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  1. Although it's fun to muck with the schedule files and certainly appears deceptively easy enough, I wish I had used the schedule maker tools made available by the expert fans in this forum. Or even better, downloaded a prebuilt custom schedule uploaded by a fan on this forum. Way to go team!!!
  2. Thought I'd throw in my hat... I'm using the Logitech USB H390. It has padded but not over-ear phones and a noise cancelling microphone on the headset. I've had really great experiences with the noise cancellation (for the last year): I play in the front pass. seat in our car on the highway with windows rolled all the way down with car music going, and on airplanes at cruise altitude. Neither one with any difficulty while speaking rather quietly: driver and person in the seat next to me (I like the window seat 😄) can't hear me talking to the aircraft. Highly recommended, low cost.
  3. This is all very helpful. I'll do some investigating. At the time we've been controlling I seem to remember a good number of open gates but I'll confirm that. Thank you for the tips. I'll try removing a few hours and even try a three hour segment schedule file. Some wonderful things here to try. Does Tower correctly mimic the gates as in the real airport so I can do some number crunching on availability?
  4. Pete, Roger that. I agree but I don't think this is directly affecting my confusion. Rameus
  5. Can you explain this more or better yet, link to a discussion about it where I can learn more about this? This sounds more like what could be actually happening.
  6. Where does it pull flights from to fill those empty gates? If they're not scheduled to arrive does it generate them? Or does it scan through the schedule file to find flights to move from a previous arrival time into the current time slot? This is outrageous. Why wouldn't it just stick to the schedule?
  7. Here is a difference analysis showing all of my changes (red text lines). I also included the modified schedule.txt. Thank you for checking it out. ksan_schedule.txt ksan_changes.pdf
  8. I just tested this in San Diego. I didn't have it backwards. Am I way off here? This is what I'm seeing: // KSAN_SCHEDULE.TXT // dep_arpt, arr_arpt, aircraft, airline, callsign, arrival_time, dep_time, dur, airline SAN, IAH, 739, UA, 1593, 12:00, 11:47, 1, UA See screenshot. This is a departing flight from KSAN (currently controlling) destined for Houston George Bush Int'l, pushback approved at KSAN at 1147. That doesn't explain why I encountered so many more arriving flights, when I added a lot of departures from KSAN. I added 18 flights. 2 of the fli
  9. I thought for certain it was, dep-arpt, arr-arpt, fltnum, arrtime, deptime in the schedule file. Ga is different syntax. So yeah, in this case San, Atl, aa431, 17:45, 12:00 .... That explains the inundation - I had it backwards. Thanks!
  10. My wife and I have been running KSan for a while and she was ready for more challenge for Ground. I updated the Ga and the schedule for commercial flights by adding more departures. This totally backfired and I ended up inundated with many more inbound flights than I had before when running the same time period. However, it worked for her during that time because she had more departures which I had worked into the schedule. Why did I get more inbound flights when all the flights I added to the schedule were only departures, no new arrivals?
  11. This also happens if one player has Real Traffic and the other does not. Make sure both players are setup to run with the desired airlines then try again.
  12. 1) Yes, they will turn back onto the runway heading after following the base leg of the pattern, automatically; even if you extend their downwind. When they contact you, xx WITH YOU, they are already on final approach. Putting them into the game's Pattern doesn't change that unless you direct them to an alternate heading, TURN LEFT/RIGHT xx DEGREES, for example. In that case you will have to put them back on final approach for a runway of your choosing. 2) You'll receive a penalty if they are within close proximity of another airborne aircraft at anytime they are in the pattern, including
  13. I use the "pattern" from time to time, which I think is what you're talking about. I'll use it when ground traffic or a forgotten departure would result in an incursion or other hazards (e.g. simulated emergencies, etc). It starts by instructing the pilot to ENTER RIGHT/LEFT PATTERN RUNWAY xx. Then depending upon inbound traffic I may extend their downwind track which I've had most success in 5 mile increments if necessary (which I think the default is for them to turn back onto runway heading automatically at 10 mi out?). You can extend their downwind multiple times provided you do it before
  14. Probably not on topic but in case anyone is wondering: General Aviation - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_aviation
  15. @feelthere, can you confirm @hexzed or offer any guidance here, please? Rameus
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