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  1. I only purchase select airport Real Colour's, I make my decision after release depending on how much new content we receive.
  2. Not a retro airline, however the Boeing 737-200 is a retro aircraft, so to see this livery added since this is a Canadian Arctic workhorse as a Combi would be awesome. B732, 732, NRL, N5, NOLINOR, NOLINOR https://www.planespotters.net/photo/578681/c-gtuk-nolinor-aviation-boeing-737-2b6ca https://www.planespotters.net/photo/252819/c-gtuk-nolinor-aviation-boeing-737-2b6ca https://nolinor.com/en/aeronefs/boeing-737-200/ - This link is for Nolinor's website which has a great right side view of the livery if needed. Michael Rogers
  3. I like that idea, show the # of takeoff's and landing's and how many during the session
  4. I use a Logitech H340 Headset with mic. Has worked great for me, very little issues
  5. Feelthere has said multiple times that they will never give release dates. When it is ready, it will be released
  6. Those are base engine bugs you are reporting, Unfortunately the developer of the game has stopped making updates. They said they are still going to make DLC's and that at some point there may be a new version come out.
  7. Westjet's new livery is only on the 789's and a few of the 737 Max's, there are still old livery Max's in the fleet. The entire -600, -700, -800 fleet are in the old livery.
  8. I believe only 3 Westjet Max's have the livery currently, and as we all know they aren't flying at the moment.
  9. I use vacate runway right/ left on taxiway XXX. the command can be issued once landing clearance has been given until the "Successful Landing" message appears. after the message appears the exit has already been determined.
  10. C-FLHE, operated by Flair airlines departing CYYZ for CYWG Winnipeg, departed RWY 23 ON Apr.2/19, much better livery than their newest mint green that was released a couple months ago C-FYJD, operated by Sunwing Airlines departing CYYZ for MKJS Montego Bay, Jamica, Departed Rwy 23 on Apr 2/19
  11. hey Pedantic, I just noticed that you have Air Canada listed as 737-800 when the new LAX update has them as a 737-max 8. Also Air Georgian is listed as American when they are a Canadian company associated with Air Canada Express
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