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  1. Did you try removing everything (uninstall RC, RT, Tower!3D, Reinstall Tower 3D, let DLC download, reinstall RT then RC packs) and try again? Have you checked the game log to see what may be causing the hold up?
  2. I only did it a few times when I started playing, I did not catch the clock issue but that is quite interesting. What I caught was a performance hit due to how the game is optimized. My resolution width is 5760 which is fun for having plenty of room to see things but was rough on the FPS. I think that was in SP2 or around that time frame so maybe things improved a bit with SP3... I think I had a different GPU then as well.
  3. Based on it trying to launch but failing I would be more inclined to look at direct x or something on the driver side (like WildCards Wifi option) / GPU first. Could be something in how the OS is handling the CPU thread. I would be surprised if Win11 ditched the compatibility mode options unless they integrated them more into the functions vs options.
  4. Since you are launching through steam the game could be getting the online / region details from there vs through the hosts file like a standalone app would. I recall in the past to get some games working having to go edit my steam location so it would allow me to get around region specifics. I'm not sure if there is a launch command that you can put in to force it offline but may be worth looking into. Also not sure if windows firewall can lock network connectivity down enough for it to work but worth a shot. If you have a VPN program that lets you specify applications that are allowed to use the internet or not you may also be able to shut it down that way without having to force steam offline overall or disconnecting from the network. I'm not sure if configuring a proxy from another region would work either but maybe.
  5. I voted no, but I don't think you are crazy. I also appreciate the support for the older game but personally will not put more cash into this version with its limitations and issues. It is still fun but I can live with it how it stands and play around those known limitations (white planes at times) and other issues waiting for the new version. If the new game is not coming for years (possible of course) maybe a subsequent pack but how many airlines will be coming or going in that span to make multiple releases and folks justify the cost for each release.
  6. As called out the game uses some factors (correctly or not is not in debate) to determine which route to send a plane along automatically. So if you do nothing the plane will at some point get off the runway. That may not be the earliest possible moment the plane "could" get off, or the direction that makes the most sense in relation to their assigned apron. My point was by specifying take next available left or right and if they can they will vs specifying a taxiway and having to repeat commands until you get one they think they can make but still may miss due to their roll. They certainly may not get off any earlier but at least that command makes it possible.
  7. I found using the take next available option typically gets the plane off earlier than it would normally if I need them to try but not always on the ideal place. This way it may work out more realistically as each landing is unique and anything can happen so pilots missing a turn as mentioned is not unheard of.
  8. If you need to download the installers again you'll need to go to your download URL's provided in the purchase process from BMT. You can contact them with your purchase information if you need them to create new URL's. If you have the installers then as crbascott said run the installer and during the process it will ask for your information & code. Just ensure you install them into the game folder within Steam.
  9. Don't believe I said they were purchased via Steam either, simply that they were not available. per the OP: "I went to put it into steam through the code button and it said invalid. If someone can help with this that would be appreciated." Since RT and RC are not available through steam you cannot redeem their product codes that way which was what I interpreted the query to be needing to download them again to the new computer. Always a chance of being wrong though 🙂
  10. I didn't think the Real Color and Real Traffic DLC's were available in Steam. Those DLC's are downloaded from the URL's provided from BMT Micro. At least none where available in Steam when I last bought anything, only the actual airports.
  11. If you want to turn right you dont do it from the left lane or you will likely interfere with other traffic. Applications and so on loosely stated need their own lane to route information on. Playing locally that information is just on your computer so no big deal. If you want to play with a friend than your router / modem needs to know what to do with that traffic when it comes in. So using a site like portforward you can figure out where in your router to go to in order to tell it to route that port number to your local IP address. Otherwise when the traffic comes in it stops.
  12. Hmm, it has been a long time since I tried to send planes down P, I believe I got one to go that route by having it hold at P after it was on ER on its way to the ramp. Then telling it to take ES to whatever I needed. I could be wrong as it has been a while but I do recall getting one plane on it but decided it was too fiddly and required to much precision and perfection to make it work. Dont recall if I have it doing it on a video or not. Curious myself now. There are some routes that do not seem to want to work very well, consistently or accurately. That string of commands is pretty long but P being in the middle of it should not typically fail unless there are too many options and it is not able to connect the dots. Edit: Lol didnt find the attempt at routing on P in the few I skimmed through but did find on my first North to South run me getting cheesed off at JS not responding so there is something in that corner / string.
  13. As other said this is not normally a function within the game. You push it back, then once it is ready to go you give it taxi route commands. Comes down to how you want to play and you operate within a work flow to keep track of what is happening. I thought about putting those commands in up front but decided I didnt want to re mod the game every update 🙂 And after that it fit within my workflow style very well as I may push a plane back from the gate to get it in the lane but wont move it for a few minutes while other traffic clears out. Makes it much easier for me to assess potential crashes on planes when I control their movements of getting into traffic. Otherwise the pilots wont necessarily stop and wait so they may just drive out and kill themselves lol.
