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  1. Resolution: I am actually well aware of what wideFs is used for and have set it up with project magenta and other software packages in the past. My intention was to run wideview through my client FSX, and was under the impression that I had to use WideFS to communicate between the server & Client. As it turns out, Wideview has its own communication protocol and WideFS is not needed. Sorry for the confusion. Regards, Polmer
  2. Hello Pete, I am also getting the Same error. Here is what im doing. 1. Start FSX up on server PC 2, Start FSX up on client PC 3. Start wideFS client up on client PC Error! Same program or class already running! If I do it in this order; 1. Start FSX up on Server PC 2. Start WideFS on client PC........says "connected" 3. Start FSX up on client PC, fsx wont boot and says "Microsoft simulator already running"! Here is my WideFS client log if it helps; ********* WideClient Log [version 6.86] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 27/11/11, Time 10:56:11.820: Client name is BASEMENT-PC 2028 LUA: "C:\Users\basement\Desktop\WideFS\Initial.LUA": not found 2060 Attempting to connect now 2184 Server = 767SIMULATOR-PC 2216 Trying TCP/IP host "767SIMULATOR-PC" port 8002 ... 2216 ... Okay, IP Address = XXX.XXX.X.XX ( I edited this out) 2216 Connection made okay! I am running Windows 7 on both PC with a registered FSUIPC & WideFS. Any ideas as to what could be wrong? Thanks, Polmer
  3. <Update & resolution> I did some further research and found that In SB3, the ident light would not show unless you directly pressed the button on the pop up Sb transponder. So with his in mind, I logged into Vatsim and asked ATC if they could verify if my Ident button worked using fsuipc & SB4. I pressed the assigned button (using the fsiupc). I performed this test twice ,using two different airports & controllers; both said they had my ident and that it was indeed working. I am going to move forward as though it is a bug with SB4 and not fsuipc/simconnect. Regards, ~Polmer
  4. Hello, Regarding my issue using FSUIPC to activate the SB4 command "ident"; attached are several of lines from my Simconnect log file. 0.00000 SimConnect version 10.0.61259.0 0.01117 Server: Scope=local, Protocol=Pipe, Name=\\.\pipe\Microsoft Flight Simulator\SimConnect, MaxClients=64 0.01475 Server: Scope=local, Protocol=IPv6, Address=::1, Port=1039, MaxClients=64 0.01731 Server: Scope=local, Protocol=IPv4, Address=, Port=1153, MaxClients=64 0.16425 Exe Launched: Path="C:\Program Files\GoFlight\GFDevFSX.exe" CommandLine="" Version="" 0.20337 Panels data export found and set to 20AF19E8 0.64842 DLL Loaded: Path="bglmanx.dll" Version="" 0.88211 Panels data export found and set to 20AF19E8 1.50484 DLL Loaded: Path="Modules\FSUIPC4.dll" Version="" 1.68436 DLL Loaded: Path="Modules\LVLD.dll" Version="" 2.04159 DLL Loaded: Path="C:\Program Files\SquawkBox\sbtrans10.dll" Version="<Unknown>" 2.04670 DLL Loaded: Path="C:\Program Files\SquawkBox\sbaicontrol10.dll" Version="<Unknown>" 2.18053 DLL Loaded: Path="C:\Program Files\SquawkBox\sbmod10.dll" Version="<Unknown>" Not sure if this helps or not, ~Polmer
  5. "The facility has been tested and proved working by others" Thats good news. Will take a look at how to get my SimConnect log data. Thanks, ~Polmer
  6. Hello, As a 767 cockpit builder, I was happy to read the FSUIPC now supports several SB4 functions, notably the Xponder standby & Active toggle as well as the "Ident" function. I had no trouble setting up the "STB/ON mode C" but I cant get the "ident" function to work? I am using FSUIPC version 4.645. To try and activate this function, I bring up the FSUIPC window, then go the the buttons & switches tab, Then tap my momentary switch, (Fsuipc recognizes it), then go I scroll down and select the option : xpndr Ident SB4. When I load up SB4 afterward, my PPT & STBY/Mode C works, but not the Ident? Running FSX, Level-D 767. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? Thanks, ~Polmer
  7. Hello, I am running Radar Contact along with FSX. Is it possible to add the fsuipc display window to a panel.cfg so that it always shows up in a certain spot and cant be moved? I loaded up FSX panel studio to try this, but I couldn't find any reference to this display window. Thanks, Polmer
