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  1. Hello, I've a question on how to get the mode system to work for the Siatke X52 Pro Joystick. The mode selector switch (a rotary knob) on the top right corner of the joystick is not seen/detected by FSUIPC; meaning that as i switch from mode 1 to 2 to 3, there is no joystick action registered in the "Button + Switches" tab in FSUIPC. However, the mode switches work with default windows game controller properties as three red tabs that light up as you switch the modes. The mode switch also works with Saitek ST Programming software and it allows be different functions to be set on the same key with different modes. For reference, I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, and X52 Pro driver version is, and ST Programming software version is also; and FSX:Acceleration Here is what I would like to do, I have a few mouse macros in FSUIPC and want to assign them to my X52 joystick buttons with mode 2. Those joystick buttons are already taken in mode 1. So, I want to assign 2 different functions to 1 joystick key using 2 modes. Mode 1, joy#1,btn#1 will perform X action, and Y action when in Mode 2. Can this be done? Anyone here has experience with the X52 controllers and modes with FSUIPC?
  2. Thank for all your help sir. I'll just be using one of the standard "shift" keys used by FSUIPC to get my beacon lights to work.
  3. Using just alphabets and number, you can have max of 2 on FSX. Eg C+3, X+A,... Using "Shift" keys (Shift,Ctrl,Alt,Tab) you can have max of 3 on FSX. Eg Shift+X+A, Tab+3+A I've also tested and checked that the order matters for these sequence keys, Eg: X+A => Strobe Light; A+X=>Landing light, this actually works in FSX. So If i press X first then press A, it toggles default FSX Strobe, and also A first then X sill toggle default FSX Landing lights. Hope this helps. Also, I was hoping to set up my X52Pro controller from Saitek with bit more functionality with modes. Should I open a new topic for that?
  4. Thank you sir, I will try using a normal key press for the the beacon lights. In terms of FS accepting multiple text keys, yes! I am sure it does. You can see my screenshots of it working in this file. And I am on FSX:Acceleration, so cant reach out to anyone for adding beacon lights and such in the controls. Capture1.rar
  5. Thank you so much for your reply sir. To clarify, what i meant by "X+1" is the holding the button "X" and button "1" (one over the Q key and not number pad). Once these 2 keys are pressed together, I want FSUIPC to toggle beacon lights on/off. And yes, it is default FS beacon light (code 66239). What I am trying to achieve is as follows: Map key stroke X+1 to beacon light, then set X+1 as a macro for my logitech G110 keyboard's macro switch G5 using the logitech software. I can do this just fine using landing lights and strobe lights using FS default controls under the lights section, and assigning the X+1 keyboard switch there, then adding the X+1 as a macro for the programmable switches on the keyboard using the logitech software. But unfortunately the default FSX controls does not have any option for beacon lights but FSUIPC does, so I was wondering how I could get similar results with FSUIPC's help. So, can you help me do this? Or is it too silly to do with FSUIPC?
  6. In that case, is there any tutorial on how to make a lua script for that I'm trying to do? I want to have to have the keyboard key press sequence X+1 to toggle on/off beacon light. How do I even begin making a lua script? Sorry for all these questions, I'm new at this but I'm willing to learn and figure this out.
  7. Hello, I'm new at FSUIPC button mapping and programming and wanted to reach out for some help. I would like to create a keyboard sequence (X+1) to toggle on/off beacon lights. How would I go about doing this for FSX:A with a registered version of FSUIPC? I have read through the advanced programming file and couldn't figure it out. I tried to map the button (X+1) on the button press section within fsuipc while fsx was running it would only take X, and not the combo X+1 from the keyboard. I have also tried to add [KEYS] section in the INI file but couldn't get it to work. I added the line 0=8841,8,66XXX(the number from the FS list for toggle beacon light), but that didn't work either. Any help teaching me this stuff will be highly appreciated.
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