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  1. This has happened before! I could add an (optional) timeout parameter, but the script developers must then use this and provide a default for the question to continue. Could it be that he is not seeing the question as this script is being started in the ipcReady.lua? Maybe if the script is initially assigned to a button or key press, you could activate the script once P3D is up and fully running to set the language. Once done, you could remove the assignment and add back to the ipcReady.lua? Just a thought... John
  2. Did you enter them EXACTLY as shown in the email (better to cut-and-paste)? No, not for FSUIPC4 - Pete can, but if your existing key was working then it should still work - no new key is required. Please forward you registration details to Pete (either by email or private message, do not post them publicly) and he can check them for you. John
  3. Hi "hecrowell", you are commenting on a topic that is over 12 years old... I think this issue is closed by now! Just FYI. John
  4. Hi Angelo, Pete just pointed out to me that you are running a lua plugin: 103562 LUA.0: beginning "C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Modules\ipcReady.lua" 103562 LUA Asks: "Laap first start - Actual language is French - Do you want the English version ? (Y/N)" This is waiting for a response from an ipc.ask request which looks like its blocking keyboard input. Try renaming that lua script to see if that solves your issue. John
  5. Hi Marc, yes, we will be publishing details of our plans for FSUIPC compatibility for P3Dv5 within the next few days, and certainly before the official release. Regards, John
  6. Your keypresses are not being recognised for some reason, but I don't think this is an issue with FSUIPC, and certainly nothing in the latest build. If you remove the FSUIPC5.dll (just rename it temporarily), does P3D see your keypresses? John
  7. You can retrieve your registration details from your SimMarket account. John
  8. Your key for FSUIPC4 remains valid for FSUIPC4. It is not valid for FSUIPC5. Please make sure all 3 details (name, address, key) match those from your SimMarket registration email - best to copy and paste to make sure. John
  9. By the way, how are you detecting that the normal/toe brakes are applied? Are you seeing any messages from P3D (or via offsets)? Engaging the parking brake will set and lock the normal brakes. I think you just need to take the "repeat" off of your parking brake assignment. John
  10. Just noticed that your parking break is assigned as a repeat (not a release!) - try changing this to a simple press (so you click once to activate, then again to release) - I corrected my previous post.
  11. First, you are using an older unsupported version of FSUIPC - can you please update to the latest release, which is 5.155. Could you please do this and resend your log file (this will also tell me the state of your controllers in P3D). You only have parking brakes assigned (to repeat of button 0 on your yoke, which I presume is the left trigger that you mentioned), and no assignments to differential brakes. You could also try activating logging for Events (non-axis controls) and Button and key operations (from the FSUIPC logging tab) and activate the parking brake to see what is logged. You could also try logging Axis controls to see if the differential brakes are assigned to an axis somewhere. Try not to move your other axis while logging this. Please post again and attach the generated log file with this info. Maybe also try with a default aircraft rather than the PMDG 737 NGXu that you are currently using. Cheers, John
  12. Hi Angelo, I've just checked this with 5.155 and P3D key commands seem to be working as expected... That is an old post from April 2019 and references FSUIPC 5.151. Not sure what the issue was there, but its certainly not relevant any more. You could try activating logging for Buttons and key operations and Events (non axis controls) to see what FSUIPC is receiving/sending. Cheers, John
  13. Hi Kevin, could you please attach your FSUIPC .ini file together with your .log file and I'll take a look. Cheers, John
  14. First, you posted in the FAQ section. This section is not regularly monitored for new posts so please post all new support requests in the main support forum. I have moved this post for you. Are you pressing the 'Rescan' button to set a different axis? If so, and the axis doesn't reset/change, then that axis may be "jittering". If this is the case, you can click the 'Ignore Axis' button to ignore that axis while you assign other axis. There is also a section in the User Guide entitled 'The Easy Step-by-Step Way to Calibrate Your Controls'. Please review this if you have not done so already. Cheers, John
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