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  1. BOS winds qustion

    @crbascott, when you adjust your situation at those random times are you setting active runways based on the in-game wind gauge or do you use other fictitious values? Do you also introduce random outages of some nature to block a taxiway or a runway?
  2. Career Mode?

    This would be awesome! Particularly with emergencies and a requirement to close affected runway(s) within a time limit or other criteria (contact emergency dispatch crew for handling, holding all traffic (ground and airborne), etc) and then re-routing to alternate airport or opening alternate runway(s). Knowing that this could happen at any moment would really keep me on the edge of my seat the whole time!
  3. Tower!3D Pro User Manual - Annotated

    Updated the links in the OPs to ver 2.1. Now includes brief section on the Wind Gauge, and the Wind departure voice command was/is on page 15.
  4. Tower!3D Pro User Manual - Annotated

    @pete_agreatguy, noted. I'll do a diff on the commands list and add a section about the wind gauge too. Thank you! Rameus
  5. 3dpro Save and create

    This would be extremely useful.
  6. no Taxi via commands working

    A lot of times, the software can infer what you're trying to say if you say the words before and after a skipped word correctly. I would suggest skipping the word 'taxi' and see if it works.
  7. STRIP Pushback

    Oh wow, that would be tremendous. Perhaps less immersive because we should be moving the strip ourselves just like real controllers - they would be finding the aircraft themselves in the list and looking at it. We should also be finding the aircraft on the strip we're concerned about ourselves with the mouse. Problem is, I find there's so many aircraft in motion that I use the dbrite and the adirs so much I never use the strip, not enough time to slide the list up and down. So for me an auto slide to the aircraft in focus would be nice but I don't think that would be realistic. I'm not and have never been a controller but I would guess they use the strip much more. As an indication of the congestion I like to play with, I'm always talking if they aren't - silence on the radio is boring. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Rameus

    Thank you very much, that's helpful, @Fudd & @Ripskin
  9. Tower!3D Pro User Manual - Annotated

    Uploaded the standard print layout (the link above is double-sided booklet printing layout). Also attached to this post. Rameus tower-3d-pro-um-annotated21_std.pdf

    @FeelThere, as far as the Steam version is concerned, will SP3 be installed correctly or do we also need to first remove it and then re-install as should be done with the non-Steam version? Thanks! Rameus
  11. Starting with the official Tower!3D Pro User Manual I've created a new Annotated version in which I cleared up typos, made grammar corrections, added airport diagrams, and aligned the descriptions to match the current visible behavior of the Tower!3D game (for non-voice recognition) and Tower!3D Pro game (for voice recognition). I think it adds some useful information to the manual to clear up confusion during play. Please note: this is not Official Content from FeelThere. Enjoy!! Rameus
  12. Air Collision on parallel runways

    Yes, it's in the User Manual, section Controlling Departures. It doesn't indicate how many points you will lose but most incursions and violations are either a loss of 250 or 500 points.
  13. Tower3D Pro CAT of different aircraft

    Question about line 2 column 2. How is that the expected arrival time? Maybe it's different depending on the airport. At KLAS starting at 0800, the number is 5181 for every arriving aircraft. This number isn't a time. Can @FeelThere or anyone else clarify what that number is supposed to be? Rameus
  14. List of issues KLAS Post SP2 #FeelThere

    The stuck pushed-back aircraft issue also occurs in the same area against the Terminal 3 E Gates where aircraft will taxi C6 or C2. I've also noticed a disconnected route going from B to C via B4. My workaround was to taxi dangerously close to another aircraft from B to C via C6. The route was stalled using B4 in that direction (I think I've used B4 going the other way - for a departure).
  15. Performance issues

    This also happens when planes land at KLAS on runway 1L and exit to Sierra and to a lesser degree November. The performance drops markedly if the aircraft is allowed to wait for more than a minute before giving the order to "Taxi to Terminal" when at those exits. As soon as the order is given, the performance plummets and once the autocalculated route is displayed, the performance returns to normal. It makes no difference if I give a route with the Taxi to Terminal. Usually if it's the only aircraft at KLAS, it won't degrade, but most of the time I see this at that exit is when there's 5+ aircraft on the ground. It seems to be avoidable if I give the order to Taxi to Terminal before they reach the exit. If avoided, it's not nearly as bad.