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  1. I added to the list the airline codes and the names i can make out via the audio most of these airlines were not in the original list EGKK.txt
  2. i have downloaded tower 3d pro Rc aircraft list and honestly most of the airlines that are used are not in this list i have to write them down, how is it the software written and these airlines are not in the list?
  3. yes that is the reason i was mot aware of that. thanks (how did you guys knew that each taxiway is one way)
  4. why when landing 31R and give taxi instructions for American to go to terminal it takes the longest route, it does not make any sense and i realize A and B taxi way goes all the way around the airport so there has to be a way to indicate north taxi or south taxi to the gate. Also when giving instructions for delta to taxi to 31L it always takes B to J, where A becomes J and it wont comply with the instruction of A to J This is very frustrating and not realistic at all
  5. I have the game but just wondering if there is new version i bought from the website
  6. Where do we go to find the latest update to the software? Latest revisions Thanks
  7. another issue about LGA 0900 scennario i been getting several -500 points for unrealistic problem, i have an AC takeoff 13 and they are more thank half way down the runway and AC lands 22 i get collision negative score, VERY unrealistic please fix, i have attached the log file for todays date output_log.txt
  8. I guess my issue is it would have been nice while landed aircraft is given instructions for example off of 25L to taxi to terminal via H M B C6 then while taxing between the runways on H and and prior to stopping on M short of 25R is given clearance to continue taxi the aircraft reads back BUT still stops short of the runway why cant the aircraft while taxing and reads back the clearance continues to cross 25R WHY stop short even though i have cleared to continue taxi. this is the issue i have, i guess thats how the program is written. thanks for all the posts.
  9. so just to make sure i understand, if i give command to taxi to terminal from lets say Z off of 24R they will cross 24L, but if i say taxi to terminal VIA Z E D8 then they will hold short of 24L, as you suggested give second command to hold short of 24L, my issue is there is too many commands being used, i was hoping while the aircraft exit Z and i gave instructions to taxi via Z E and while taxing i give command taxi to terminal the aircraft wont stop at 24L The way you suggested if aircraft is departing intersecting runway it could be an issue just to give taxi to terminal command. i hope i am making sense. here is another thought several aircrafts are holding short of 25R at M when i give United 1234 instructions to cross american 1234 is behind them and it moves up to the hold short line of 25R, before american 1234 reaches the hold line and i give instructions to cross it wont it still stops then i have to give the command again to cross, or i need to wait till it get to the hold short line then give instructions.
  10. is there a way you can give permission to cross runways, for example runway 25L at LAX after landing aircraft and i give instruction to taxi via H M B i do realize the aircraft stops short of the runway 25R is there a way to give clearance to allow the aircraft NOT to stop and continue taxi across? Thanks
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