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  1. les trickett

    Help with making Mouse Macro

    Enjoy a well earnt rest. You can close this thread. I know how to use event id and parameters now. Thanks for all your help. Best regards Les
  2. les trickett

    Novice FSUIPC user

    When I get an arduino board he is going to show me outputs. Then I can post a simplified method of doing it Les
  3. les trickett

    Novice FSUIPC user

    It's okay Peter a nice chap from Turkey just spent 4 hours on teamviewer showing me how to use event ids and parmeters. Using switches and encoders. When I have a moment I will post it on the forums to try and help other people like me. All the best Les
  4. les trickett

    Help with making Mouse Macro

  5. les trickett

    Help with making Mouse Macro

    Hi Peter I have tried every combination I can. in this instance I can get the fasten seatbelt switch to go from off to auto to on but I cant make it go the other way. I am using a 3 position toggle switch Do I need to buy 3 position momentary switches to make it work 2=U2,7,K114,11 -{Key press: ctl+shft+F3}- 3=P0,11,K110,8 -{Key press: Num.}- 5=U0,11,K110,10 -{Key press: ctl+Num.}- 6=P0,1,K70,10 -{Key press: ctl+F}- 8=P0,0,K82,10 -{Key press: ctl+R}- 9=P3,12,CM4:1,0 -{Macro PMDG 737: CHIME DEC}- 10=P4,10,CM5:1,0 -{Macro PMDG FIRE WARN: FIRE WARN}- 11=P0,3,CM7:1,0 -{Macro PMDG PARK BRAKE: PARK BRAKE}- 12=U0,3,CM7:0,1 -{Macro PMDG PARK BRAKE: PARK BRAKE}- 13=P4,11,CM9:1,0 -{Macro PMDG belts on: beltson}- I have tried every combination I can think of with these 3 lines 14=P4,9,CM10:1,0 -{Macro PMDG SEATBELTS A: BELTSAUTO}- 15=P4,7.CM11:1.0 -{Macro PMDG BELTS OFF: BELTSOFF}-
  6. les trickett

    Help with making Mouse Macro

    Should say ini file
  7. les trickett

    Help with making Mouse Macro

    Well I have spent all day looking for a way to make sense of parameters and offsets I looked in my initial file to try and make sense of the mouse macros I made but I can' get my head around it A chap from Turkey sent me a video when he entered his numbers into the Control sent when pressed he had a drop down box that gave him the parameters. I don't I have looked in your documents and I am totally baffled believe me I am trying to make an effort not to bother you Les
  8. les trickett


    I have posted this on all the flight sim forums I am a memer of Les
  9. It's a shame I see a lot of fellow P3DV4 guys asking questions and not getting answers from other forum users For anyone who has struggled to make mouse macro for PMDG aircraft. Try the following. First you need to go to forum.simflight.com You will see FSUIPC support Pete Dowson click on down load links. Download the replacement FSUIPC DLL 5.132b Drag and drop it into P3D modules folder it will overwrite the old one. Then just find a video on you tube on how to make mouse macro in FSUIPC. It took me ages to work it out got my switches working next will be rotary encoders. All the best Les Many thanks to Peter and Serg for their valiant efforts and patience guiding me through
  10. les trickett

    Help with making Mouse Macro

    I found a link to rotary switches but I am so sorry I don' understand where the numbers etc come from. This came of the thread. Quote 0=P1,0,K119,10 1=P1,0,K119,10 3=U1,0,K119,10 4=P1,1,K114,10 5=P1,1,K114,10 6=U1,1,K114,10 I assume the P, 1,0 is switching the switch on then off but after that I don' know where the K119.10 nor the difference between P and U. I have a 9 way rotary switch not bought for flightsim it was off a cnc machine control. I am only going to use it to test. Some rotary switches in the PMDG 737-600 HAve 3 positition switches and some have more. Or would I be better using an encoder. I am going to print out all your documents and read through them Best regards Les
  11. les trickett

    Help with making Mouse Macro

    Good morning Peter. Well the good news is I can make mouse macros for fun now. Even managed to pass the information on to a guy in Brazil on home cockpit builders forum so that's two people happy.. Can you send me a link to rotary switches page on forum if possible. And thank you for bearing with me. All the best Les
  12. les trickett

    Help with making Mouse Macro

  13. les trickett

    Help with making Mouse Macro

    Got it thanks Peter. All I need to do now is to go back and read up on how to make a mouse macro again and hopefully away we go. I do appreciate your help All the best Les
  14. les trickett

    Help with making Mouse Macro

    Sorry yes that' the website I meant Les
  15. les trickett

    Help with making Mouse Macro

    I don't want to use Linda I just put it on to see if it would recognise my FSUIPC. And it didn't so I think it's they way I have loaded FSUIPC. Do I just delete all the FUSIPC files, go to your website download the latest and reinstall . Sounds like a daft question but I downloaded from your website 2 days ago. Have you put a newer version up scince. Will give it another go All the best Les Les

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