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  1. Check the offset status document: 0x0020 (4 bytes) or 0x0b4c (2bytes). John
  2. John Dowson

    First attempt at LUA function

    Also i'm not sure that this will do what you want it to do. Control 1009 is the Traffic Density Toggle. Toggling this only works in one session, and if there is no known initial state then this will set/toggle the density to 100%. You may therefore want to add a 0 parameter or use control 1008 instead. There is a similar lua example included that may be useful - this freezes taxi-out AI traffic when you lower gear (or lower flaps) and releases when you land: -- NOTE: For use with FSUIPC 5 only -- This small plug in, which should be pre-loaded: for example, by adding -- [Auto] -- 1=Lua AIfreezer -- to your FSUIPC5.INI file. -- It freezes taxi-out AI traffic when you lower your gear, -- and releases them when you touch down. -- For aircraft with non-retractable gear, it checks the state of -- the Flaps instead, expecting full flaps for landing. (amend where -- noted for other flap settings). function GroundCheck(off, val) if ipc.val ~= 0 then ipc.control(1149) -- Freeze AI off if user landed ipc.log("AI taxiout traffic released") end end function GearCheck(off, val) if val >= 16383 and ipc.readUW(0x0366) == 0 then ipc.control(1150) -- Freeze AI on if gear just lowered (whilst in the air) ipc.log("AI taxiout traffic frozen") end end function FlapsCheck(off, val) -- See if gear is fixed first: if ipc.readUB(0x060C) == 0 then if val >= 16383 and ipc.readUW(0x0366) == 0 then ipc.control(1150) -- Freeze AI on if now full flaps set when in the air ipc.log("AI taxiout traffic frozen") end end end event.offset(0x0366, "UW", "GroundCheck") event.offset(0x0BE8, "UD", "GearCheck") event.offset(0x0BDC, "UD", "FlapsCheck") John
  3. John Dowson

    First attempt at LUA function

    I think you want offset 0366, not 0336. Try with event.offset(0x0366, "UW", "trafficoff") John *update* You are also missing an end statement for the if: function trafficoff(offset, value) if value == 0 then ipc.control(1009) ipc.log("AI traffic turned off") end end event.offset(0x0366, "UW", "trafficoff")
  4. John Dowson

    FSUIPC Saitek X56 Issue

    The logging lines have been added to the ini file - you just need to start the sim and supply the log file.
  5. What script is that? If its a Linda script, then you should probably ask in the Linda sub-forum (or whoever/wherever provided the script). If you require help with FSUIPC, it is better to start a new thread with a full description of the issues you are facing (flight sim? Assigning from/to whatr? ini/log files? etc), rather than hijacking an existing thread. Cheers, John
  6. John Dowson

    FSUIPC Saitek X56 Issue

    You will need to add some logging options to get more info. However, I am travelling today & tomorrow and do not have access to my windows machines so cannot let you know until Friday. Pete is also back tomorrow (or maybe Friday) who may pick this up and give you further advice. In the meantime, can you confirm that you have disconnected your devices & uninstalled all saitek devices, drivers and software (from the control panel), then reboot and connect your devices (which should install the standard windows drivers, not the Saitek ones). If not, please do this first. Cheers, John
  7. John Dowson

    FSUIPC Saitek X56 Issue

    Could you upload your FSUIPC5.Joyscan.csv and FSUIPC5.ini files please, as well as the latest log file.
  8. John Dowson

    FSUIPC Saitek X56 Issue

    The settings are saved automatically when you click 'Ok' and exit the FSUIPC window. Do you still have mismatched GUIDs for the X-56 stick?
  9. John Dowson

    Buttons/axis issues

    I believe PMDG Boeings need normal Axis controls without calibration in FSUIPC to avoid conflicts with the PMDG code reading directly. John
  10. John Dowson

    Tiler axis problem.

    Do you have the action required set to 'Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration'? The axis action should also be 'Steering Tiller' on the left hand side ('This side to send axis values''), and not 'Axis Steering Set'. Also make sure that you are using the latest version of FSUIPC, 5.141e. There have been some recent updates to the tiller steering, although these are mainly to do with tiller/rudder blending and should not affect the axis calibration visibility... Cheers, John
  11. You have still not supplied enough information. Are you using a registered or unregistered version of FSUIPC5? Are you assigning axis and/or calibrating in FSUIPC? Have you disabled controllers in P3D? Some strange problems can occur with a corrupt wxstationlist.bin file - you could try deleting this (from your Appdata P3D folder, next to the P3D CFG file) - it will be rebuilt. If the problem still persists, try re-installing the P3D client.
  12. John Dowson

    FSUIPC Saitek X56 Issue

    This thread: seems to indicate that there is a problem with windows 10 and the madcatz drivers. The solution was to download a utility called JoyIDsInstall.exe to change the device ids in windows. Maybe worth trying? John
  13. John Dowson

    FSUIPC Saitek X56 Issue

    The GUID in the device scan: 250 Product= Saitek Pro Flight X-56 Rhino Stick 250 Manufacturer= Mad Catz 250 Vendor=0738, Product=2221 (Version 0.20) 250 GUIDs returned for product: VID_0738&PID_2221: 250 GUID= {9FEFC960-C406-11E8-8007-444553540000} 250 Details: Btns=0, POVs=(0, 0, 0, 0), Cal=x00000000, Max=R0,U0,V0,X0,Y0,Z0 is different from the GUID of the device acquired for use: 250 Device acquired for use: 250 Joystick ID = 0 (Registry okay) 250 0=X56 H.O.T.A.S. Stick 250 0.GUID={9FF0B3C0-C406-11E8-8008-444553540000} So it looks like you have a registry problem. Try disconnecting the device and reboot, then connect the device again. John **edit**: Did you uninstall the saitek drivers?
  14. Why are you sending on press AND release - try one or the other (and you probably don't want to repeat!). PMDG do not use the standard P3D controls for many functions but use their own custom controls. You can take a look at the SDK documentation to see what controls are available. You could try assigning to FS control 'AP Master', which is what the 'Z' key sends. Otherwise you can try assigning the button directly to the keypress (left hand side of your screenshot). If that doesn't work, you have two further options: Mouse Macros or possibly LVARS. Mouse macros should be relatively straight forward - please see the FSUIPC documentation in your documents subfolder for this. I am not sure about LVARs - you can try using the 'List LVars' control to see if there are any for autopilot functions, or use the 'log lvars' lua script Cheers, John
  15. The movement of the yoke corresponds to the movement of the ailerons (and elevators of course) and the full deflection of the yoke (in this case 90 degrees) corresponds to full aileron deflection . If you restrict the yoke movement by 50% (from 90% to 45%), you are restricting the movement of the ailerons. You could do this, by using a Lua plugin (by checking the aileron deflection value and limiting it to a maximum/minimum) , but it is not recommend as you would be losing the ability to move the ailerons through their full range. If you want full aileron deflection but only to limit the visuals of the yoke, then this is almost certainly not possible as this would have been implemented by the aircraft designers and based upon the yoke movement of that particular aircraft. Hope this helps. Regards, John

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