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  1. Is there a way to use SPAD and my Saitek panel to control the FPA knob? maybe using LVARS?
  2. It's great to know an update is potentially on the way. My experience has been a bit less problematic as I am using FSUIPC to send Key Commands in my PMDG setup for the most part, so the updates were primarily done to the NGXu Key Command settings. However, tiller steering stopped working, only the main controls are working. I am taxing using the Rudder set and for whatever reason it's much more sensitive than the NGX. so until things change I am steering with the rudder pedals unfortunately. Thanks, Mustafa
  3. I did exactly as you said and everything seem to be working just fine. I fixed the axis to be normal, and calibrated the direct ones, followed the [Joy Letters] documentation and set AutoAssignLetters=Yes, removed joystick 7 as it was a duplicate, and everything seem to be working just fine now. I restarted a couple of times and tested the engine start procedure a couple of times and no unwanted flap extensions. Greatly appreciated John. Cheers, Mustafa p.s.: I ended up not needing the JoyId software, nevertheless I couldn't download it even if I wanted to as the airgroup51.net link for it from Pete's post requires you to be logged in to download the attachment, and airgroup51.net are not accepting new registrations.
  4. Hi John; I have done a ton of testing and deactivate some of the culprits starting with SpadNext used for my Saitek panel, SmartCARs for VA networks, and some joysticks that I don't need. I double checked that PMDG to make sure it is not sending any commands from Key Assignment feature in the FMC. I was able to identify a behavior where the flaps are always extended to full whenever I open engine 2 start lever through a button click on my Saitek throttle during the engine startup process. You can see that after line 611 of the log (attached), I mapped the engine 2 start lever through FSUIPC offset event (70321) to PMDG. Also, I am experiencing some weird behavior on one of my joysticks that was working fine up until last week, the joystick is B737 in the INI and the buttons and axis on it is not corresponding to the right mapped controls. I only thing I remember doing this past week is unplugging all usb devices to troubleshoot a PC problem i was having. After that this joystick stopped responding to the appropriate controls. Thanks, Mustafa FSUIPC5.1.log FSUIPC5.ini
  5. I looked at the log and I see the command below whenever the behavior happens. I deleted all flaps commands in P3D button/key assignments, although controls were already disabled from before: 2831312 FS Control Sent: Ctrl=65759, Param=0 FLAPS_DECR Also, on a separate but related note; the log file is full of these two commands, any idea why? 2910765 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66587 (0x0001041b), Param= 382 (0x0000017e) ROTOR_BRAKE 2910765 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 66162 (0x00010272), Param= 3 (0x00000003) COWLFLAP1_SET Thanks, Mustafa
  6. Thanks John; I will turn on logging and check it out, I attached my ini. Is the logging persisted to a file somewhere? the logging window usually scrolls rather quickly with all the demands being sent during flight. FSUIPC5.ini
  7. Hi there; Sometimes I get these uncommanded flaps extension (5 or full) during a flight which is quite concerning. I have been noticing this behavior for a while and I looked everywhere online but I haven't found any relevant posts. I am running Win10, P3D v4, PMDG NGX 737-800, and ChasePlane. The flaps extension happens occasionally when the sim comes out of idle mode. Is there any way I can pinpoint which plugin is sending flaps 5 or flaps full commands to the sim through FSUIPC? I tried the log but I wasn't able to find anything. Thanks for your help, Mustafa
  8. Thanks scoobflight, You are right, I am having this problem on default aircrafts as well. I tried updating FSX waypoints through World Navids (http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html) but still the default aircraft flies the route and I'm able to see it in garmin but direct-to doesn't recognize any of the waypoints as valid! Direct-to works fine with some old waypoints I guess but not the newer ones. Any ideas what I should try next or where to look? Thanks, Mustafa
  9. Direct-To waypoints are not recognized in FMC. The route is loaded correctly and I can see it when pressing the flight plan button (FP) and the plane flies the route fine. However, I am unable to Direct-To any of the waypoints in the plan. I made sure the nav database is up-to-date with the latest AIRAC 1804 (Navigraph) and I double checked the cycle_info.txt and it is showing the right cycle and date. When trying to Direct-To a waypoint within 23nm, I enter the waypoint in the Direct-To screen, but when I press enter so I can activate the waypoint, the waypoint disappears as if I didn't enter it; thus I can't activate it. The waypoints are not new, so I doubt the issue is related to the FAQ question "Q. I can't enter a new waypoint into the flightplan using the FMC's keypad."? Thanks, Mustafa
  10. Thank you scoobflight. my bad, I must have missed it the first time I read the manual, and I searched it for "scroll" instead of "knob". Thanks again, Mustafa
  11. Sometimes the mouse scroll jumps x10 vs 1 step at a time (up or down) on all knobs (HDG SEL, SPD SEL, VS wheel...etc.). I reviewed the FAQs and searched the forums for such behavior but couldn't find anything. Am I pressing a key somewhere that is triggering in this behavior? It is helpful when needed but not all the time. PH100, FSX-SE, WIN10-PRO 64bit. Thank you, Mustafa
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