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  1. Update Real Traffic. This must be done every time a new airport comes out in order for the liveries to show. There is no need to reinstall the game.
  2. To be honest, that not exactly what I was thinking of. Usually for me, the plane just pauses on the spot for a few milliseconds, then continues. This one jumped as if lagging or something.
  3. I also get this every time. It's as if the aircraft freezes whilst the game is trying to process something. They just stop on the spot for like 1/2 a second, for every takeoff and landing. It's on the same spot as they touch the floor/ lift off too. Every airport.
  4. I like it, but one thing I've noticed is that German drivers appear to drive like lunatics. Cars are flying along roads, making massive jumps and clipping through taxiways they drive under. I know the cars are just a minor part of the airport and don't affect gameplay at all, but it feels a lil' unrealistic when there are cars jumping along the roads.
  5. The main gate that won't pushback for me is the one on the American/Virgin America Gate that is directly facing the player/tower. It's the one on the far side of this terminal which has the aircraft directly facing you if that makes sense. I've yet to get an aircraft successfully push back from it.
  6. Hmm, interesting. I've definitely got the real colour installed correctly as I've seen the Horizon Air E175 and the Atlas Air 767 at KSFO but I had a BAW jet with no livery when playing the other day? Why could this be? I'm not using any custom schedules or anything, and if it arrives at the airport shouldn't it have a livery in the KSFO real colour pack?
  7. I've just discovered another bug on KSFO that occurs every time I repeat it. If an aircraft exits runway 28R at taxiway E and then you command it to taxi to terminal, it automatically crosses 28L without holding. This was happening every time a plane exited at E. I haven't tried other taxiways. Hope this helps!
  8. Loving KSFO! However, I'm having issues with a lot of the taxiways when trying to direct aircraft. The main ones I'm noticing are the taxiways F1 and Q1 no matter how you pronounce them they always think you're saying Quebec Lima and Foxtrot Lima. It's really annoying when trying to get aircraft to move between taxiways A and B. I haven't noticed issues with these two at other airports afaik.
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