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  1. elcapitan

    PH100: Direct-To not finding my route waypoints

    Thanks scoobflight, You are right, I am having this problem on default aircrafts as well. I tried updating FSX waypoints through World Navids (http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html) but still the default aircraft flies the route and I'm able to see it in garmin but direct-to doesn't recognize any of the waypoints as valid! Direct-to works fine with some old waypoints I guess but not the newer ones. Any ideas what I should try next or where to look? Thanks, Mustafa
  2. Direct-To waypoints are not recognized in FMC. The route is loaded correctly and I can see it when pressing the flight plan button (FP) and the plane flies the route fine. However, I am unable to Direct-To any of the waypoints in the plan. I made sure the nav database is up-to-date with the latest AIRAC 1804 (Navigraph) and I double checked the cycle_info.txt and it is showing the right cycle and date. When trying to Direct-To a waypoint within 23nm, I enter the waypoint in the Direct-To screen, but when I press enter so I can activate the waypoint, the waypoint disappears as if I didn't enter it; thus I can't activate it. The waypoints are not new, so I doubt the issue is related to the FAQ question "Q. I can't enter a new waypoint into the flightplan using the FMC's keypad."? Thanks, Mustafa
  3. elcapitan

    PH100: mouse scroll jumps by x10 vs a single step

    Thank you scoobflight. my bad, I must have missed it the first time I read the manual, and I searched it for "scroll" instead of "knob". Thanks again, Mustafa
  4. Sometimes the mouse scroll jumps x10 vs 1 step at a time (up or down) on all knobs (HDG SEL, SPD SEL, VS wheel...etc.). I reviewed the FAQs and searched the forums for such behavior but couldn't find anything. Am I pressing a key somewhere that is triggering in this behavior? It is helpful when needed but not all the time. PH100, FSX-SE, WIN10-PRO 64bit. Thank you, Mustafa

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