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  1. I can confirm there's a glitch with F north of 4L/22R. In my case I tried to let a Mokulele Airlines Cessna depart from 4L and desperately tried to utilize the northern part of F for it, but the game didn't allow it. The only way using this part of F was allowed was when I taxied an arrival via F, D, B, then E after having a UPS blocking C. (Note: I'm using my own schedule.)
  2. At the end of it. Look for a line saying "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object". The line above shows the missing plane type.
  3. Can you take a look at the output_log.txt in the "tower3d_Data" folder or could you post the file here, so we can troubleshoot? It's probably a missing plane type.
  4. You want Harrison Ford to be the AI?
  5. My 2 cents: Maybe you could give the old airports an overhaul (*cough*cough*JFK*cough*cough*) and offer them as an update for a small fee for owners of the old version? You could check for hashes of the old airport files (latest SP version), and if they match, the installer allows entering the old version's installation key alongside the new one (which is specifically an upgrade key)?
  6. Hello, virtual ATCs! We're living in tough times right now, so I thought I could make them a little lighter. You have lots of stuff to do, but you want to take some time playing Tower!3D? Well, you can do both! I took a day of operations in Frankfurt and put them together in a rather relaxing schedule - with just 197 movements for the whole day, because of the corona virus. (I only had to make up the LH9989 flight, since the game needs the first operation to be a departure, and otherwise we would see ten delayed arrivals until the first departure.) This is the schedule for 15 April 2020. I promise, you won't sweat much! Hourly operations: If you want to make it a tiny bit more realistic, there were lots of NOTAMs out with restrictions for that day, so I put those restrictions into a handy text file and added them to the ZIP archive. For example, runway 07L/25R was closed, as were taxiways L and M (both partially and temporarily) as well as W. I strongly recommend backing up your eddf_schedule.txt, eddf_gaandlocaltraffic.txt, and eddf_terminal.txt, before you put my schedule files into the airport folder. Have fun - and don't fall asleep! DeltaVII EDDF_15Apr2020.zip
  7. This is intentional. It's the same as with runway 08L/26R at Gatwick, which is also labelled as taxiway ZZ.
  8. Since we had emergencies on our wishlist, how about a compressor stall or an engine fire on takeoff that the virtual pilots solve by shutting off and returning to the airport or aborting takeoff, which leads to coordinating the fire brigade?
  9. I know exactly when. When they're done. It just that I have no idea on what day, in which month of which year that will be, but they will be done... until the first ones find bugs... 😏
  10. Of course, in the frontend - a. k. a. the game - the display for the virtual ATC shows the ICAO code. This was strictly for the schedule "database". The flight strip will show: RPA2741 0902 KPHL - 19 E70 KDCA 4172 0009 - SKW5502 0904 KBUF - 19 CR7 KDCA 5722 0010 - RPA4331 0911 KRDU - 19 E70 KDCA 1509 0011 - SKW1172 0915 KLGA - 19 CR7 KDCA 7700 0012 - With the terminal assignments you're right. My schedule table fell a little short on that. One solution could be to add a company_id/carrier_id/airlines_id to every flight (which can be identical to the airlines_id in case it's an non-network flight), so terminals can still be assigned to certain airlines. My first instinct was to assign terminals, but we know from JFK that it's a switchyard for gate assignments, where one aircraft can be sent from KG to HB to H and back to KF hunting for an opening stand, so the other approach would be more realistic.
  11. I guess this is due to the data source. However, the best way to do it for the next version would probably be just using a unique, numeric ID per airline which is independent from IATA and ICAO. And to do it likewise with liveries. That would make things like this possible: [airlines.table] // ID, IATA, ICAO, callsign, name, country ... 2041, YX, RPA, BRICKYARD, Republic Airways, USA 2042, OO, SKW, SKYWEST, SkyWest Airlines, USA [liveries.table] // ID, airline_ID, aircraft_type, comment 89, 2041, E170, Delta Connection 90, 2041, E170, United Express 91, 2041, E170, Republic Airways 92, 2042, CRJ7, American Eagle 93, 2042, CRJ7, United Express 94, 2042, CRJ7, SkyWest Airlines 95, 2042, CRJ7, Delta Connection [schedule] // ETA, ETD, airline_id, flt_no, aircraft_id, destination, livery_id 09:02, 12:00, 2041, 2741, 68, KPHL, 89 // Republic flying for Delta Connection arriving from Philadelphia 09:04, 12:00, 2042, 5502, 75, KBUF, 92 // SkyWest flying for American Eagle arriving from Buffalo 09:11, 12:00, 2041, 4331, 68, KRDU, 90 // Republic flying for United Express arriving from Raleigh-Durham 09:15, 12:00, 2042, 1172, 75, KLGA, 95 // SkyWest flying for Delta Connection arriving from LaGuardia A bit more difficult to define, but I'm sure someone at least from the community would rather quickly come up with a neat tool for creating schedules, right, guys?
