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  1. Just wanted to post a follow up in case anyone searches for the same problem. Issue was indeed the installer and thanks to the support provided by my local vendor, the problem is now solved. Thanks again to @FeelThere Ariel and @crbascott for their assistance in narrowing down the problem, your help is sincerely appreciated.
  2. Thanks for letting me know, I can add that to the support ticket to make sure they get the correct installer into their system - they are very helpful like that. Again, thanks again for your assistance - I sincerely appreciate it.
  3. "KJFK_for_Tower3D_3.0.exe" although I also note the KLAS file purchased from FeelThere has no reference to Pro either ("KLAS_for_Tower3D_SP2"). I've contacted PC Aviator to see if they can update the files in their system. I completely understand and appreciate that, however I do like to support my local vendors where I can. If you don't support them they disappear and in a lot of circumstances local support is vital. But I do sincerely appreciate your assistance.
  4. No problems Ariel - Adjusted as noted and unfortunately still the same problem. Original log was attached with my initial post and the latest log can be found here (via my Google Drive) I'm not 100% sure I understand what you're referring to, but the installer title once running is "KJFK for Tower!3D Install Program"? With that I think I may have discovered the problem - despite it appearing to install to the correct location it is not a Pro compatible installer? The original purchase of Pro, KLAS and real color/traffic was through the FeelThere store however the purchase of KJFK was through the Australian PC Aviator store so I may need to speak to them about updating their installer files perhaps? Thanks in advance for both of your assistance - it really is greatly appreciated. Haydn
  5. That's something that has raised my attention. The installer wants to install at C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower 3D (i.e. the installer does not "see" my 3D! Pro installation). I changed the install location to C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro by copying and pasting the address from windows explorer to ensure no errors were transferred. For reference, the KJFK installer version is listed as
  6. Unfortunately same thing still happens - both with and without Real Color/Real Traffic installed. Haydn
  7. Hi Ariel, No, I have not played KJFK previously - it's a new addition to my collection. I've tried loading it up a few times all with the same result. I should also mention I also tried re-downloading the installation file just in case the original download was corrupted. That unfortunately did not solve the problem either. Haydn
  8. Hi All, Having some problems with KJFK in Tower3D! Pro (SP33c). After setting up desired settings (runway, time, weather, etc) I click start and the loading page appears. Music continues to play for a few seconds however the loading icon makes half a turn and the status remains at 0%. Shortly after I can hear traffic talking to me and tapping the PTT button plays the appropriate sound and I am unable to interact with the aircraft. The airport graphic never loads. I've tried other airports (including both included and add-on airports) and JFK is the only one doing this. Other troubleshooting attempted: With and without KJFK Real Color With and without Real Traffic Fresh Install of both KJFK and Tower3D! Pro Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and game.log could not be attached due to upload limit however can be found at my Google drive here. Haydn
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