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  1. I did what you suggested intially and all appears to be working, now. I changed the MD-8X.ini file; I thought I was accomplishing the substring function but obviously I misunderstood what I read. However the control issues pre-date that from what I recall. Thank you for helping me clear that up!
  2. Here are the updated log files, after following your directions; LINDA disabled, logging buttons & keys, events ONLY. FSUIPC6.ini MD-8X.ini
  3. FSUIPC6.JoyScan.csvFSUIPC6.log I am finding that axis and button assignments are not available once I restart either of my sims. I have the option to use separate profile files for each aircraft, and (I hope) the substring option set so that all assignments relate to same aircraft variants. At any rate, I am not sure what is going on; if you could assist I would appreciate it. FSUIPC6.ini
  4. FSUIPC is installed in my Documents folder now, apart from the add on folder. AutoAssignLetters=Yes - DONE Did you assign the pan view control to your VKBsim Gladiator? - YES Could you also activate axis controls and button logging in FSUIPC, then start P3D, load your aircraft and try the hat switch - DONE SSW F-104G.ini FSUIPC6.ini FSUIPC6.log
  5. FSUIPC6.ini SSW F-104G.ini FSUIPC6.log FSUIPC6.dll
  6. Also, none of my control assignments work. There are no longer any aircraft profiles in FSUIPC. Yes, I am using files for profiles.
  7. The installer is only making changes to the V5 Add On folder. Is this normal? I have checked the v4 and v5 boxes.
  8. I have tried, using the hat switch as an axis and the older button assignments method. No luck getting it to pan views. FSUIPC 6.0.8; P3D v4.5. Here is the profile for this particular aircraft (SSW F-104): [Profile] Created=17/05/2020 07:35:13 [Buttons] 0=P6,11,CM3:1,0 -{Macro F-104: STARTER}- 1=R4,21,C65607,0 -{ELEV_TRIM_DN}- 2=R4,19,C65615,0 -{ELEV_TRIM_UP}- 3=P6,1,C65758,0 -{FLAPS_INCR}- 4=P6,0,C65759,0 -{FLAPS_DECR}- 5=P4,6,C66879,0 -{TOGGLE_LAUNCH_BAR_SWITCH}- 6=P6,2,C65792,0 -{AUTOPILOT_ON}- 7=P6,8,C65791,0 -{AUTOPILOT_OFF}- 8=P6
  9. This may very well not be the proper venue for this inquiry? I use Fltplan.com and WingX as EFB's and have had some intermittent success with them connecting to P3D. More often they don't, and from what I read it could be SimConnect. My questions are (1) If FSUIPC (and things like ActiveSky and LINDA) all work... doesn't that rule out SimConnect? (2) Is there anything in FSUIPC that might help make the connection work, and work consistently? From what I gather - perhaps not unless you are talking about a COM port/serial connection.
  10. Using FSUIPC6. I know there are multiple threads on this, as well as YouTube videos, but I am still having issues. I have separate throttles mapped (2 of them) in FSUIPC, using 'Send Direct...' They are configured as Throttle 1 and Throttle 2. As this quadrant has a detente/button, I have assigned those buttons on the right side of FSUIPC. The assigments are 'Throttle x Decr' [when the range is entered], with 'Control to repeat whilst in range' checked, and 'Throttle x Cut' [when the range is exited]. Reverse works, but what I am seeing is that I get reverse thrust prior to reaching the d
  11. Roman, Thank you for your reply, and for fixing my issue. It is clear to me now, of course. I am using the Milviz C310; your advice on testing with stock aircraft FIRST is noted.
  12. I've been using FSUIPC for some time, but have not delved into the advanced functions beyond separate profiles for aircraft, etc. I'd like to have two sets of functions for certain joystick buttons. I've read the 'COMPOUND BUTTON CONDITIONS' text in the advanced manual, and also perused some threads here on the topic but I"m doing something wrong! I am using a Gladiator MKII stick, and to start I would like to same buttons to move the heading bug left, right and the OBS needle left, right depending on whether or not another button is pressed. The modifier button is #29 on my joystick
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