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  1. But I haven't seen anything about dfw
  2. I haven't heard that announcement what is your source
  3. It doesn't you have to use short of command for it to work
  4. I didn't mean for it to do make into something big either I thought he was talking about the cargo planes I'm sorry if u caused confusing I'm sorry
  5. He is talking about the windowless cargo planes
  6. Atc joe did a video of dubia dlc an it looks good
  7. With steam u have to go to the steam folder then click on expansion then tower 3d
  8. Egll is my favorite airport but dxb will be cool with all the a380 the main reason I want lhr for is because is the 747
  9. I meant real color for eddm
  10. Real color for real color
  11. I got it to work I had to clean my catche
  12. mine is still saying modified on 04/16/2018 an it still doesnt work
  13. Also Lufthansa cargo an also Emirates cargo
  14. I think it's cool there is a Concorde airplane in the airport
  15. Thru the email the sp works fine it's the real color that isn't updating
  16. Oh ok i didn't know what happened
  17. sorry i didnt realize the cap lock was on
  18. has the real color for EDDM been updated yet ik the sp pack has i wanted to see about the real color
  19. I deleted the schedule an terminal files until I can get it fixed sorry for the inconveniences
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