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  1. 16 minutes ago, WildCard said:

    Well, when I first showed that 'new' voice commands could be added nearly 3 years ago and hex edited the files to fix a few defferred runways etc. I was hoping that some of the errors I pointed out would be fixed, as they are really easy fixes to do. At the time I considered using code injection to fix the errors for myself, but never really got around to doing it. A couple of days ago, after reading the wishlist for towerxx, I thought to myself, 'A number of these could easily be added to the existing engine without much effort'. So I started adding them to my copy. Started with getting the game to add the 2 missing defferred thresholds in KLAX, so I could stop having to hex edit the resource file. Then I made the planes land around the aiming mark instead of the first brick. Stopped strobe lights from coming on until cleared for takeoff or lining up. Fixed the smoke effects for the landing gear tires triggering when the nose wheel lands, instead of when they do. noticed a couple of other bugs, but haven't fixed them yet, it's only been 2 days and I need time to 'play test' between fixes 🙂

    Could u show me how 

  2. 9 hours ago, FeelThere said:


    On the 3D side; we are moving into the direction of full PBR. Some our new airports we release for the current Tower!3D and Pro product are the testbeds and probably you will see some improvements soon (no guarantee as we don't know if the current engine will allow us to show them). 



    Stupid question what is pbr an like what improvement could we see with the new airports if the improvements work 

  3. 6 hours ago, FeelThere said:

    Please do NOT quote me, consider it a bar talk, semi-drunk mumbling in a bar 🙂  (by the way would there be an interest for some blog from us where we will post about things like this?)

    Currently we are working on a new environment system that includes lighting and weather. It's not an update of the current one instead a brand new built from scratch. To give you some idea; you will see the raindrops moving on the glass in the direction and speed of the wind. The whole atmosphere will react to the weather. Just by looking outside you will see the direction and the strength of the wind. I'm not going to tell you (yet) the other exciting features but we are using the current KLAX model to our test and it looks so much better already. 

    On the 3D side; we are moving into the direction of full PBR. Some our new airports we release for the current Tower!3D and Pro product are the testbeds and probably you will see some improvements soon (no guarantee as we don't know if the current engine will allow us to show them). 

    Also one of the top priority is an airplane/airport builder that is relatively easy to use and we can release to the public. It will break the current models for sure and new standard needs to be set. It brings up to your question regarding compatibility etc. I'm asking you to please continue reading it and not to jump into a conclusion after the next sentence 🙂

    The current airport models will not work with the new Tower version. But, we are working hard to somehow bring them into the next version. The questions we are asking ourselves if we somehow convert them into the new version:
    -they will not be updated to a new layout because if we start editing them (for new taxiways and terminals) then we need to bring them to the then "current" quality which is pretty much making them from scratch. We can't remake them from scratch and offer them as a free upgrade. So we either keep the old layout (the one we have now) and offer the airport for free or release them as new. We need to think which decision will cause less harm (no matter which one we'll pick someone is going to be unhappy; if it's a free compatibility patch then someone will complain for the old layout or if we rebuild them to the new standard and ask money for it then we are going be the greedy developers...)
    -distribution: if you got it from us directly, no problem we can control the distribution of the update (if we decide to go that way) but likely won't be able to do that with some 3rd parties. We always suggest to buy every product directly from the developers. You support them firsthand and make easier to such an updates, etc.

    These are the questions we are discussing within the team. It's very early to answer them as things are still flexible. 

    Thank you




    I have the basic computer I can run it on medium setting an it runs fine will I need to get a new system to run my the new game 

  4. 16 hours ago, 707FAN said:

    As A general rule I wait until the aircraft appears on the dbrite screen then leave it for  a couple of seconds before giving the "contact departures" call. Sometimes even longer if clearing another A/C for T/O immeditaley after that departure.

    Reason. in real life, you would wait until the departing aircraft should be on the departure controller radar before issuing the contact dep command.




    What schedule do u use

  5. 10 hours ago, crbascott said:

    Here's an excerpt from the end of your log file of the only place I saw where you issued a contact departure command. The problem is that you haven't issued a takeoff command to IBE3177 yet. You've only instructed it to line up and wait. As a result, the hand-off to departure is premature.

    16:08:23  -  TOWER: IBE3177 LINE UP AND WAIT
    16:08:23  -8288,1490,0[9R] -  IBE3177: LINE UP AND WAIT IBE3177
    THY1971 - STATE: Waiting
    16:08:51  -  TOWER: IBE3177 CONTACT DEPARTURE
    Pilot said:  - Negative!
    16:08:51  -8010,1904,0[9R] -  IBE3177: Negative!


    but i did give it the command to takeoff so i dont understand why it didnt show up 

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