  14. As EliGrim said you can give partial routes then finish it once the plane is closer. At some airports where the plane will either fail to find it or accept it sometimes that is the only way to "force" it to find what you are asking. In some cases giving minor final instructions will have the game fill in a reasonable front end. Such as you want it to take A > B > C >D >E >F >G > GATE. Give it D > E > F> G and see what the game does for A > B> C as it may come up with what you need or something acceptable.
  15. Not all of the DLC is created by the game dev's to be fair. And the game itself is out of support so not much sense in changing things for it at this point. The new version in development though..... ... .. dot dot dot 🙂 I made a video about installing DLC and walked through the process and still get a number of questions on how to go through it so I am not absolving the issues just that at this point, and even a year + ago it didn't make a lot of sense to go redo it all when they are working on the new version. Depending on how simple it would be for them to have it scan for your game and map out the path automatically etc. But the other DLC creators would need to follow suit.
  16. Hmm, yeah if you clicked to download the file from the email you received then the file should be in that folder you set it to download which is apparently not the windows download folder. When you run the installer it will prompt you for the install location. If you bought the game from Feelthere directly and installed it to the default directory then you should not need to change anything and can complete the instillation. If you bought from Steam or changed the directory the game is in then you will need to change everything except the final folder or two so that the installer is looking for your specific game. IE: Default for example could be to: "c:\program files\Tower3D Pro\ The installer could be looking for the Tower3D Pro\Packages folder. So if you installed the game elsewhere you just need to remap it to the Tower folder: N:\Steam\Steamapps\common\Tower3D Pro\
  17. Lots to play with in here, love it. Not sure I'll have time to finish a file and play it but great work!
  18. Yup, like I said I am aware of that and have played a number of proper ATC games to manage that. But the point is the game currently routes planes in a fashion that is not in line with what you posted. So in that set up we can receive error's for jets flying up behind prop's etc. If we are receiving aircraft well ahead of when we typically would if this was "real" then give us some options to deal with it. Otherwise we don't need to worry about all of that and cut it out of the game. May not be quite as fun doing that though so giving some options to handle aircraft may be a decent compromise to balance it out.
  19. Exactly, I've played some games like that and it is a ton of fun but with Tower / 3D the planes arriving on perfect approach 20 to 30 miles out is not quite right. We have no real options to put them in patterns (I dont count the downwind runway one which leads to separation problems for landing / departing planes) or anything stacking altitudes or to really guide them in so we are responsible for separation errors on things we cannot properly manage with the limitations 🙂. At best we send them off to departure again for them to route in later or we manually turn them to another runway or try to slide them in between traffic and hope they slow down in time to flow with the others. If we can see them on our scope and as a pending aircraft scheduled to arrive but grayed out until it is handed over to us flying in on the path in turning into approach with other planes it may be a lot more hectic and fun to deal with and being able to ask planes to slow down more or speed up / change altitude to hold would give us some options. Not sure of how much of a pain that would be to code / build but would make us feel more like tower with options and things to do vs just ground controllers. In multi player (even with ai?) it would be a lot more fun for the two now having proper things to do in the air to guide them to their pathway out / hand off and bringing them in / guiding the different planes while the other manages the ground or splitting sides of the airport. Everyone has their wish lists and you cant do it all 🙂
  20. That is something I think I requested for the next version. Not necessarily that we are able to issue those commands as ATC would handle most of that before handing over to the Tower but in this game all planes arrive lined up 20 + miles away from the airport when in reality there are waypoints and flight paths you all are taking to come in and getting on when leaving so having planes coming in like that would be nice as an option if we are going to take some of approach control away from ATC. Would make multiplayer a little more dynamic giving the other guy something to do on departure vs simply clearing them to contact departure having to get them on their path and approve altitude changes and such out of the airports airspace. As crbascott said though the only real way to change their arrival separation is to edit the schedule file or create your own. Depending on the plane the speed and rate of reduction will impact spacing more than others. Larger airports not as big of a deal but GA and such will really hit hard if a jet comes barreling down on them.
  21. There is a sticky thread where all the custom schedules are listed if the authors consented if that is what you mean.
  22. Would certainly be interesting to add in some random emergencies that are automatically handled such as some wind go around's or engine outs that may require us to clear a path for landing or have someone taxi back to the gate.
  23. Run the game yeah sure, play it not so much. Low traffic on an optimized airport maybe for a bit but I doubt it would be a good experience. Cheap off the shelf? A more modern i3 or Ryzen 3 with 4 cores would be a bare minimum. 8gb of ram and any storage device. You'll want a GPU vs onboard and could likely get away with a lower end one but that will add cost. If you build one yourself you can find some decent stuff on the used market that will get you by for less most likely.
  24. Fun schedule, jumped straight to 18:00 and enjoyed it, good work!
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