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  1. Planes pause on takeoff/landing

    Yep ditto here. All airports. Doesn't really bother me and assumed it was a processor catching up glitch.
  2. How are folks enjoying EDDM

    I am sure ATControl Joe is on the case!
  3. The new EDDM Liveries

    Quite a few then and nice to have some new ones now other than the regular US Airports! :-) Is it showing as Thomson on the livery or TUI as Thomson liveries are now a thing of the past as they have rebranded to TUI now on the Thomson fleet? Gary
  4. Tower 3d Pro - Airbus A321

    Gabor, Looks like a new RT version has come out with the Munich launch from Feel There yesterday? Downloaded this version this morning and in running a JFK session earlier I noticed that the A321 now has the same functioning lights as all other aircraft and the problem is now fixed. Thank you G
  5. SFO stuck at 72% when raining

    Thanks Craig, Will look at this but since I have reinstalled the SP3.3 pack it has behaved itself :-) Gary
  6. Hi guru's! Building a new KPHL schedule and in the quiet night hours there are a lot of Cargo movements. How many planes can the cargo area hold at one time? in the attached picture is this 15 ramps or is it the space in between the dash areas making it 13 or maybe 17? Thanks Gary
  7. SFO stuck at 72% when raining

    Hi Craig, As below. Should be well man enough for Tower 3D. Reboot didn't work but have just reinstalled the SP3.3c update and it seems to have fixed the problem :-) Gary
  8. SFO stuck at 72% when raining

    Is the SP just for SFO? Have tried all the airports I have today (TIST, KLAX, KPHL, KLAS, KJFK and KBOS) and all stick at 72% when trying to load as stormy weather or freeze if loaded on random weather and it starts as stormy so not sure its just SFO issue? Gary
  9. SFO stuck at 72% when raining

    Can't load a log on this but ever since the last update SP whatever airport I load and Stormy weather comes up on random or I select the stormy function on a airport load manually it loads ok but after about 30 seconds the game freezes and screen states Tower 3d pro not responding so have to then exit. Had this on KPHL, KLAS, KBOS and KJFK. Never had this problem before. Like jumpjet777 not a fan of the stormy weather effect as its ruddy noises in headphones after a while but like the challenge of the higher winds. Gary
  10. Tower 3d Pro - Airbus A321

    Thanks Gabor. Please keep the forum group updated once fixed. Presumably this will need a RT new update at some stage? Gary
  11. Tower 3d Pro - Airbus A321

    Just spotted this today when playing a KPHL session. Not sure if this has been mentioned before but has anybody else noticed that the A321 (be it American, Frontier or Jet Blue) doesn't seem to show any lights at all other than an internal white light in the cockpit and fuselage when the plane is active. There are no nav, taxing or wing beacons flashing at all just before departure time, pushback, taxiing (either outbound or inbound from/to the runway) or during takeoff or landing. Haven't played a night session for a while so not sure if the bright head beacon light is working on the A321 or not. Have noticed this when playing KLAS, KPHL and KBOS which is all I have played recently. All other aircraft types are fine its just the A321. Is it just me going mad or a bug? Gazza
  12. KLAS issues

    Thanks Vic, Appreciate that you have done a number of main Tower 3d Pro SP improvements and other airport fixes and rolled out SFO which has a few issues at present to fix. Never imagined you were on a beach ! :-) Look forward to KLAS SP once the testing has been completed Gary
  13. KLAS issues

    Ariel, Any news on when the KLAS SP fix will be released to fix all the problems encountered with this airport. I know Peabody has highlighted some new ones now but the Terminal E issue and Runway renumbering have " been looked into since" the beginning of the year now? Thanks Gary
  14. Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    Thanks Craig.
  15. Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    Wait a minute...have I missed something. Have Nygeres design fixed the Vanilla E75 issue with actual colours now and we need to download all the Real Colour's for individual airports again? G