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  1. Tp gaming has been showing it off on YouTube an it looked good so Idk understand the delay
  2. When I play dxb I would type Emirates 1 pushback approve expect runway 30r via u j1 l3 m an it will find the route an pushback towards that direction
  3. When doing that I usely type in the way I want it to taxi when I give it pushback
  4. Runway 30r is used for takeoffs an 30l is used for landings
  5. Did u update real traffic
  6. Norwegian and other airlines would use wamos as a charter but it would still be under Norwegian
  7. What is the next airport for July
  8. I appreciate all the work u put in to get this done
  9. did they do airforce 1
  10. i am getting ekch airport sp1a
  11. Could u send me that schedule for Heathrow please
  12. Any time they release a airport with real color please remember u have to have real traffic an if u already have real traffic u have to update it or your real color will not work
  13. Voluntary Administration is a process where an insolvent company is placed in the hands of an independent person who can assess all the options available, and generate the best outcome for a business owner and for creditors.
  14. Will u do a schedule for it
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