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  1. SFO stuck at 72% when raining

    Hi, Still too big. If nobody else is having this issue then it must be something at my end. Will play around and see if I can fix it. Might have been the latest Nvidia driver update. When I have time I'll install an older driver and see if it fixes it. Cheers.
  2. SFO stuck at 72% when raining

    Hi Vic, Forum won't allow me to upload the output log. Keeps telling me file is too big. Only allowed to upload file size less than 20.48 KB. File size is 664 KB yet the file in the OP post is 576 KB!!! Any ideas? Thanks
  3. SFO stuck at 72% when raining

    Hi, Back to locking up at 72% when stormy. Tried what I did yesterday but didn't work this time. Have uninstalled and reinstalled KSFO but didn't fix it. Can't upload output file as it is too big! Anybody else having this problem? Cheers
  4. SFO stuck at 72% when raining

    Just tried again. Changed DLAA to FXAA in advanced settings and loaded ok. Changed back to DLAA and loaded ok. Don't know what caused the lock up this morning but seems ok at the moment. Could crash the next time, who knows? Cheers
  5. SFO stuck at 72% when raining

    Yep, same here.