  12. You're welcome! If you encounter similar problems in the future, just copy the schedule and paste it into LibreOffice Calc (or similar) and on import define every column as text. By sorting the full table column-by-column and checking whether the respective order is correct, you might find the error a little easier. That's how I did it here and found the IB flights at the end of the table.
  13. I think I found it. In lines 239 and 240 you have two IB arrivals from MAD (IB 756 and IB 826). The arrival times are only 4 characters long instead of 5 characters. You forgot the leading zeros for the hour.
  14. I agree with @hexzed. Looks like a formatting error in one of the time columns, either semicolon or dot instead of a colon or a forgotten time column in one line. (At least, that's what the "TM.StrTimeToFloatTime" suggests.)
  15. Hold the right mouse button on the plane and draw it around.
  16. If they implement progressive taxi as requested, then those limitations won't exist anymore.
  17. Was läuft nicht richtig? Guck bitte ins Log, da steht die Fehlermeldung. What goes wrong loading the schedule? Please, look into the log where the error message is. Du meinst vermutlich keinen Crash, sondern Strafen. You probably don't mean crashs, but penalties. Dazu müssten wir wissen, was genau war. Hinweis: Runway 18 ist ausschließlich eine Startbahn (berühmt geworden als "Startbahn West"). Da wird nicht gelandet, auch nicht auf 36(!), gerade weil dazu das Terminal überflogen würde. Das ist aus Sicherheitsgründen verboten. Wenn Du also von "Wirklichkeit" sprichst und dann ein Szenario nutzt, das es in der Wirklichkeit gar nicht gibt, regst Du Dich über die falschen auf... To understand this, we need to know what the scenario was. Hint: Runway 18 is strictly for departures (it became notorious as "Startbahn West" / "runway 18 west"). There are no landings on it, not even on 36(!), just because they would have to cross the terminal. That's prohibited for safety reasons. So, if you're talking about "reality" and play a scenario that doesn't exist in reality, you're barking at the wrong tree... Benutzt Du die Standard-Schedule aus dem Real Traffic oder die Custom Schedule von Gavin? Ich habe leider die Originale (ausnahmsweise) überschrieben und kann das nicht mehr nachprüfen. Do you use the original schedule from Real Traffic or Gavin's custom schedule? Unfortunately, I did overwrite the original files (by accident) and can't look into them. Kann ich derzeit noch nicht bestätigen, ist mir bisher nicht aufgefallen oder untergekommen. I can't confirm that, yet, I didn't notice or it didn't happen, yet. Das liegt am zu geringen Cargo-Aufkommen in der Schedule. This is due to not enough cargo flights in the schedule. 07L liegt an der Zoomstufe. Wenn Du rauszoomst, siehste die Schwelle auf dem Bodenradar. Das liegt am Spiel, und das wird nicht mehr gefixt. Zu Runway 36 siehe meine Antwort zu Punkt 1 - in der Richtung gibt es weder Starts noch Landungen. Es gibt nur Starts auf der 18. 07L is due to the zooming. If you zoom further away, you can see the threshold on the ground radar. That's an issue of the game, which is not going to be fixed anymore. For runway 35, see my answer to number 1 - there are no departures or landings in that direction. There are only departures on 18. Diese beiden Gates, in denen es in der Realität keinen Tug für den Push gibt, weil die Flugzeuge dort selbständig drehen, sind tatsächlich defekt, das ist aber auch bekannt, unter anderem von mir getestet und im Forum bestätigt. Ob das gefixt wird, weiß ich nicht. Those two gates, where in reality there are no tugs for pushback, because the planes turn themselves around, are indeed broken, but this is already known and discussed, including tested and confirmed by me in the forum. Whether this will ever be fixed - who knows? Dass das Spiel Grafikkarte und CPU stark beansprucht, ist lange bekannt. Mir hat es auch eine 3 Jahre alte Grafikkarte gebrutzelt. Das liegt an der Grafik-Engine. Und dazu gilt das Statement der Entwickler, dass das Spiel fertig entwickelt ist. Darum warten so viele auf die neue Tower-Version, die sehr wahrscheinlich eine effektivere Grafik-Engine haben wird. Ob das die Unreal Engine ist oder eine andere - keine Ahnung. Aber daran arbeiten sie gerade, und das ist das einzige, was sie in der Richtung tun können, denn in der jetzigen Version die Grafik-Engine zu wechseln ist schlichtweg unmöglich. Das sagt Dir ein beruflich seit 18 Jahren unter anderem mit Softwareentwicklung beschäftigter IT-System-Kaufmann. That the game heavily stresses gpu and cpu is well known for a long time. My previous 3-year-old graphics card got fried by it. That's an issue with the graphics engine. And we already have a statement from the developers that the game development is done. That's why so many people wait for the new Tower version, which is very likely to have a more effective graphics engine. Whether it's Unreal Engine or another one - no idea. But that's what they're working at right now, and that's the only thing they can do, because to change the graphics engine for the current version is simply impossible. Mark my words, they're from an 18-year IT professional who, among other things, develops software himself. Der Blickwinkel ist ziemlich gut getroffen. Wie man auch hier an den Simulator-Bildern sieht. The point of view is pretty accurate. Which is what you can see from the simulator view in the video linked above. Verstehe ich nicht, was Du meinst - im Terminal-File gibt es genau ein "Terminal_DE". I don't understand what you mean - in the terminal file there's only one "Terminal_DE". Der einzige tatsächliche Fehler in EDDF sind die beiden nicht funktionierenden Gates bei N5. Und der verdrehte Haltepunkt bei der Intersection von U und L. Ansonsten aber sind die einzigen Schwächen von EDDF auf eine mit der Komplexität überforderten, mindestens 6 Jahre alten Spiel-Engine zurückzuführen. Und das wissen wir schon. The only real issue at EDDF are the two dysfunctional gates at N5. And the problematic holding point at the intersection of U and L. Other than that, EDDF's only weaknesses come from the at least 6-year-old game engine which is overwhelmed by the complexity of the airports. And that's something we already know.
  18. Just for factchecking purposes: A SkyWest Embraer for Delta at LAX from D9@Terminal 2: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/n282sy The game's terminal distribution really doesn't help making the switch (an "easy" patch, if the developers were willing to implement it, could have been to enable terminal assignments like "SKW[DL]" and "SKW[UA]"). However, a solution - with blank aircraft - might be to just switch the E75s to Delta callsigns, since the "outer" flight number is from Delta, and we don't have Delta liveries for SkyWest E75s, anyway.
  19. @iamblue91 Just for your information, in case you want to update your schedule: Trans States Holdings has closed Compass Airlines a. k. a. "Compass" on April 5 (as well as Trans States Airlines - a. k. a. "Waterski" on April 1). Compass' Delta flights will be picked up by SkyWest and Republic, their American Eagle business will go to Envoy once the corona crisis is over (the TSA flights will go to ExpressJet a. k. a. "Acey"). https://www.flightglobal.com/strategy/compass-airlines-to-shut-down-operations/137408.article
  20. I know. That's what I keep advocating to my clients, too. I myself never do it any differently, except for buying customizable, pre-configured systems from a system house where I don't have to check for every possible incompatibility, but I do the Windows installation myself.
  21. Hey guys, I'm planning on buying a new PC within the next two months or so. Since I have some issues with the game crashing (which I think might be driver or hardware issues despite having them updated regularly) and sometimes jerky graphics, I'm just curious on what kind of hardware you're running it on, especially CPU, RAM, graphics card, and chipset? And do you experience any problems (aside from the installation path)? The reason for my issues are clear when you see my config: CPU: AMD A10-5800K Chipset: AMD 75 RAM: 2x 4GB PC-12800 Graphics: Radeon RX 560 4GB The main point I'm chewing on with the new one is: Nvidia or AMD? (I'd appreciate, if @FeelThere could give a hint how the recommended specs for the next Tower version will look like. I want to be prepared...) Thanks!
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