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  1. is it possible to get Flight Illusions avionics units seen by FSUIPC so I can assign them..Particularly the Xpdr stby/on/alt knob as Prepar3d does not have a default assignmemnt. Dave
  2. Thanks John, I found this in a file for today - 312 Controllers are set to OFF 312 LogOptions=00000000 00000001 the fact controllers are set to off have anything to do with it? Dave
  3. A problem has just started for me over the last few weeks... About 2 - 5 mins into EVERY flight all my axes control assignments and buttons/switches disappear. This becomes very apparent once I try to turn the aircraft...Nothing.. I have to pause the sim, bring up FSUIPC and reload all assignments on the axes and the buttons/switches and I then have no further issues for the rest of the flight. USB power management is disabled. This is for Prepar3d v 5.2 and current FSUIPC v6.5.1 As you can appreciate ruins any immersion I may have...very frustrating. Has anybody any ideas please.. Thank you Dave
  4. Hi Pete, Still having issues... In FSUIPC 7 on my Virtual Fly Ruddo pedals every movement is showing up as joystick G Axis X, whether left brake, right brake or rudder. In MSFS sensitivity settings itself, moving the left or right brake also moves the rudder.. In calibration they all perform as expected.. Log and .ini files attached.. Dave FSUIPC7.ini FSUIPC7.log
  5. Hi Guys, I am having great difficulty (impossible) in assigning my brake axis on my Virtual Fly Ruddo pedals. I can assign the rudder but when I rescan and push the brake pedal, it recognises it so I assign, let's say Left Brake but when I push the Right brake pedal it recognises it as left brake, if I reassign to right I get the same if pressing the left brake (says it's Right brake.
  6. This has now fixed the issue thank you.. Dave
  7. Hi, On loading MSFS in the sim I press Alt + F and get up the FSUIPC interface to calibrate, I then minimise it.. But it the disappears, ALT + F does not open it..I cannot get it back unless I close the sim and restart..very frustrating. Any ideas people? Dave
  8. Solved I forgot to put back the GF64.dll...all is well now Dave
  9. Hello, Recently FSUIPC (Latest version for Prepar3d v5.1) does not recognize any button or switch on my numerous GoFlight devices so I cannot program anything... This issue has never happened before and I have no idea as to what has changed. Thank you Dave
  10. Hi Guys, All was going well starting MSFS 2020 vis the FSUIPC icon . That was until today...now it opens up the Microsoft store while preparing the cabin and then subsequently crashes... All was fine on close yesterday...start up today and this...what on earth has changed... Is it me or is MSFS 2020 so temperamental starting up... Dave
  11. Hi Guys, I am being a little silly here... I have purchased FSUIPC for MSFS 2020 and the installation went fine and I can now start the sim from the icon..great news... My silly question...How do I open the user interface so I can start programming joysticks and buttons?? Dave
  12. Thanks Ray...That did the trick.. Thank you for your reply also John. Dave
  13. Hi, I have just completed a complete reinstall including installing Windows 10 64 Pro I am running Prepard3d v4.5 + hotfix. I also have several Goflight modules running. I have all the Goflight drivers downloaded and installed (Latest versions) + FSUIPC 5 registered Not one of my Goflight modules is recognised by FSUIPC and I have tried all the fixes on here to no avail and am now at a loss as to the issue. Could someone please help.. Dave
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