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  1. Hi Andrew, thanks for the update. This patch will be officially released with a few other minor updates within the next week or so. Cheers, John
  2. John Dowson


    CPFLight MCP - don't know, sorry - you should probably ask them or on their support forums. If 'PM' is Project Magenta, then that would need FSUIPC, but again you are better off asking the suppliers/developers. There are these following (old) posts related to these items (although I'm not sure this helps): Cheers, John
  3. John Dowson

    Mouse Macros procedure

    FSUIPC only records the first click. Thats why you need to edit the macro file to change the action, or if you want to change the action to a compound action (i.e. click & drag followed by release). Also, when you assign the button press to the macro, you can assign a different action on the press and release, which is why I suggested two macros, one for the left click and drag (action 9) assigned to the button press, and another for the release (action 13) for the button release. Thats just one thing to try - you could try other compound actions, activated either on a press, a release or both. Good luck with your investigations!
  4. John Dowson

    Mouse Macros procedure

    Yes, sorry - no spaces. As Pete says, you need to play around with different (compound) codes/actions to see what, if anything, works. Otherwise investigate an L:var solution if the standard controls don't work. You can use the provide lvar plug-in to see what L:vars are available. I think there are also Linda scripts available for the A320 - these will be based on Lua & L:vars so may give you some insight, even if you do not want to use the Linda framework. As Pete suggests, the Aerosoft support forums may be the place to ask about this. Cheers, John
  5. In your scripts you have infinite loops, so the first loop, eg will never end, and so the second loop (while) will never be reached. Thats why they work in separate scripts but not together. If you want them in one script, you could try a single loop, e.g. something like -- test RPM and IAS while 1 do RPM = ipc.readLvar("L:Eng1_RPM") ipc.writeUW(0x66c1, RPM) ipc.sleep(50) IAS = ipc.readLvar("L:AirspeedIndicatedNeedle") ipc.writeUB(0x66c0, IAS) ipc.sleep(50) end Better still, look into using the 'event.lvar()' libarary function and have two functions that get called only when the lvar changes (see the FSUIPC Lua Library.pdf, page 26). Cheers, John
  6. John Dowson

    Mouse Macros procedure

    Also note that mouse macros will not work if the gauges haven't been written strictly in accordance with Microsoft's C/C++ gauge SDK and you may need to try looking into using lvars instead, if available. However, I also see this comment from 2016 on lvars - not sure if still valid:
  7. John Dowson

    Mouse Macros procedure

    ...or you can also try programming one macro for the press and one for the release: [Macros] 1 = sb-full-press = RX40000170,92 = sb-full-release = RX40000170,13
  8. John Dowson

    Mouse Macros procedure

    You can try that for the left click and drag. You may also want to add the button release, so it would be [Macros] 1=sb-full 1.1=RX40000170,9 1.2=RX40000170,13
  9. John Dowson

    Mouse Macros procedure

    Hi, the mouse macro will only contain the mouse press (left single click code 3), so if you call it on a button press or release, it will still be sending the mouse (left single) click only. What you probably want is a left button and drag then a mouse release. Do do this, you will have to manually edit the macro file. See page 32 of the FSUIPC User Manual for the mouse action codes, and page 37 of the Advanced User Manual for 'multiple actions in one macro control'. If that doesn't work, try a few other combinations. You could also see if there is a control or lvar you can use for this by activating logging. Cheers, John P.S. If its the Aerosoft A320 you are trying to set-up, there is also a discussion on setting up the speedbrake on an axis or buttons in this (ongoing) thread that may be of interest (half way down):
  10. John Dowson

    Joy A320 / A321 shakes

    You can try activating event/control logging (via FSUIPC logging tab) to see what is being sent when you toggle it with the mouse and then replicate this, or look into using mouse macros (see FSUIPC documentation).
  11. Hi Andrew I just replaced the above attached zip with a minor correction if you could use that instead. Thanks, John
  12. John Dowson

    Fsuipc buttons stop working

    Hi Rod, sounds like you have usb power management (sleep/selective suspend) active in the USB hub. Try disabling that. Cheers, John
  13. Hi Andrew, the state wasn't being advanced which will have prevented the commands being sent. Please try the following build: FSUIPC5150i.zip Cheers, John
  14. Hi Yves, I should point out that the strings in the string table returned to the lua function will have a nul ('\0') character at the end, included in the length of the string. I am not sure this is correct, but it is also the way WideClient handles the strings in the string table so I've kept this implementation the same. These can be handled how you wish in the lua code (for most purposes, this won't matter). Cheers, John
  15. Hi Andrew, Hmmm...it was only the CMDRST call that was disabled. You can try the following, which has the CMDRST enabled before closing (so the device is ready for next use): FSUIPC5150i.zip If this doesn't work, maybe the device does not respond unless being reset first? Otherwise it may be a power problem - do the devices have a powerful enough power supply? Cheers, John

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