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  1. Pete, Took a short flight in my CRJ700. and everything is working as was before. Your assistance and patience is greatly appreciated. Hal
  2. OK, just fired up the Sim on the new computer, then WideClient on the remote and we have success. Just wish I knew what the issue was and what fixed it.
  3. I did not know or suspect that I could install on more that one machine. Not that it matters. I was not attempting to connect FSX to FSX. I was only trying to run KAcars and weather on the old computer. I will be trying it shortly again and report back here. I have a feeling that I fixed something last night, just don't know what I did that might have fixed it.
  4. Pete, To clarify. FSUIPC has been completely removed from the old computer. When I used it for the flight sim I used the laptop for networking, weather and other things that I could do on a remote. My intentions were to replace the laptop with the old computer using only WideClient . So the only thing FSUIPC related that remains on the old computer is WideClient, which is also on the laptop. I do not, and will not, use any software that I do not have a license to use. That is why I have 3 copies of FSX, In case I ever want to set up to fly multiplayer on the LAN. If in the future I have need of FSUIC on another computer, I will be paying for another license. When I got home tonight from work and fired up the new computer I noticed that it sees the old computer on the network now. I am not sure why but I hope to find out. You have a great product and I am very happy with the performance., and the great support you have given. It is worth every penny spent. After I eat I will be trying to get the applications talking through FSUIPC.
  5. Hello again Pete, I have a problem that is not likely associated with FSUIPC or WideFS. When I open the flight sim on the new PC it shows "WideServer waiting for clients" normal and good. I start WideClient on two other machines and get "Waiting for a connection". They never connect. I have to assume that I have a setting problem on the new PC. All machines are on a wired network. Two have static ip's and the laptop is using dynamic IP The 2 desktops I have are running Win 10 Pro, and the laptop is running Win 10 Home. I have been using the laptop networked to the old PC for several years now using FSUIPC and WideFS with no issues. But it seems that the broadcast from the new computer is not reaching the network. I can ping all computers from each other with 1ms or less response time so I know they are all visible to each other. My software: FSX Gold installed on the old computer FSX Standard with Acceleration installed on the new PC and I have FSX-SE, currently not installed anywhere. I realize that this is not likely a problem with FSUIPC, but wonder if you might have a suggestion to share. Thanks Hal
  6. Pete, Thank you, I will make the changes shortly. I have a breakfast appointment this morning. I will report back when done. Hal
  7. Thanks again for your assistance Pete, The files you requested are attached below Hal FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4.log
  8. I think I have all the flight sim files migrated over to the new computer. All hardware attached and recognized by Win 10. I have FSX installed in C\FSX. I have FSUIPC installed on the new computer but I have not registered it yet. It is still installed on this computer which will be networked to the flight sim computer with Wide Client. I now have Wide Client set up on this one but want to remove FSUIPC and WIDEFS before registering on the new computer. What is my next step in moving the .ini file over. I have run FSX to update the ini with the letter designations and it all went smoothly as far as I can tell. I have not yet run FSX on the new computer since moving the files and the hardware. Thanks for the assistance.
  9. OK, I wasn't sure but I thought it might be that way. I haven't changed anything yet. Will likely be firing up the sim tonight some time. Just finishing some of the installs on the new computer. I have been reading through some of the other messages, and I have to say the the support here is exceptional. Thanks Pete Hal
  10. I am preparing the ini file now. From what you wrote, I only need to manually edit the [JoyNames] section? Current: [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=no 0=CH PRO PEDALS USB 0.GUID={D54933C0-AF11-11E9-8001-444553540000} 1=CH ECLIPSE YOKE 1.GUID={D54ABA60-AF11-11E9-8002-444553540000} 2=T.16000M 2.GUID={D54ABA60-AF11-11E9-8003-444553540000} 3=TWCS Throttle 3.GUID={D54ABA60-AF11-11E9-8004-444553540000} After edit: [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=yes A=CH PRO PEDALS USB A.GUID={D54933C0-AF11-11E9-8001-444553540000} B=CH ECLIPSE YOKE B.GUID={D54ABA60-AF11-11E9-8002-444553540000} C=T.16000M C.GUID={D54ABA60-AF11-11E9-8003-444553540000} D=TWCS Throttle D.GUID={D54ABA60-AF11-11E9-8004-444553540000} Am I heading in the right direction? Thanks Hal
  11. I thought I had changed to Letters but looking in the .ini file it appears I have not. Will have to get that done before I migrate. Thanks for reminding me. When I have that done I will ask a couple more questions.
  12. Thanks Pete, For some reason I thought it was the client that I paid for 2 of. Guess I paid for 2 of the server. What is the best way to transfer and keep as many of the settings as possible. I have an Eclipse Yoke, Thrustmaster Flight stick, Tthrustmaster throttle, and CH Pro pedals installed that will be moving to the new computer. Love how FSUIPC works by the way. Some of the best spent money for my sim. Hal
  13. Good day, I have just purchased a new computer and want to move FSUIPC (registered) to the new computer. I also have 2 purchased copies of WideClient. I have only activated 1 of the WideClient copies on my laptop. What I want to do is install FSUIPC on the new computer, and my second WideClient on the computer that I will be removing FSUIPC. I will be leaving the other Wide Client on the laptop, as I intend to use the 3 (laptop and 2 desktops) for FSX. A little overkill but I enjoy the challenge of getting everything working to my satisfaction. Am I OK to do this using the copies that I purchased a few years back. I can supply my order number and receipt if necessary. Thank you for your assistance Hal
  14. Thanks Pete. I spent over an hour trying to get this to work. The one thing I was missing was the setting to assign to FS controls. I had it set to go to FSUIPC. Hal
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