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  1. Hi Tasso, not sure what you mean by this. This knob must be that operated by the following controls: TRUE AIRSPEED CAL DEC 65886 TRUE AIRSPEED CAL INC 65885 TRUE AIRSPEED CAL SET 66043 There is currently no offset available for reading the calibration value. There is a SIMVAR available: AIRSPEED TRUE CALIBRATE Angle of “True” calibration scale on airspeed indicator Degrees Y but this is not currently published to the FSUIPC offsets. I could add for FSUIPC5 (P3D), but FSUIPC4 is closed for future development - sorry. John
  2. John Dowson

    Record to csv file example

  3. John Dowson

    WideFs error

    Hi Peter, Presume you mean WideClient, which is part of WideFS. It may be that the network (or other services) may not be available yet when auto starting. Do you have anything in your event log? Could you also try adding Log=Debugall to the [user] section of your WideClient.ini (or add the [user] section if not already there). Then post the log when you get the crash. The log file may be quite large but zips up nicely. John
  4. John Dowson

    FlyBy view assignement

    Ah yes, I remember now - thanks Roman. There's a similar post but for spot view, so this thread may be of interest:
  5. If you are assigning as 'Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration', as you say, then you should see the following throttle controls: Throttle, Throttle/SlewAlt, Throttle1, Throttle2, Throttle3, Throttle4. The 'Axis Throttle Set' controls are only available when you send direct to FS. As Reinhard says, some add-ons do not play well with FSUIPC calibration and for these you should use 'Send to FS as normal axis'. John
  6. John Dowson

    FlyBy view assignement

    No, I don't think you can assign to change to a specific view. Generally you assign a button to the 'VIEW_MODE' control, which will cycle through the 7 view modes (Cockpit, Outside, Tower, Aircraft, Runway, Air Traffic and Sensor) and then another to the 'NEXT_SUB_VIEW', which cycles through the sub-views of the selected view mode. As the controls provided only allow you to cycle through the different modes, I don't think its possible to toggle to a specific view.
  7. John Dowson

    FSX crashes

    No problem - glad its all now working for you. John
  8. John Dowson

    FSX crashes

    Sounds like you have a corrupt weather file somewhere. Usually its the wxstationlist.bin file, in the same directory as your fsx.cfg file. Try deleting/renaming that first - a new one should be created when you restart the sim.
  9. John Dowson

    FSX crashes

    Do you have any other events just before the crash event? Can you try disabling weather by adding NoWeatherAtAll=Yes to the [General] section of you ini. If that doesn't work then we'll add some logging flags. I'm away from my PC for a while, but Pete will be back next week if you don'y hear from me before then.
  10. Hi Raj, you don't assign to a 'joystick trigger', you assign to controls. Your 'joystick trigger' will also be sending a control - just assign your mouse button to the same control that your trigger is sending (on press and release, if applicable). If you don't know what control its sending, you can activate event and button logging (from the fsuipc logging tab) to see whats being sent.
  11. John Dowson

    FSX crashes

    Hi, maybe try without having the a320 as your default aircraft in your default flight - your log shows this is still there, although I'm not sure that this matters but worth a try. Many people seem to have problems with add-on aircraft unless the sim is initialised with a default aircraft first. Defender updates shouldn't effect things, but you never know with windows, and the timing is suspicious. Maybe check your defender logs after the update to see if they show anything. Did you not manage to re-register (or retrieve your old key file)?
  12. John Dowson

    FSX crashes

    Also, presumably this was previously working. What did you change?
  13. John Dowson

    FSX crashes

    Log and ini files?
  14. John Dowson

    trouble with bank angle

    As the documentation says, you can read both 0574 (for altitude in metres) and 0570 (for fractional part) and combine them, or just read 6020 which is the altitude as a a 64bit double floating point.
  15. John Dowson

    How to setup the landing gear

    Many add-on aircraft, PMDG especially, ignore or even re-purpose many of the P3D controls and also use their own. For PMDG aircraft, please see this FAQ article:

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