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  1. Pedantic G


    Thanks - yes saw this EliGrim and according to Gabor the EDDM SP and Updated RC are due out next week but as with anything final testing may throw a curve ball and delay but lets hope not 👍
  2. Did an experiment the other day using @crbascottmethod of just loading heavies in the schedule and ascertained that YMML has the following number of heavy gates per terminal: T1: 4 heavy gates; T2 (12); T3 (Nil); T4 (Nil), Cargo (6 - adjacent to across from T4) Rgds G
  3. Pedantic G


    For those of you that haven't noticed the first of the Neos were added to the recent YMML release. These were the the Air NewZealand A20N and the A21N, the later in the stunning all black livery. More examples are due to be added in the EDDM updated RC for those airlines operating Neos into Munich, as requested by the forum vote earlier this year, which is currently under going testing. And before anyone asks I do not have a time frame on the release of the airport SP or the updated RC pack! G
  4. All Version 8 in the new more user friendly Excel format now published which includes the newly released YMML RC detail. Should be easier to use with drop down filters etc and its even got a Cargo Operator capability drop down just for @alaskaGuy2018😀 As always if you have any updates or comments for things to be added/amended let me know. Special thanks to @hexzed (Ben) and @battlehawk77(Gavin) for doing an initial review for me. G
  5. Will be out tomorrow in the new format
  6. is there a way that I could please get a download link or something to get the new airline real traffic master list now that YMML is out please.

  7. As I tell my children AlalaskaGuy I want/I need doesn't get...."I would like" works better! 🤣
  8. Ha ha...should know better but as Braf said it came from the horses mouth! 😁
  9. I believe it's ready to go but can't remember FT releasing over a weekend so I would guess next week now.
  10. Pedantic G

    Gatwick - EGKK Real Flight Schedules

    Check out @battlehawk77EGKK 7 days schedule as well which is based on a weeks worth of data from the Spring this year.
  11. Pedantic G

    Tower 3D PRO

    Yes they do. It's this one. It's not present in the Gatwick RT schedule but they are in @battlehawk77excellent custom Gatwick full week schedules.
  12. Thanks Chris. Perfect timing as just updating the files ready for the new Excel format to coincide with the release of Melbourne, hopefully later this week.
  13. Pedantic G

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    Sorry only just had a chance to look at this thread. Try this one. This should answer all your questions 😉 This is the near final version that was used when I was testing the RC and RT for Nygeresdesign. The only difference is the angled gate on the far left terminal n6 which is the a380 Emirates gate. Also, yes Gatwick do use non gate positions and bus people out to them. Not as many as you will need to use in the game due to some of the issues with game play gate restrictions (ie the Terminal_S3 no heavy gate issue all ready reported), hence the custom schedulers use some gaming "licence" when they set up their terminal file for their own schedules. G
  14. Please review the Poll in the main forum re the future of these lists to cast your vote if you haven't done so already
  15. All, The Master list I produce in A4/Letter format, although looks pretty, is becoming a bit of a monster to produce now each time so I pose the following question to the forum members for their feedback. I will run this poll for the next few days to see what the preferred option is and produce the next release in the format as decided by you, the forum members. Thanks Gary

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