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  1. Why I'm still flying FSX I blame FSC 🙂 I mean, it does so much I just can't find any other nav software that does all the things FSC does (and still supported by Navigraph airac too). I can see VORs, NDBs, ILS, Frequencies, Ivao/Vatsim traffic, Import stuff from Simbrief (IFR with sids,stars,transitions), Vatsim Ivao controlling area's and their frequencies, ingame GPS window.... I wonder how other people coop with MSFS for example without FSC. This is not an appeal to start supporting MSFS but ... can I appeal to start supporting MSFS in any way? 😛I def. would buy a new key f
  2. More than 4 years later but still... thank you so much for this update. Finally I can fly over the UK on Vatsim and know who is controlling what area instead of just a box. No offense to Volker cause I still love FSCommander, but it should be implemented in the product when I bought it.
  3. Last post. I'm not gonna spam this forum over and over. As mentioned in my previous post, I have modified the unmodified Nyerges schedule. I changed the 3 KAP airplanes who were going to arrive between 16:46 and 17:15 from using CNA airplanes into A321 airplanes. And it seemed Boston arriving planes are not giving me any problem at all. So does it have to do something with the CNA planes used in Nyerges schedule (and my own custom schedules)? Video with no problems on arrivals anymore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1u1hy7ur1w Logfile: https://drive.google.com/file/
  4. Hello again, As mentioned on the end of my 1st post... to avoid a couple of the "no free terminal" errors (which are totally fine), I deleted all the planes before 16:45 and after 17:15 in the same unmodded Nyerges schedule. Again, the problem occured, however a couple of minutes later. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjsFKmRUOVQ Logfile: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1PG3_GlUhHDZHpzalN5WFh4aWs/view?usp=sharing Hope this helps as well, CardaNL Edited: I've been thinking: If you have watched both videos.... problems st
  5. Hello Feelthere, Last couple of days I'm having problems with KBOS. I'm using the official Steam Tower!3D Pro (unmodded) and Nyerges Real Traffic. Arriving planes will NOT spawn sometimes for 15 minutes and all of them create the error ***** close cross incoming range in the log file. I have made a video to show you what is happening and ofcourse I have uploaded the log file with it so you can check it out yourself. Someone else on youtube I watched playing Boston had exact the same problem (Ian Southern, he is also playing an unmodded game with the Nyerges schedule) and I will also
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