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  1. pete_agreatguy

    LEBL - Barcelona Real Traffic Custom Schedule - Winter 2019

    Google Drive or Dropbox are free to signup for :)
  2. pete_agreatguy

    LEBL - Barcelona Real Traffic Custom Schedule - Winter 2019

    Please upload your log file: It is located here "C:\SteamClient\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\tower3d_Data" Look for a file "output_log.txt" and upload it here in a post so we can figure out what is wrong. We know from the Discord discussion it isn't the following: - Is Real Traffic installed? Yes - Assuming it is up-to-date???? i.e. version sp6v12??? - Tried a snippet instead of a full day schedule. Yup - Still the same result.
  3. pete_agreatguy

    I've heard of rumours of an edited "pushback" code

    Place the following code into the rec file but this only works for arrivals:
  4. pete_agreatguy

    I've heard of rumours of an edited "pushback" code

    To get aircraft to cross a runway, just give a command of "Hold Short of taxiway XX (or runway XX)" that they will never reach :)
  5. Hi all, If someone knows the answer to this it would be brilliant. You know at the end when you finish a session, on the session stats screen there is a "Session Time". How is this calculated? Assuming the "in-game" means it is the total time of the session? And, the important question here; if someone had paused the session (command panel pause button), does the session time pause as well or does it include this in the session time? Query is related to the multiplayer pro challenge we have running currently as a few members are wanting to have this as a SP event as well. So I am trying to find a way to make sure that players are not "cheating" by pressing the command panel pause button. Many thanks in advance :)
  6. pete_agreatguy

    I've heard of rumours of an edited "pushback" code

    Your absolutely welcome sir :)
  7. pete_agreatguy

    I've heard of rumours of an edited "pushback" code

    As long as each line is separate to the one above or below, there should be no issues :)
  8. pete_agreatguy

    I've heard of rumours of an edited "pushback" code

    Technically it can go anywhere but I kept it in similar order to the default. i.e. I kept Pushback Approved together in a section ... etc
  9. pete_agreatguy

    I've heard of rumours of an edited "pushback" code

    Never mind clicked on it. Code needs to be: All works now Thank you
  10. pete_agreatguy

    I've heard of rumours of an edited "pushback" code

    OK the only command I cannot get to work is the following: However all of the below work without issues now: How do I resolve the issues with the "Pushback Approved, expect Runway ## AT ##"? Thanks :)
  11. pete_agreatguy

    I've heard of rumours of an edited "pushback" code

    The following do not work ... This does: I'll try editing with what I put and re-test.
  12. pete_agreatguy

    I've heard of rumours of an edited "pushback" code

    Andrew, adding those lines does not seem to have worked. Is the code correct? Just I can't do any voip commands when adding the lines above. e.g. Is there meant to be a comma after "Pushback Approved"? I ask because the following default code has no comma: And e.g. Is this line missing a ";taxiway1" or is it meant to be missing?
  13. pete_agreatguy

    I've heard of rumours of an edited "pushback" code

    Cheers Andrew, that's exactly what I am after :) Am I correct that it doesn't matter where I put this code in the .rec file ? :)
  14. pete_agreatguy

    Quickstart Reference Card - Voice Commands

    Nice work !
  15. Looks like EDDM is going to be the winner here.
  16. pete_agreatguy

    EasyJet new and old livery

    Hi it is possible to do that by changing the code in the "[icao]_schedule.txt" file for the specific airport you want to see the diversity. You would need to look up the code from the "[icao]_airlines.txt" file. In the schedule file the code is in this format: For example: Taken from KLAS and looking up the codes in the airline.txt file you can see that WN is Southwest and OO is Skywest. I would assume that the code for the different liveries will be different but I am unsure. If it is the same airline code for each livery, then I'm afraid it will not be possible to select which livery is used and it will probably be just random. PS: Highly recommend the use of custom schedules: http://charityalbumman.blogspot.com/2018/08/tower-3d-inc-pro-custom-schedules-list.html hmmm no Ben yet - He must be a asleep :D
  17. pete_agreatguy

    Real Color "Survey" - New Liveries?

