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  1. Not to open new topic...just a question... I am trying to get or purchase FSUIPC6 key but when I skip it install basic version and said to re-run installer and goes on and on in circle....If I press register it installs if I press skip installs it again....obviously basic version. So what do I do...and yes I owned V5 but my understanding that I need to get/buy for V6, but it doesn't prompt me anywhere so I can buy new license.... Let me know... Disregard....I found the way...before was that could activate and repurchase during installation.... found the way thru SimMarket....
  2. Hey Pete, I updated to 4.2 but didn't had a problem....just some 747 QOTS, even after PMDG update, Not sure if is related, some are reporting that could be the culprit, old FSUIPC...I am going do download new one...just run the installer? Thanks P.S. Installed, replaced latest .dll...will test.... Thanks and Welcome back!
  3. Thank you Peter, I noticed "NUL" about three feet to the right and decided to delete that...LOL. And now is showing but I didn't had a chance to make any set up as of yet. Will report if any issue. Thank you
  4. Managed to make successful installation this time, I think, managed to register copy but still not showing in addons.....Attached In log appears that everything is OK.... Prepar3D.cfg
  5. I have downloaded new FSUIPC5 for P3D, however after trying to install I am getting message that FSUIPC stopped working? Installed previously free version but deleted module from LM folder because of same issue and because I couldn't see it on Addon menu. Researched the forum and decided to purchase full version. Upon extracting it I tried to install but error keeps popping that installer stopped working. Any idea guys....? Thank you DLL.XML
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