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  1. Thanks! That did the trick. Each time we get an update or a new airport, should this be done?
  2. I received the e-mail advising the KLAS update is out and to re-download it from the original purchase like we always do. I tried and again, for the 3rd time, with each time happening on different airports, it said the password is blocked and i had to go through getting a new e-mail link. Sorry, I digress. So I installed the new update for KLAS/vegas and now the game gets stuck loading at 63%. I've downloaded several times; restarted the computer; run the game in Admin mode and still gets stuck at 63%. I did not have this issue before installing the new update. The other airports still work just fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Kyle
  3. Thanks to all for the input. I did some research and some trial and error and it turns out the cause is heat. I have the room cooler, the laptop raised for airflow underneath and i adjusted the fan settings on the computer. No issues now and enjoying the airports! Kyle
  4. Ok, I just sent them an e-mail for that issue. So getting back to the original issue, I played the ones i have installed and while not as bad, the issue with hesitation is still there. Thanks, Kyle
  5. Ok, I just tried to re-install the Orlando (KMCO) and it came up the password is blocked. Product ID: 18371234 Password: 3899851563 . Not sure why those two purchases are doing that. If you could fix both i would appreciate it. I will not try and install the real color for KMCO until i am able to install the airport first. Thanks, Kyle
  6. Good Morning Ariel, I uninstalled everything and began installing each one back as i received it. I installed the KJFK and then when I went to install the KJFK real color it stated the password is blocked. I wonder if that is causing the issue?? I was unable to upload a copy of the word document showing the purchase as it said i was only allowed to upload a certain amount...so here is the info you may need to reset: Product ID: 18371070 Password: 2993511649 Thanks, Kyle
  7. I have an Intel Core i7 7th Gen laptop. Intel(R)Core(TM) i7-7700zhp CPU@2.8Ghz. 16.0 GB RAM, 64 bit operating system x64processor. Windows 10 with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 VRam 4021 MB Direct3d 11.0(level 11.1). Hi Mickey2damouse, I use my laptop screen but when playing the game i use a single monitor connected to an HDMI cable; so technically it is not a duel monitor system. If memory serves, I don't remember having this issue until loading the Munich Airport or the Orlando airport. I also saw someone posted that they had some problems and had to load everything all over again in the exact order they obtained it. I appreciate everyone's help! I do have real colors for each airport and real traffic also. Thanks, Kyle
  8. Good Morning Ariel, No, the delay/hesitation is not causing a crash or complete freeze. It is like the game is taking a second to figure out where to go next and then moves on. It causes the voice commands to stop and i have to start the command over again. I hope the attachments help. I thought about uninstalling everything and starting over in order of my purchases. Thanks, Kyle Word doc 05272019.docx tower3dpro bat.zip
  9. I am getting a delay/hesitation in the game while playing it. I am not seeing a pattern and I have tried adjusting the settings for each airport. It seems while playing, the game will stop/hesitate and then continue. Thanks, kylesplace... So i tried to upload the output_log file and it says you can only 20.48. I looked for a .bat file and did not see one as i observed as requested in other posts. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!
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