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  1. No, the AP events aren't available. I've removed that version from my previous post as its not valid. John
  2. @Dominik Sorry, I was sending the wrong event on write - I was sending the ALTITUDE SLOT INDEX control, rather than the AP ALTITUDE_SLOT_INDEX one (and similar for the others). I've changed to send the AP ones in the attached version, v7.0.5d, if you would like to try: But I'm not sure on the difference between these controls, so please try the updated version and let me know. John Later... No, sorry - that won't work. The AP versions of those controls are not recognized by SimConnect - or weren't ptrviously. I'll re-activate them to see if available...
  3. Yes, that work-around is mentioned earlier in this thread. Using this option reduces the amount of data going through simconnect and so seems to delay the CTD, often enough for many flights (but not all!) to be completed. Some users have had more success with this than others, but the main fix must come from Asobo. John
  4. All the FSUIPC documentation is installed (optionally for FSUIPC6/7) when you install FSUIPC. If usingFSUIPC6 or 7, then they will be under your windows documents folder in an FSUIPC6/7 subfolder (v7.0.4 also creates a link to this location under your installation directory). For FSUIPC4/5, the documents will be under an FSUIPC Documents sub-folder of your FSUIPC installation folder. The FSUIPC documentation is also available for download as a separate package here (although these won't be up-to-date): John
  5. I cannot help as you do not supply any information, such as your FSUIPC7.log file. However, if MSFS is crashing then you are probsbly experiencing this issue: Asobo are aware of this and we are waiting a fix. Please check for similar problems before creating a new post/topic. John
  6. Please see this topic: Asobo are aware of the issue and we are awaiting a fix. This topic is now locked. John
  7. @imagecrafting There is an updated FSUIPC4.dll attached to the last comment in this post, if you could try that to see if it works with your joysticks disconnected: John
  8. I see Pete has responded. The button presses in your log are assigned to toggle a lua flag for that script, which is why they aren't working. Correct that script and try again. John
  9. There are several posts topics on this now, and still nothing has changed. Please check for existing topics for the same issue before posting a new topic. For example, see or John
  10. In the latest version of FSUIPC7, v7.0.4, FSUIPC7 is started from the MSFS EXE.xml file. If you don't want it to start with MSFS, edit that file and remove the section that starts FSUIPC7. If you don't use it to start any other programs, you can remove the file completely. For MS Store installs, it should be located under your AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\ folder. For Steam installs, its under AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator. John
  11. Yes, sorry - forgot to attach. Here it is: FSUIPC4.ini John
  12. Note that there is now a new version, v7.0.5c and the offsets for these new items has changed slightly. Please see the following for details and to download the new version: John
  13. Ok, then thats the correct driver for your device, but you have probably placed it into the wrong installation, unless 'FSUIPC for MSFS' is your FSUIPC installation folder. If you are not sure where you installed FSUIPC7, you can use the File -> Open Installation Folder option from FSUIPC, which should show you the folder where the PFCcom64.dll should go. Yes, please download from www.fsuipc.com. Also check that you are using the latest version of FSUIPC7, which is v7.0.4. I see Pete has also replied... Not quite true. It is loaded during FSUIPC initialisation even with
  14. Can you check that again please - I get 1 or 2 in that offset directly... In the attached version, v7.0.5c, you have (note the offset changes!): 0x0290 4Bytes AUTOPILOT ALTITUDE SLOT INDEX Read/Write 0x0294 4Bytes AUTOPILOT HEADING SLOT INDEX Read/Write 0x0298 4Bytes AUTOPILOT SPEED SLOT INDEX Read/Write 0x029D 1 Byte APU SWITCH Read Only FSUIPC7.exe Do you know if there a control/event I can use for this? If so, I can make 0x029D also writable. I've previously read that its tricky to do this, but some have had success with lua. e.g. from here:
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