were not planning on getting other intensive games or other programs until you get a new computer. Depending on the age of your current system vs your upgrade path it "Can" be beneficial to upgrade the card now and
  19. As others have said the cards are older and it appears the replacement is even older and lower performing which likely points to the bulk of the performance hits. Other areas that may show are some airports are less optimized than others. And this can really show depending on the drivers. Depending on which driver release I am running on my card I see gains or loss. In my case the hardware is way over kill for this game but the drivers and optimizations can impact things. Can try some other driver releases but using something like DDU to ensure a clean install between the two car
  20. There are a few issues at the airport, not sure if we'll see a patch for it or not as overall it works better than some others. 1: What type of plane are you sending to those entrances? Any more to the message or just "Negative"? 2: What command are you using for this? I have done this but after clearing the plane to land use "Take Next available exit on left / right". When I try to specify a taxiway I run into intermittent problems as the assigned exit isn't known yet so if its too close they may not slow down in time. 3: Have not modified my game files to allow push back
  21. As was said unfortunately you cannot do the speed up commands or slow down. And as was said you can do some vectoring. I do one of two things depending on the airport. If the small plane is close I'll let it come in and take the faster plane and manually control it back to the start of the line and sneak it in before the edge of the map in case a new plane arrives. This way I avoid most separation errors but get it in line. If it is a busy airport I'll try to have it head out of the line like a go around and have it contact departure to be re queued. Lastly, depending on th
  22. Quite good looking compared to 3D, should make transition periods quite fun even with the bright sun blinding an area of your view.
  23. Got a schedule for CYVR ready to play. Looking forward to it :)
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