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  1. I recently reinstalled the OS and since then I can only get one voice used in T3D Pro where previously the game would randomize voices between available options.. I have no idea what I'm missing or what I did previously but it's stuck on one voice now.. Any ideas ?
  2. Hi guys.. Not having a technical issue with speech but more a "this used to work but I have no clue what I did to make it work" thing 😉 Speech works fine for me but I used to have male/female voices added and used randomly by the game, somehow this no longer works after I reinstall OS and I can't seem to find what I needed to do to make the game pick random voices. I recall there was a tool to download additional voices which would then be used. thanks!
  3. They usually are pretty quick responding.. I would reach out again.
  4. From the looks of it there's some serious issues with the feelthere.com website atm..
  5. I could not agree less with this. and I'd think that is pretty much the sentiment of my initial post. To me, the thread on this exists, the idea is out there. The comments made here topped by the new thread just gave me a not so positive vibe. I'm not saying I am right, I'm just getting that feeling. I could be wrong and if I am I apologize without reservation. @crbascott I get what you are saying as far as your implication of what's going on. And I can see how that may frustrate. I also get this needs to get sorted for all of our benefit obviously. That said however, I
  6. Hmm.. I considered not posting this but I want to speak up as I feel I should. Why do I get the feeling someone feels left out.. I saw the other post you made IMO basically trying to jump on this idea and in a rather clever way trying to make it yours by trying to huddle up the other schedule creators around _you_ talking to @nyergesdesign .. It all comes across as very MeeTooPlease, MeeToo .. While I appreciate and respect your and others work in this, I do feel you're attempting a hijack here. It would have shown more respect towards the original idea, as presented here, to suggest
  7. I'm not sure how long his has been ongoing but only really noticed this a few days ago. When I load the game frequently the game graphics go all fuzzy like they are out of focus. If I jiggle the view a bit (MMB and move around a bit) it sharpens up again but after a little while it goes all blurry again. Running 1080ti with 32GB RAM on a 7700K but have seen same issue on a i5/16GB/980ti setup. Is this a known issue and is there a solution?
  8. Did you reinstall the airport DLC? that would overwrite the RealColor files afaik.. Try installing RealColor again.
  9. It's great if you like it but for me it's just boring. Enjoy other airports a lot but not this one. There also no need to make silly remarks like 'create your own game' It's pointless, irrelevant and frankly out of order..
  10. I actually got a refund for the KMEM DLC as the airport is just not interesting at all. I'd like to have all airports but this one is simply not worth the price. It seems getting a refund on RealColor requires jumping through some hoops apparently so I'll let it go. I will however not buy it immediately again and wait to see if the DLC is actually worth it. This one's a miss for me guys.. unfortunately
  11. Could be me but I am unable to manually move camera.. Zoom works but can't move.
  12. This one is really nice.. thanks guys!
  13. You're probably not selecting the correct folder in the installer. It asks specifically for the version fo T3D you are running and will install to the respective folder. If you do not get this option in the installer it would be interesting to know where you bought the airport expansion.
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