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  1. Hey Pete, Thanks for your answer. I need this info because as i said, i'm trying to program XPUIPC to work with MobiFlight, and as you know XPUIPC is a clone of FSUIPC, which uses the same principles with it. However, there's a load of info about these abbrevations in the XPUIPC.ini file, which is supposed to help people to create their own config files, but it's barely comprehensible for me, as i've got no clue about programming. That's why i've asked this. Maybe there are some solid rules like "switches are always int" or "annunciators are UINT32" etc. I only know about the Boolean
  2. Hello Peter, I'm using MobiFlight, a freeware software which lets Arduino boards communicate with P3D via FSUIPC or Simconnect. I'm using it with PMDG airplanes along with their custom offset & event list without any problem. Yet i need to find the default planes' output offsets like B58, B350 etc, but in the huge Offset list you provide with FSUIPC, i can't find any annunciator offsets like "LOW RPM", "OVERSPEED", "LOW PRESS" etc, you name it. Isn't there any kind of offsets for them as well ? Another question is, i need some basic info about the abbrevations used in FSUIPC
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