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  1. 1 hour ago, mjkerr said:

    I have only used Tower 2011 Heathrow
    As discussed in previous topics, after an upgrade to Windows 10 v1909 my laptop has stopped running this program
    So I have had to no choice to purchase a new computer in order to run this, and prepare for Tower 3D

    I was at the stage where I had modified Tower 2011 Heathrow quite heavily
    Summer 2019 timetable, with correct runway and Terminal use

    I am therefore looking to purchase to one airport for Tower 3D, that is as similar to Heathrow as possible
    The majority of flights are wide-body / International
    There are two parallel runways and the main terminal is between them
    A cargo terminal

    Any and all advice welcome

    Could u send me that schedule for Heathrow please

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  2. 2 hours ago, mjkerr said:

    How would the issue outlined above be resolved?
    I only have T2011 Heathrow, and start the game at either 04:00 or 05:00, so that by 05:30 the arrivals stack has been created
    As I understand it the game would start at 05:50 but by this time there is already a stack of arrivals

    A few times I have also started the game at 15:00, which is the swap over between the runways 
    It takes about 20 minutes for the arrivals stack to be created

    With tower 3d pro when the game cuts to to the first departure say for like the first departure is at 5:50 all the arrivals will backed up so u would be getting alot of arrivals 

  3. 3 hours ago, crbascott said:

    Heathrow or the next version? Which one would you really like to see?


    2 hours ago, Braf123456 said:

    I would like to see the next version but until then I would like to see Heathrow 


    Can I choose both 

  4. I been playing tower 3d pro for awhile an I haven't really paid attention to this but is it just me or has other people noticed it when u do a schedule say for instance a u schedule a arrivals before a departure the time will start in the first departure not on first arrivals so say 


    Fra,lhr,21n,lh,908,12:00,06:10,1,lh the game time will start at 06:10 instead of 06:00 can some explain why this happens

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