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  1. Edwin1970

    Correct callsign

    I don't think it's easy to find. But listening what atc calls them is pretty close to that.
  2. Edwin1970

    Correct callsign

    I have just opened the app to listen to Warsaw atc and all aircraft there are called as "LOT" and not "POLLOT".
  3. Edwin1970

    EDDS Airport Errors

    Wayne, add to that the lines for ground trafic to the right of the red building on your pic are wrong. They go straight throught the 2 parking spots on the right. In real life they go to the left ( where those trucks are parked) and then to the right in front of de parking spots. Now catering etc. have to drive through the aircraft.
  4. Edwin1970

    EDDS is released

    Shouldn't that be E175 an E190? KLM Ciyhopper has no E170.
  5. Edwin1970

    Question for the Devs, re: forum

    Or as seen on a other form, make one sticky topic with links in it to the 4 topics. Which can of course be done for other stickys
  6. Edwin1970

    How are folks enjoying EDDM

    You mean this one? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S7_Airlines
  7. Edwin1970


    Chris.... we also have a lot of airports in Europe starting with a L ;)
  8. Edwin1970

    AI Routing Issues

    Also if an aircraft has to cross a runway, you have to wait for it to come to a full stop which takes extra time to speed up a gain to taxi speed and cross the runway. As aircraft spotter listening to ATC I often hear commands like "cross runway xx" which are give 50 meter or more before the stop bar, so the aircraft can keep up the taxi speed without stopping.
  9. Edwin1970

    KLAX missing terminal

    See also this page of the LAX site. There the regional terminal is shown: https://www.flylax.com/en/find-my-way-in-lax?id=T8&tsa=1&

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