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  1. No, sorry, there is no such facility.
  2. You can have multiple actions in one macro by editing the macro file - see the section 'Multiple actions in one macro control' in the Advanced user manual, page 37. Cheers, John
  3. Yes - best to disable controllers completely in P3D if assigning in FSUIPC otherwise it has a tendency to re-assign. John
  4. Your [Auto] entry should be 1=Lua Belts John
  5. Could you post you log and ini files please.
  6. What version of FSUIPC5 and P3Dv4? If you posted your log & ini files, this will tell me. If you have nothing programmed in FSUIPC, then it won' be doing anything and I can't see how FSUIPC can have anything to do with your buttons not working. Is your version registered? Could you also please give more details on what your problem actually is - is it just the key assignments that are not working? Can you control with the mouse? How are the key assignments set-up? You could try logging 'Button and Key operations' to see if keypresses are being caught and forwarded to the sim, and maybe 'Events' to log any controls being sent when the you activate the buttons. John
  7. What version of FSUIPC are you using? What version of P3D? What aircraft? Have you programmed FSUIPC to do anything? Could you please provide more information, and post your ini and log files. John
  8. John Dowson

    Selection Boxes Blacked Out

    Hi Beck, that looks very weird...To be honest, I've no idea, but looks like a UI problem. Does this affect the functionality? It looks like your tick-box backgrounds are black for some reason, but I've no idea what could be causing this, very strange...What happens when you select? Do they turn white? Is this an FSUIPC problem only, or do you have issues with anything else? John
  9. Is your lua script activated? You need to add it to the '[Auto]' section in your ini file, or program to activate on something. Please check the documentation. Cheers, John
  10. Hi, it should be relatively straightforward to do this with a short Lua program. Check the lua documents and examples in your FSUIPC Documents folder. Basically you want to write a function that monitors the pmdg offsets (using event.offset) and in your function you can update the P3D offsets. Good luck! Cheers, John
  11. John Dowson

    Older versions?

    No, sorry - only the latest version is made available (and supported). Any reason why your friend can't upgrade to 4.1 (or better still, 4.4)?
  12. John Dowson

    Profile specific problem

    Yes, it should be in the module folder. Please check that you have set Explorer to show 'hidden' files. If you still can't see them, it may be due to this error in your install log: Attempt to set the ACL entries for Modules access permissions failed, error = 1332 To resolve this error, please see this post. Once resolved (access permissions corrected on modules folder), you should re-run the installer to verify that the error is no longer present. Alternatively, you can run P3D as administrator (and also set the exe to be always ran as administrator by write clicking and changing the file' properties). Cheers, John
  13. John Dowson

    Combining profiles

    Hi, are your separate ini files using profiles? If not, the first thing to do is to convert them to using profiles. Information on doing this profiles is provided on page 19 of the User Guide under 'For users already having Aircraft Specific settings'. Once you have both ini files converted to profiles, you can just copy across the profile specific sections from one ini file to the other. Cheers, John
  14. John Dowson


    Which version of P3D are you using? If its v4.x, then there are currently no friction facilities. For P3D v1-3 (and FSX, FSX-SE) there is a parameter called PatchSIM1friction, from the FSUIPC4 Advanced User guide: PatchSIM1friction=No: A is provided to assist with better ground friction and braking. This is enabled by a parameter added to the [General] section of the FSUIPC4.INI file, and applies to both registered and unregistered installations. It operates by patching values in FS's SIM1.DLL, and applies equally to FSX (RTM, SP1, SP2 or Acceleration), and Prepar3D version 1.4. Just add PatchSIM1friction=Yes to the [General] section of the INI. A number of ground friction and braking coefficients are changed. The values set are those currently derived by experiment by Johan Dees (please see the example Lua Frictions.lua for details of the changes -- more below). For registered users, there is more flexibility using plug-ins instead. In this case the parameter is not necessary. Full details can be found in the Lua Plugins package -- see, especialy, the two example Lua plug-ins "frictions.lua" and "DynamicFriction.lua". The provided lua examples also only work with FSUIPC4, as they also rely on the ipc.SetFriction function which is implemented in FSUIPC4 only. Cheers, John
  15. Changing graphics cards/monitors should have no effect on FSUIPC, so your ini should be ok. Problems can arise for system updates/changes when joystick ids change, but these problems can be avoided by using the "Joy Letters" facility, or overcome by manually editing your ini file (or re-assigning joy ids in the registry). Cheers, John

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