  8. Hello, I having some troubles getting a Project magenta function to work using the FSUIPC offsets. In particular, I am trying to access Project magenta's TCAS setting using a keyboard button on the server. Project magenta's documents referance; Offest 04F4 and Bit 2, and state to change the value, not the bit for the function below; TCAS off = 50 TCAS ALT =51 TCAS CALL SIGN= 52 TCAS all= 53 If I wanted to set a button that toggled between 52 & 53, how would I set this up in FSUIPC? I have tried Offset Bit Set, Offset Bit Toggle, and a few others, but havent got it to work? Is it also to to set up one button to toggle through 50-->51-->52-->53-->50? Thanks for any advise, Polmer
  9. Hello, Im not sure if this is a FSUIPC (WIDEFS) issue, but since upgrading to FSX SP1 flight plans are nolonger showing up in the regional jet ND. I have upgraded to FSUIPC version 4.10. Very Strange. I have sent this info to the PM people but have not heard back from them yet. Tom
  10. My fault.... Problem resolved. I didnt realize that I needed to completly shut down FS for my changes in the FSUIPC.ini to register. The process shown below is correct and does work; 1=R2,0,C65966,0 <----- Throttle 1 decr 2=U2,0,C65967,0 <-------Throttle 1 Cut 3=R2,0,C66064,0 <----- Spoilers on 4=U2,0,C66065,0 <------Spoilers Off Tom
  11. Hello, I currently have a button set to Decr throttle 1 when pressed, and will throttle 1 cut when released. This works fine as a reverse thrust. I am now trying to engage the spoiler with the same button ( while holding), but have not got it to work. Here is the code for the working reverse thrust; [buttons] 1=R2,0,C65966,0 <----- Throttle 1 decr 2=U2,0,C65967,0 <-------Throttle 1 Cut I thought all I needed to do was to reference the same joystick button and add the additional command such as; 1=R2,0,C65966,0 <----- Throttle 1 decr 2=U2,0,C65967,0 <-------Throttle 1 Cut 3=R2,0,C66064,0 <----- Spoilers on This doesnt seem to work..... What Iam I doing incorrectly? Thanks for any help, Tom
  12. Pete, this may be a question for my I/O card supplier ( I have posted with no respoce yet) but here it goes..... I am trying to program a simple switch for FS9.' Specifically,I am working on getting the Autopilot AT arm switch to work. The switch is either off or on,it does not have 2 "on" positions. with this in mine,when using offset $0810 can get the AT function to work, but I have to cycle it on and off to trigger it . Is it possible (thru FSUIPC) to have the fs9 recognize the switch as; No signal, default to "Off" signal, turn AT "ON" Or do I have to make another trip to the electronics store and buy a 2pole switch? Thanks, Polmer
  13. Pete, I have now; 1. un-installed FSX 2. Re-installed FSX (pathed correctly this time) 3. Installed FSUIPC4 ( no issues) - Tested and works! 4. Purchased FSUIPC4 & WIDEFS registered version for FSX. 5.Tested FSUIPC4.. no issues. Thanks for the support once again. It make all the differace, really. Polmer
  14. "When I installed FSX, I had it installed on my D:/ drive, but the installation program did not give it a folder. I had then had to move all of the loose files into a folder I named FSX." Ok, this is the heart of the issue. I moved the FSX.exe out of my FSX folder and placed it where the program was originally installed ( D:\), and then sucessfully installed FSUIPC4. But I thenhad to move the fsx.exe back into the fsx folder to run the game. The problem is, when I hit the button, there is no "add on" option and no FSUIPC. I can see this is heading for a complete re-install of FSX. Can I re-install fsx without any license issues for microsoft? Polmer
  15. Pete, I have FSX version 10.0.60905.0 The simconnect is found in this folder ; C:\winsxs\X86_microsoft.flightsimulator.simconnect_ (long string) Simconnect version 10.0.60905.0 I also never installed the Beta FSX version. I did run the demo, but since un-installed it. One thing to note that may or my not be important; When I installed FSX, I had it installed on my D:/ drive, but the installation program did not give it a folder. I had then had to move all of the loose files into a folder I named FSX. Thanks, Polmer
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