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  1. John Dowson

    P3D 4.5 FSUIPC 5.152 and WideFS 6.999z1

    Yes, you don't need LINDA.
  2. John Dowson

    P3D 4.5 FSUIPC 5.152 and WideFS 6.999z1

    H i Alessandro, I agree completely - was just trying to clarify that its LINDA that uses lua, not spad.next, and thus you really only need a registered version of FSUIPC to use LINDA (or lua scripts in general), and not for spad.next. I use both fsuipc (with lua scripts) and spad.next, and they work well together. Cheers, John
  3. John Dowson

    P3D 4.5 FSUIPC 5.152 and WideFS 6.999z1

    SPAD.next (registered or trial version) uses SimConnect, not Lua scripts. The freeware version used to use FSUIPC (unregistered), but I believe this is no longer available. There are (or were - its been a while since I checked) options in SPAD.next to use/integrate with FSUIPC. The lua script functionality is only available in a licensed FSUIPC. LINDA uses lua scripts and so requires a registered version of FSUIPC. John
  4. Hi Detlef, the P3D window blackens when you open FSUIPC. When you press the escape key, that will close FSUIPC. Sounds like your screen resolution change has moved the FSUIPC window out of visibility. Try removing the ini parameter OptionsDialogOffset (from your FSUIPC5.ini file, located in your Modules folder), with P3D closed, and then restart P3D. Alternatively, go back to your previous screen resolution! Btw, you are using an older (and unsupported) version of FSUIPC. Please update to 5.152. John
  5. You need to download an install the lua socket module. There is a FAQ entry on this.
  6. Hi Ray. It won't be the firewall - this doesn't come into play when you are running programs on the same machine (with a local ip address). I don't know GIT - what is it using to talk to FSUIPC? Pete may know more, but you should probably try GIT forums or support.
  7. You could try the log lvars.lua plugin (see the FSUIPC Lua Plug-Ins manual) which will list any lvars available for your aircraft. If any are listed, you can access these in lua and macro scripts. John
  8. John Dowson

    Throttle sync position

    Please check the FSUIPC User Guide: p14: Throttle sync to sync Thr/Prop/Mix: When selected, this makes the Throttle Sync Hot Key (see the Hot Keys section) and the added Throttle Sync controls synchronise the Prop pitch and Mixture settings to the Engine 1 values, as well as the throttles. p17: Throttle Sync: This operates a facility to make all throttle inputs, for any engine, affect the throttle inputs to all engines. It’s a toggle function—if it is on then using it again turns it off. For best use of this facility you will want to also calibrate the separate throttles in FSUIPC’s Joysticks pages. If you are only using a single throttle then this won’t make a lot of difference except that every time you use it FSUIPC will make the throttle selection (i.e. the keypress E+1 ... etc) apply to all engines. However, it works a lot better even then if you’ve calibrated the throttle axis in FSUIPC’s Joysticks pages. If you also select the option to synchronise propeller pitch and mixture settings (see the Miscellaneous page), then the same Hot Key operates all three together. There again, if you are using joystick axes for propeller pitch and/or mixture you should calibrate them in FSUIPC’s Joysticks pages. If an assigned reverser axis is used whilst throttle sync is engaged, the sync action will be automatically cancelled. Note that this same facility can now be assigned to keypress or buttons/switches via the additional Throttle Sync controls in the drop-down assignments lists. As well as Toggle actions you can program On and Off actions separately. P43: CALIBRATING MULTIPLE THROTTLE, PROP & MIXTURE AXES TO "LINE UP" .....
  9. John Dowson

    Controller inputs not detected

    Do you mean that you cannot see them in the assignments tab? Is this for all your devices or just the X-55? Could you post your ini, log and joyscan.csv files please (all in your modules folder). You can also try uninstalling the Saitek drivers to see if this solves your issue. Yes, you should disable power saving mode on your USB device hubs as this will prevent Windows from putting your devices to sleep. If you have a mixture of USB 2 and USB 3 ports, you can also try changing the USB port - some USB2 devices don't seem to work well with USB3 connections.
  10. John Dowson

    Yoke assignment

    FSUIPC's Logging tab.
  11. John Dowson

    Mouse Macros

    The size limit for the macro filename is 16 characters, including the extension. The limit for the macro names is also currently 16 characters. When using LVARS, the length for the lvar name is currently 32 characters, but has been increased to 64 for future releases and this update is also available in this post:
  12. John Dowson

    Yoke assignment

    Your log file doesn't show much, except that that you keep losing your connection, which is strange. Did you not activate the suggested logging? You need to do this so that I can see what is being sent when you activate yout button. Maybe also post your ini file with your next log as well
  13. You are still not providing enough information. When does it freeze? What are you doing? Does this happen in all the time? Only with PMDG aircraft or with all aircraft (have you tried with a stock aircraft)? Your FSUIPC4.log file would help. However, if the crash was not "immediate" then maybe you have a corrupt weather file -- a .WX file in your Flight simulator Documents folder, or possibly the wxstationlist.bin file in the same folder as your FS-SE settings (the AppData folder). deleting both would help in that case.
  14. John Dowson

    Yoke assignment

    I see FS2Crew also recommend having repeat as fast as possible if using mute on a button, so you may need to play around with the 'ButtonRepeatRate' parameter to increase the rate. You can try with the following (one at a time, to see which works best): ButtonRepeat=50,10 ButtonRepeat=100,10 Or even unlimited: ButtonRepeat=0,10 Also, as you are sending this control on repeat, it makes no sense to also send it again on release, so remove entry no. 50.
  15. John Dowson

    Yoke assignment

    Ah, ok. Not familiar with UGCX, but I can see that they repurpose this control as a soft mute on a 'push-to-hold' basis, so I guess that makes sense. Did you try logging to confirm that all your assignments are being used? Btw, John not Pete!

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