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  1. Hi, how do I use locked view? Also , re: flaps - I started recording in flight so it wasn't from cold and dark. I also did a test recording without starting cold and dark and the flaps recorded then, but they didn't second time around. Also there is the issue of it stopping recording spontaneously three times on approach.
  2. Ok, spoke too soon... Just recorded a flight from just before taxi in my PMDG to cold and dark at the destination gate. Again flaps are not registered at the beginning during taxi and the motion is very juddery again with 'sound off' flicking on and off.. also hasn't registered gear up Also just tried three times on approach to record and it just stopped spontaneously each time after a few minutes
  3. Hi Fabio Thanks very much for this. I have upgraded P3D to v 4.2 and performance is definitely better, but I am still getting no flaps 😞 even when I wait 20 seconds after recording for the PMDG systems to initialize on playback before setting flaps... EDIT!: It works when I start with the default flight then open the file... thank you!!
  4. Hi Fabio, I'm having a similar problem. P3D v 4.1.7, PMDG 737NGX. I recorded a file from cold and dark to cold and dark; waited for the systems to initialize, hit record and went from there. Stopped recording after I switched off the battery at the destination gate. I closed P3D, opened default flight, then opened the FCR file over that. I have the following issues: Stuttery playback with the 'sound off' message flickering in the rop right corner. I have tried changing to 30fps and this did nothing Chocks stay on the wheels No power to the cockpit No flaps Really annoying squealing wind noise like you get when you do the standard 'Instant Replay' on the PMDG Let me know what I can try Many thanks
  5. I take it ... there isn't a way of doing this, therefore there aren't any videos on the subject
  6. Using the TOGA function built into the EJet. Configurator - Joystick - TO/GA button - this button
  7. Hi Ariel I've looked on Youtube, can you point me in the direction of said videos? That would be helpful - * https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=feelthere+e+jets+entering+a+hold I can confirm it isn't explained in your manual Many thanks Jon
  8. Hi, I've made a few GA attempts now and I'm still trying to figure out how to engage TOGA on Go Around. If I am fully manual on approach and I engage A/T then TOGA, or the other way round, the rating mode above N1 keeps flashing extremely quickly between 'CLB-1' and 'GA', never actually going into GA mode. Is there something I'm missing here? Thanks, Jon
  9. Hi, Does anybody have any detailed information on how to use the 'HOLD' page in the ERJ175 FMC? For example how to change the ENTRY type? Thanks Jon
  10. JKawai

    Popping Sound

    crackling shouldn't happen unless it's 1975 so IMO it's problematic. on high fidelity audio equipment it is really obvious and irritating
  11. JKawai

    Popping Sound

    https://nofile.io/f/4QSh9049uyz/FINAL.mp3 please listen to this file. it turns out it's not actually rhythmic (although it usually is) - in this recording it's random but frequent. Also at the minute mark you can hear that it disappears as I change to external views which means it is a problem with the internal sounds. I've tried it on three different audio outputs and despite what I said I can actually hear it even worse on my cheap speakers!
  12. JKawai

    Popping Sound

    I'm afraid I haven't got speakers high quality enough to deliver that level of detail (my headphones are Sennheiser 595s, my speakers were £5). Also both are running out of the same 3.5mm jack anyway so yes it will be coming out of the speakers and as I say it's happened before on a totally different system.
  13. JKawai

    Popping Sound

    Well only because headphones are a higher quality source of audio than my speakers. It's not the headphones - has only ever happened on Flight Sim with various aircraft and I did solve it once years ago but can't remember how.
  14. JKawai

    Popping Sound

    Using FT EJets for P3D v4. When the engines are spooled up, there is a slight popping sound as the sound file loops. I've had this on other aircraft too in the past 15 years of simming and can't remember what the solution was if any - can anybody advise? Audible with headphones. Thanks
  15. Same problem for me, using v4.1.7.22841 https://imgur.com/XYU7fD3 Log attached. Many thanks e170.log EDIT: How very interesting... this actually only happens with my FlyBe livery (https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=197813), nothing else. Please disregard for now whilst I troubleshoot...
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