    I think the new Alaska livery has been implemented from what I have been seeing in the pro challenge testing; hasn't it? I'll try to come up with a list when I find time. I'd love to see Jet2.com Holidays livery at LEBL The old Easyjet livery at LEBL / EDDM Are you wanting just liveries? Or can we list aircraft also?
  18. pete_agreatguy

    Tower!3D Pro Steam Crashing

    You can find answers to those questions here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4100347/intel-microcode-updates-for-windows-10-version-1803-and-windows-server and https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4487017/windows-10-update-kb4487017
  19. Edited to reflect a better description ;)
  20. Did you try a continue taxi command? Also was there another aircraft on a taxiway behind this aircraft attempting to pushback? I know the sim struggles to push an aircraft back if the path behind is blocked (doesn't have to be the taxiway directly connected to the gate - it can sometimes be the taxiway behind if it is close enough - linked with the aircraft collision zones.
  21. pete_agreatguy

    EGKK Crash

    The good old "have you tried turning it off and on again". In your log above avast was preventing something. Glad it's resolved.
  22. pete_agreatguy


    Hmm, will take some time out next week to look at this and come up with some ideas.
  23. pete_agreatguy

    EGKK Crash

    Try adding the game to the AVAST safe list and re-test :)
  24. Hi I've created a custom schedule and from testing it I am getting a lot of "=> ***** close cross incoming range" errors in regards to arrival aircraft. I did some initial research and found this topic but there is no set solution. I know this issue is to do with arrivals only. And that it is related to crossing runways - I personally am unsure how the sim calculates how an arrival is granted permission to spawn. I have uploaded the log file and uploaded a spreadsheet to help better understand what could be the issue here. Situation: Airport: KLAS Runway Setup: - 26L active (all arrivals) - 26R departures (commercial mainly - 1z Janet and 1z GA departure) - 19L departures (GA only) - 19R arrivals for GA that are transferred from 26L NOTE: I cannot make 19L an active as I require commercial aircraft only on 26L, which we cannot implement currently in schedules. If we activate 19L as well, then commercial aircraft will spawn on this runway which is something I want to avoid completely. All arrival aircraft spawn on time, up until SWA6885. This arrival is NOT the first one with the error messages "=> ***** close cross incoming range" but it is the first one that is considerably late. Onwards from here, 72% of arrivals from this point are delayed considerably. DAL2832 is the first aircraft to get the error message, followed by (in the order shown): DAL2832 - scheduled at 12:27 to land around 12:34 (spreadsheet contains this data) - between DAL2832 and SWA6885, there are x4 arrivals that spawn with no such error message SWA6885 SWA6448 WWI93 (GA) ASA1410 SWA3552 SWA541 AAL2456 N18ZD (GA) DAL1097 SWA378 UAL462 RSP137 (GA) What is happening (time stamp wise): @ 12:27, DAL2832 [arr] spawns on app to 26L > Lands @ 12:34:58 (on time) --- Between 12:28 and 12:37 all arrivals spawn on time & all departures spawn on time (i.e. pushback) @ 12:33:01, N93124 (GA) lines up on 19L & immediately starts her takeoff roll @ 12:34:07 JSX108 (GA) lines up on 19L & immediately starts her takeoff roll @ 12:34:55 JSX108 (GA) has taken off successfully @ 12:35:25 PWA454 (GA) spawns on app to 26L > Lands @ 12:46:55 (on time) @ 12:35:59 PWA454 (GA) begins her turn onto final approach for 19R @ 12:37:00 SWA5742 (arrival prior to SWA6885) spawns on time on to 26L > Lands @ 12:43:58 (on time) @ 12:38:00 SWA6885 attempts to spawn for the first time (denied with error "***** close cross incoming range") --- There are x4 attempts between now and 12:38:36 with the same error for SWA6885 @ 12:38:36 SWA6885 attempts again to spawn onto 26L - Even though there is more than 5nm seperation now to SWA5742 - There is also no GA landing on 19R or departing 19L - However PWA454 is on app to 19R - not sure how far out (I will assume 46 mins - 38 mins = 8 mins - So probably about to turn onto finals [basing upon the 7 min approach]) --- @ 12:41:19, I believe PWA454 turns onto finals for 19R as log state changes from "FINALRUNWAY" to "STATE_INCOMING" @ 12:38:51 LXJ528 (GA) lines up on 19R & immediately starts her takeoff roll --- SWA6885 is continuing to try to spawn @ 12:39:55 LXJ528 (GA) has taken off successfully @ 12:40:00 Now SWA6448 tries to spawn on time without success and the same error message -- PWA454 on 19R app. is now (00:46:55 - 00:40:00 = 7 mins odd) therefore about 13-15nm out from 19R -- SWA5742 on 26L app. is now (12:43:58 - 00:40:00 = 4 mins odd) therefore about 6/7nm out from 26L And so forth ... Why aren't these arrivals spawning when there is plenty of separation? It cannot be due to crossing runways because 26L and 19R or 19L do NOT cross according to the ADIRS radar. FORUM.xlsx 1st_attempt_log.txt

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