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  1. Thats interesting - and strange! The units for offset 0x07F2 are ft/min. What are the units you are using for the parameter of the AP VS SET command? I could automatically do this in FSUIPC7 maybe. Presumably it needs to be sent on each change of aircraft or new flight, no?
  2. What do you mean by this? FSUIPC7 does not recognise an axis on one of your devices? Are you assigning to a switch or 'sticky' button? If it continues, then its not receiving a release event. You can check what events your buttons/switches are sending by logging 'Buttons & Switches'.
  3. Are you sure its not in the system tray? Also try the default hot key - Alt-F. If its not in the tray and Alt-F doesn't show the UI, please attach your FSUIPC7.log file.
  4. Yes, unfortunately. An alternative solution would be if I mapped the received numpad 0-9 keys to their num lock off equivalent. This would allow you to assign in FSUIPC7 with the num lock off, but then use those assignments (when MSFS has the focus) with numlock on. This would be a temporary fix that I would revert once the problem has been fixed by Asobo. Yes, of course. I will raise a zendesk bug report.
  5. Did you try this? This would be a work-around. Doing this, the keys should function when both MSFS and FSUIPC7 have the focus - and numlock is off. That's not quite true! It should work when MSFS has the focus and the num lock is off and you assign in FSUIPC7 with the num lock on (i.e. assign to the num0-9 keys) .If you want it to work when FSUIPC7 has the focus as well, then you can also assign to the keys with no num lock (End, Down, etc). This is because MSFS/SimConnect only sends the numpad keys when num lock is off, but FSUIPC7 receives them via SimConnect and then sends them to itself as if the num lock was on. I'll report the issue tomorrow.
  6. As I said, the issue is that simconnect is sending the numpad keys when num lock is off (when it should be sending them when numlock is on), and FSUIPC7 is receiving these as the 'num lock off' keys (End, Down, PgDn, etc). Did you try this? This would be a work-around. Doing this, the keys should function when both MSFS and FSUIPC7 have the focus - and numlock is off. I don't have a numlock light on my keyboard, so I can't tell when its on or off. I'm presuming its MSFS that has this wrong at the moment, not FSUIPC7, but once confirmed I'll raise this with Asobo. John
  7. It seems that MSFS only sends these keys when numlock is off, rather than on. And when numlock is off, FSUIPC sees these keys as Ins (0), End (1), Down (2), PgDn (3), Left (4), Clr (5), Right (6), Home (7), Up (8). PgUp (9). So, to have these keys working, try with Num-Lock off, and assign in FSUIPC to those keyboard input strings. EDIT: I also have a non-standard (ie. not windows specific) keyboard. I'll try and dig out another keyboard tomorrow and test with that as well.
  8. I've just done some more tests and I think this is an FSUIPC issue.There seems to be a discrepancy between the vk codes between MSFS and FSUIPC. I'll investigate more tomorrow and let you know.
  9. No response that I'm aware of, but its difficult to track these things - or at least I have not found a way. I don't seem many responses from Asobo on the forums, and all I get when I raise a zendesk ticket is, eventually, a 'thank you for your feedback message' saying that it has been submitted. Checking the status of these, they all say 'Solved' but I don't think this means anything - they have that status as soon as they are raised! I'm not sure I included the numpad keys in my initial zendesk bug, I'll check and add if not. FSUIPC7 is trapping them when it has focus, and acting on them if assigned in FSUIPC7. If not, it forwards the keypresses to the sim. The problem is when the sim has focus - its not forwarding certain keypresses (including the numpad keys) via SimConnect evn though requested. John
  10. Please post in the specific sub-forum for FSUIPC7/MSFS for questions relating to this - I have moved your post for you. No, unfortunately not. For xbox, you have to use the WASM interface, and unfortunately this currently does not have the required features to enable FSUIPC7 to be ported to such a platform. We may look at a WASM module at some point, if facilities are provided, but more for enabling specif functionality and to communicate to an external FSUIPC process. But even then, it won't be usable on the xbox platform.
  11. Many of the buttons on the G1000 are currently not controllable via SimConnect. This has already been reported to MSFS/Aspbp amd we are waiting for an update for this to be fixed.
  12. I don't use or have this, so maybe someone else can help you with that. But, I assume its an earlier version of the GFDevP3Dv4.exe, to which Pete commented: So if you use that, you shouldn't use the GFDev64.dll, which is the one you need if you want to use FSUIPC with your device.
  13. Ah, ok - thanks for reporting. Later...although I think the question on VNAV was about the 'Display Vertical Navigation Page' button, not the lateral hold.... ...or about the VNAV in the G1000, which doesn't seem to be controllable either
  14. Ok. You can also try offset 0x0BE8 - Gear Handle Position (4 Bytes), writing 16383 for down and 0 for up.
  15. Ok, thats good to know, thanks. I'll leave them in for the next build release. For FLC, I've added a new offset at 0x0B49, 1 byte, for sim variable 'AUTOPILOT FLIGHT LEVEL CHANGE'. However, this only appears to be read-only and not settable. I've already asked about this over on the Asobo forums (as well as VNAV/VNV) No, probably not at the moment. There seem to be quite a few functions of the garmins (especially the G1000) which are not available via SimConnect at the moment. Actually, looking at the older controls list (not yet added to MSFS or in their documentation), I can see these GPS_VNAV_BUTTON GPS_SETUP_BUTTON GPS_BUTTON1 (also 2,3,4,5) I'll add these back to see if they are recognized and do anything when I get a chance...
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