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  1. Braf123456

    Low Approach command

    Where an when would u use the low approach
  2. Yeah but tower 3d didnt do mods or gave us the ability to do that
  3. Braf123456

    Issues with Cathay Pacific Cargo and JFK

    I'm playing your schedule it worked for me did u say u was able to load the game up an play JFK right an if so are u playing with a full schedule or just snippets
  4. I wish they could do special liveries
  5. Braf123456

    Issues with Cathay Pacific Cargo and JFK

    This might be stupid are u using a small n for 74n or capitol N like 74N
  6. Braf123456

    EDDM SP1

    Why do u have a Qantas they don't fly to Munich
  7. Braf123456

    So what's next?

  8. Braf123456

    So what's next?

    I really hope for London Heathrow it will be a awesome airport
  9. Braf123456


    Atc Joe said on his YouTube channel he will be doing a custom schedule
  10. I may be wrong air fence doesn't fly 78x do they
  11. Braf123456

    Camera position

    I see it now I'm sorry
  12. Braf123456

    Camera position

    But I haven't seen anything about dfw
  13. Braf123456

    Camera position

    I do get the newsletter
  14. Braf123456

    Camera position

    I haven't heard that announcement what is your source
  15. Braf123456

    Crossing Command?

    It doesn't you have to use short of command for it to work
  16. Braf123456

    DXB update request

    I didn't mean for it to do make into something big either I thought he was talking about the cargo planes I'm sorry if u caused confusing I'm sorry
  17. Braf123456

    DXB update request

    Sorry I misunderstood it
  18. Braf123456

    DXB update request

    He is talking about the windowless cargo planes
  19. Braf123456

    DXB update request

    Atc joe did a video of dubia dlc an it looks good
  20. Braf123456

    DXB update request

    Ok awesome can't wait
  21. I think it would be cool to have special liveries
  22. Braf123456

    Adding Airports to Steam based Tower 3D!Pro

    With steam u have to go to the steam folder then click on expansion then tower 3d
  23. Braf123456

    DXB update request

    Egll is my favorite airport but dxb will be cool with all the a380 the main reason I want lhr for is because is the 747
  24. Braf123456

    Cdg schedule

    I'm sorry for the problems I will replace the schedule an terminal files when I figure out what the problem is sorry

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