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  1. Why write a c# program when you could just use the lua event.timer function to call your lua function every 50ms? John
  2. No problem. The documentation is not too clear on this - I'll update it for the next release. Happy flying! John
  3. As I indicated, your [Auto.Lear35] section in your FSUIPC5.ini file, should be in your Lears5.ini file but as an [Auto] section. John
  4. There is also a separate document you should read if you are using profiles in separate files, called (unsurprisingly) Profiles in Separate Files.pdf. I suspect that your problem is that the [Auto] section in your Lear35.ini should just be called [Auto] and not [Auto.Lear35] - the latter is used in your FSUIPC5.ini file when you are using profiles but NOT in separate files. John
  5. Hi Renato, no need to re-purchase - you should be able to retrieve your existing registration from SimMarket. If you are having problems with your SimMarket account, you need to contact them - we have no control over SimMarket accounts. Regards, John P.S. Did you try the 'Forgot Your Password?' link in the login box? This should allow you to rest your password using your email address.
  6. Hi Ramon, Yep, looks useful and pretty simple to add so I'll schedule for the next release. I'll post you a dll to test when done. Cheers, John
  7. I'll take a look when I get a chance - I'm a bit busy for the next few weeks so it won't be until December sometime. John
  8. I'll be looking at providing a version of FSUIPC for the new MS FS, once the SDK is published (with help from Pete!). A bit too early to provide any details on a beta test release though! John
  9. Are you sure this is FSUIPC, and not the FS? FSUIPC will not automatically assign an axis (or 'recognise as a throttle') on a new device. Maybe check the assignments in the sim (or disable controllers in the sim, which is recommended if you are assigning axis in FSUIPC). Note you can also delete any assignments directly in your FSUIPC ini file, but best to do this when the sim is not running. John
  10. uncheck your assignment (in the axis assignment tab) and save - this will remove the assignment. John
  11. Hi, first, you posted in the User Contributions forum - please post all support requests in the Support Forum. I have moved your post for you. I see Pete has just replied...as he says, just re-assign from FSUIPC assignments tab.... John
  12. Does it work when you activate the fire warn cut out switch in the UI? You are probably better off contacting the Project Magenta support., but you could try logging non-axis events, to check that the event/control sent when activating your switch is the same as the one sent when you activate in the UI (if that one works!). John
  13. How are you trying to do this? Are you using the macro file (provided in the first post in this topic) to access the A320 lvars? What is your actual problem - is the macro file loaded? Can you see the lvars in the FSUIPC assignment dropdown? Check the Advanced User guide, starting from section Gauge local variable access (L:vars), by macro. John
  14. Hi Booley, If you still have problems, forward or pm me your registration details (please don't post them publicly!) and I'll check them for you. John
  15. No problem. Its worth taking a look at both the User Guide and the Advanced User Guide, both should be available in the FSUIPC Documents folder, located under the Modules folder, where FSUIPC is installed. John
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