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  1. Please update to the latest version, v6.0.9. There was an update in v6.0.8 for P3Dv5 Active Sky compatibility - see John
  2. Yes of course - was thinking of the wrong installer. Sorry about that.
  3. Let me know your FSUIPC4 order details (order number + date of purchase) and I'll check them for you. Please don't post your key! WideFS registration is always optional, so you should leave that blank. John
  4. Hi Rob, the centre wheel for 'mouse move' seems to work as always (i.e. moving eyepoint forwards/backwards - I don't have sideways/left/right on my mouse wheel). This is the same in P3Dv4 (latest hotfix) and P3Dv5. The difference between v4 and v5 seems to be the way the FSUIPC controls 'mouse look on', 'mouse look off', and 'mouse look toggle' work with 'mouse look'. This is what is toggled when you press the middle mouse button/wheel. When you do this (or assign those controls to the space bar, overriding the default P3D space bar control of mouse look) the view pans strangely and is hard to control. I suggest you avoid these controls for now, and use the default P3D control of the space bar for this. With P3Dv5, there is also a new option to 'Enable Advanced Mouse Controls' (under 'Other Controls') which now allows you to use the mouse with having other controllers disabled. Note that if using FSUIPC mouse move/look controls, then this should be disabled (and vica-versa) - i.e. choose one. Did you try using the P3Dv5 advanced mouse features? For me, the eyepoint controls work but the right-click mouse move functions don't seem to work - I get a cross-hair cursor but no movement. So there seems to be a strange issue with mouse-look panning, but only when using the FSUIPC 'mouse look' controls in P3Dv5. This is certainly due to changes in P3Dv5, but I will look at this in more detail at some point, when time permits, but I'm afraid that this could take quite some time as there is quite a bit of work on at the moment. John
  5. First, you posted in the FAQ sub-forum which is NOT for support requests (as it states!). I have moved your post for you, but please try and post in the correct forum in future. The facilities to load and run additional programs are only available in a licensed/registered version of FSUIPC. License are only available from SimMarket. See https://secure.simmarket.com/pete-dowson-fsuipc4.phtml. You can still download and install FSUIPC, which would give you access to the documentation, which you can use to decide if you want to purchase a license or not. You can download from here: FSUIPC 4.975. John
  6. If you have a license for FSUIPC5, you will automatically get the reduced/discount price of 9.99 + taxes for FSUIPC6 when you check-out your purchase in SimMarket (assuming you purchase from the same account). John
  7. Thats strange. If it hasn't been created, then most likely FSX is crashing before FSUIPC is loaded. You shouldn't remove the original as that is the one thats copied back - you need to remove the one from the same folder as the FSX.cfg file, as I said. Maybe, and probably FSUIPC as well. Your install log file would help with this. Thats probably a good idea. Remember to run FSX at least once before attempting to install FSUIPC. Check or post your FSUIPC install log after you install. There should be a copy in the folder that contains the installer, as well as in your FSX Modules folder. You should also try running FSX again after you have installed FSUIPC, to see if your problem persists or if its starts correctly and you have FSUIPC in the Add-ons menu. Cheers, John
  8. Thanks Alje. I'd forgotten about this problem....I've now made a note and will look into it. I think I'll remove the check on the previous version anyway. This prevents you from rolling back your installation, which it shouldn't really - If you want to install an older version, it shouldn't stop you (but maybe give you a warning). Cheers, John
  9. Whatever devices you have attached shouldn't make any difference to the initial state of the aircraft. FSUIPC only re-acts on changes, not the initial state of your devices buttons/switches. Did you try with your device disconnected? I suspect the problem would be the same. If so, I would suspect that it is either related to the aircraft (do you use accusim or related software?), or software that you have installed for that device. I can't se how this can be anything to do with FSUIPC. Your logs don't even show this device - the only device FSUIPC sees is a 'SideWinder Precision 2 Joystick'. You have a profile called 'Honecomb Yoke', but this is empty! Maybe you have additional software installed for your Yoke that is taking control of this device? John
  10. It could be due to a corrupt weather file. You can try adding the following line to the [General] section of your FSUIPC4.ini file to temporarily disable weather facilities: NoWeatherAtAll=Yes If it works with that, you have a corrupt weather file. The only way then to correct the issue is to delete the weather files (.WX) from your Flight Simulator X Files folder in your Documents, and the wxstationlist.bin from the same folder as the FSX.CFG file. The WX files are simply where FS saves the current weather with its Flights, and the WXstationList.bin file will be rebuilt on the next P3D load. If thats not your issue, could you post your FSUIPC4.log and .ini files (from your Modules folder). John
  11. I don't have FS9 so cannot check, but I assume the provided license details work both in FSUIPC3 and the installer. Could you check the contents of your FSUIPC3.key file (located in your FS9 Modules folder). It should contain: [User] Name=free userAddress=fsuipc@free.comFSUIPC=Y8ZG SUWH TIQ2WideFS=IUT7 DBMK 1EU1 If the contents match, could you post your FSUIPC.log file, as well as your installation log. John
  12. You can download the installer here: http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC6.zip Extract the contents of the zip file. Once you do that, there will be three files - an Installation and Registration guide, the installer and a text file for recent changes. Open and read the Installation guide. Then run the installer and follow the instructions. You can download and install without purchasing a license, but if you do this you will not have access to the registered options. If you decide to buy a license, you need to re-run the installer to activate the license. John
  13. Thanks Adrem, thats what I thought. Just waiting for the ini and log files from @yen eb to see what his problem could be.
  14. I see the offset documentation for write access on offsets 2DE0 and 2DE8 still says Ok-Hack - this is incorrect and should say No-SimC+ - I will update to make it clear that it is no longer possible to write to this offset to update. John
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