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  1. It is better installed outside of the P3D folder really. Do you have an FSUIPC6.key file in your FSUIPC6 installation folder? This file should be created when you click the Register button. If it doesn't exist, you can create it manually. The contents are: replacing the parts in bold with the relevant details.
  2. Can you run FSUIPC7? Skip the registration and try running it unregistered. If it won't run, you need to update your VC++ redistributables - see the provided REASME.txt. If it does run, and you are using the details EXACTLY as written in your SimMarket purchase email/account, then please let me know your order number and I will check your details.
  3. Ok. Next time it occurs, check you FSUIPC7.log file. If it looks like it closed down correctly, it will be MSFS that crashed. If this is repeatable, you should report to Asobo.
  4. If it was FSUIPC that CTD, it would/should not cause MSFS to CTD. Anyway, your FSUIPC7.log file (from the crash session) should tell us. And a description of what you were doing, what was running, is always helpful, as Pete says. Usually (well, in all occasions so far encountered!) when this occurs, its MSFS that has crashed, which generates a fault in FSUIPC7 but FSUIPC7 still runs but closes and exits normally, due to the 'Exit with FS' option being selected. Check your windows event viewer again and see if there are any exceptions for MSFS logged.
  5. Yes, I hadn't noticed that (thanks Milan): You must extract the contents of the zip before running the installer.
  6. Those logs are from 3rd Feb and 8th March, and the ini's are probably just as old. So it looks likeyou have installed in another folder to your original installation folder. You need to determine where you have actually installed v6.1.1. The best way to do this is to use the Open Folder button in the logging tab. But, probably the best thing to do is to just re-install again. This will uninstall your current version, and allow you to select the installation folder. Make sure that you select your old installation folder - the one where your .mcro files are located. A re-install
  7. Sorry, but could you also attach your FSUIPC6.log and InstallFSUIPC6.log files please.
  8. Did you read the Installation and Registration guide? Did you check the forums, as this question has been asked hundreds of times already? Did you click the Register button during registration? 95% id uses are due to this not being done. If you did do this, what did the pop-up say? Have you installed in a non-windows protected folder?
  9. Lvars are, by default, 8 bytes (64 bits). If the strings aren't null terminated, ipc.writeSTR will write 8 bytes. There are two things you could try - specifying the length of the string in the ipc.writeSTR function call, e.g. ipc.writeSTR (0x6950, value, 4) You could also try logging the value, to see what is actually being received and written to the offsets, e.g. function md_ipc_fuelleft (varname, value) ipc.log("md_ipc_fuelleft: received value '" .. value .. "' for lvar " .. varname) ipc.writeSTR (0x6950, value, 4) end Later: and this:
  10. In your FSUIPC7 installation folder, along with your FSUIPC7.log and FSUIPC7.ini files, which I would also like to see. Have you 'enabled' wide server (using the WideFS -> Enable menu option) from FSUIPC7? You only need to do this only once.
  11. Please also show me your WideServer.log & FSUIPC7.ini files, and I will take a look (tomorrow now). Also, try removing the Protocol from your WideClient.ini and and use ProtocolPreferred ini parameter in your FSUIPC7.ini ([WideServer] section). And try using ServerName rather than ServerIPAddr, if not done already. However, these issues are usually always caused by firewall or workgroup settings, so please double-check.
  12. Have you checked your windows workgroups and firewall settings, as indicated in the WideFS user Guide?
  13. Ah, the trim wheel uses buttons! Sorry, I had assumed that was an axis... Have you tried adjusting the PollInterval (to read the button states faster) or the ButtonRepeat ini parameters (to control the repeat rate)? You can usually achieve acceptable results adjusting these together with the timings in your lua. See the Advanced User guide for details on these ini parameters. Yes, its the same SDK for the various FSUIPC versions. Note that this is also installed (if selected) in an SDK folder under your FSUIPC7 installation folder. But I would persist with lua for the time
  14. Do you have a steam or MS Store version? The installer thinks you have a steam version, but cannot open this file: The strange thing is that that file is detected as being present, but cannot be opened for reading. Maybe check the permissions on that file. Do you run MSFS using admin privileges? Alternatively, you can use the following - just unzip in your MSFS Community folder and it should be picked-ip the next time you run FSUIPC7: fsuipc-lvar-module.zip
  15. One of the rotaries is the mode selector which has 5 different buttons/positions, so I guess you just need to control the 2-button inc/dec rotary, no? You can usually achieve acceptable performance using both methods, especially if you assign to the offset increment/decrement controls and tune the inc/dec amount. However, being a two button rotary, its performance will be limited. I don't know that library so can't really comment (although it seems more of a multi-media library than for device handling), but not sure how you would interface that to FSUIPC. The FSUIPC lua librar
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