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  1. It still wont allow me to post the file due to the size limitations. Even after only one short session the file gets over 100k. Looking at the file I can see some mention of the commands towards the bottom. The blank commands are where the taxiway instructions should be. Basically I gave a pushback clearence to Max8541 and then tried 4 times to give a taxiway clearance ( 1. MAX8541 Runway 28 taxi via alpha (two attempts) / 2. Max 8541 Runway 28 at alpha via alpha (one attempt) followed by eventually giving the single clearance "MAX8541 runway 28" which always works because there are no t
  2. Hi EliGrim, I have had RL issues to address for about a year which prevented me from being able to troubleshoot the issue any further which is why I left the original thread and considered Tower3D to be temporarily unusable. I was hoping that eventually a service pack would fix the issue anyway. I came back today to revisit Tower3D and unfortunately I learnt the latest version still sufferers from the issue with taxi via not working. I have tried different speech paces and as part of switching over to the latest version done a complete reinstall. The speech is set to the US
  3. Hi folks, My VR profile has no issues in Tower3D except for the "taxi via" commands. Even the more complex triple barrel takeoff clearances are no issue. I am have completed the actions described at the beginning of the post. However as i have mentioned the issue seems to not be a recognition problem but more a coding problem. Since intersection takeoff clearances and exit clearances that involve taxiways always work perfectly. (as do all taxi commands on the old Tower 2011.) I do use a great many ATC speech recognition software (Tower 2011, TRACON, London Control, ATCpro,
  4. Hi Winsaudi, Thank you for the reply :-) Yes I'm using the right syntax you described in your post. I'm really starting to believe the issue has some other cause aside from VR. Even difficult phrases can usually be recognized some of the time but the taxi via commands have never been recognized - not even one time. Oddly other taxing related instructions work fine. i.e the exit via taxiway and intersection takeoff instructions never have any problems. I have completed the items in the VR post but as I said previously I dont believe it is a VR issue since windows 7 can hear wha
  5. Hi folks, I've been using VR on my computer for many years with no issues. VR softwares that I use without problems include London Control, Voxatc, Tower 2011, Tracon, ATC simulator 2, Dragon dictation software. My VR profile has no issues in Tower3D except for the taxi via commands. Even the more complex triple barrel takeoff clearances are no issue. I'm at my wits end to be honest. On the verge of asking for a refund. I can't understand why the commands are not working as speech recognition is able to translate the commands into text correctly on wordpad. Anyon
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