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  1. rameus

    Tower 3D Pro hangs when loading airports

    This also happens if one player has Real Traffic and the other does not. Make sure both players are setup to run with the desired airlines then try again.
  2. rameus

    Circuit Traffic in Tower 3d Pro

    1) Yes, they will turn back onto the runway heading after following the base leg of the pattern, automatically; even if you extend their downwind. When they contact you, xx WITH YOU, they are already on final approach. Putting them into the game's Pattern doesn't change that unless you direct them to an alternate heading, TURN LEFT/RIGHT xx DEGREES, for example. In that case you will have to put them back on final approach for a runway of your choosing. 2) You'll receive a penalty if they are within close proximity of another airborne aircraft at anytime they are in the pattern, including when turning back onto the runway heading (this also includes other aircraft flying near the airport, e.g. on takeoff). As far as the game is concerned, this is where the extend downwind command is useful - to ensure good separation with other aircraft inbound on the same runway. There's probably more than one kind of penalty that could occur here besides the air collision penalty? Simply putting them into the pattern with no other traffic does not incur a penalty. The extend upwind command could be used to avoid traffic near the departing end of the runway. 3) Yes, they will do this when given that command. Remember, there's no need to issue that command when they are in the pattern. That is, I've never seen them not turn onto the base and then onto the runway heading. I would expect that if you instruct them to extend the downwind by 50 miles you'd get an unhandled aircraft penalty, but I've never tried that. If I'm going to have to use ENTER FINAL RUNWAY xx I'll manually direct their course to a position 25 to 30 miles out to minimize the number of turns they'll have to do by themselves, reducing the risk they come too close to another inbound or outbound aircraft. Also if you direct them to make a turn at anytime, they'll no longer be on final approach.
  3. rameus

    Circuit Traffic in Tower 3d Pro

    I use the "pattern" from time to time, which I think is what you're talking about. I'll use it when ground traffic or a forgotten departure would result in an incursion or other hazards (e.g. simulated emergencies, etc). It starts by instructing the pilot to ENTER RIGHT/LEFT PATTERN RUNWAY xx. Then depending upon inbound traffic I may extend their downwind track which I've had most success in 5 mile increments if necessary (which I think the default is for them to turn back onto runway heading automatically at 10 mi out?). You can extend their downwind multiple times provided you do it before they start their turn onto the base. I've never tried extending the upwind. If traffic is continuous I'll manually pull them off the pattern and route them to a different runway or make my own perpendicular circuit about 15 miles out and then try to reintegrate them onto final. By the way, if you pull them off the pattern, you must instruct them to ENTER FINAL RUNWAY xx otherwise they will miss the runway (even if you set them on the right heading). You still have to give them clearance to land, even if they stay in the pattern. Hope that helps! Rameus
  4. rameus

    Unusual Tower commands

    Probably not on topic but in case anyone is wondering: General Aviation - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_aviation
  5. rameus

    Unusual Tower commands

    @feelthere, can you confirm @hexzed or offer any guidance here, please? Rameus
  6. rameus

    Unusual Tower commands

    Does anyone have any experience using the "Low approach" and "Touch and go" commands? I realize they're for general aviation (and I'm not sure what that means), but what will the pilot say in-game so that I know to issue either of these commands. I understand what they mean for the pilot but how do I know when to use them? I've never had to use them and when I try I get "Negative, <callsign>". Thanks!
  7. rameus

    BOS winds qustion

    @crbascott, when you adjust your situation at those random times are you setting active runways based on the in-game wind gauge or do you use other fictitious values? Do you also introduce random outages of some nature to block a taxiway or a runway?
  8. rameus

    Career Mode?

    This would be awesome! Particularly with emergencies and a requirement to close affected runway(s) within a time limit or other criteria (contact emergency dispatch crew for handling, holding all traffic (ground and airborne), etc) and then re-routing to alternate airport or opening alternate runway(s). Knowing that this could happen at any moment would really keep me on the edge of my seat the whole time!
  9. rameus

    Tower!3D Pro User Manual - Annotated

    Updated the links in the OPs to ver 2.1. Now includes brief section on the Wind Gauge, and the Wind departure voice command was/is on page 15.
  10. rameus

    Tower!3D Pro User Manual - Annotated

    @pete_agreatguy, noted. I'll do a diff on the commands list and add a section about the wind gauge too. Thank you! Rameus
  11. rameus

    3dpro Save and create

    This would be extremely useful.
  12. rameus

    no Taxi via commands working

    A lot of times, the software can infer what you're trying to say if you say the words before and after a skipped word correctly. I would suggest skipping the word 'taxi' and see if it works.
  13. rameus

    STRIP Pushback

    Oh wow, that would be tremendous. Perhaps less immersive because we should be moving the strip ourselves just like real controllers - they would be finding the aircraft themselves in the list and looking at it. We should also be finding the aircraft on the strip we're concerned about ourselves with the mouse. Problem is, I find there's so many aircraft in motion that I use the dbrite and the adirs so much I never use the strip, not enough time to slide the list up and down. So for me an auto slide to the aircraft in focus would be nice but I don't think that would be realistic. I'm not and have never been a controller but I would guess they use the strip much more. As an indication of the congestion I like to play with, I'm always talking if they aren't - silence on the radio is boring. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Rameus
  14. rameus


    Thank you very much, that's helpful, @Fudd & @Ripskin
  15. rameus

    Tower!3D Pro User Manual - Annotated

    I uploaded the standard print layout (the link above is double-sided booklet printing layout). Attached to this post below. Rameus tower-3d-pro-um-annotated21_std.pdf

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