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  1. SAMedic

    Correct callsign

    So I'll need to do this for all the airports I have. And also after ever update of real traffic. Is there no way that the developer can do it with the next update of real traffic??
  2. SAMedic

    Correct callsign

    Is there anyway to correct a callsign? Tower 3d pro has LOT Polish airlines callsign as POLLOT the correct callsign is LOT
  3. It takes time and reseach to develop these add DLC's. Give them time and they will get to the other airports
  4. I wasn't using a power hour file. I was running 00:00
  5. I have real traffic sp6v9a as far as I know that is the latest.
  6. Okay I have the 9-17-2018 version and still only loads to 72% and then hangs
  7. I deleted the older version from my Dropbox and re-downloaded from the link in the original post. I still get the August version. I'm not sure what I might be doing wrong. I am a HUGH fan of you schedules and YouTube posts
  8. I have deleted it and just downloaded it again and I still get the 8-19-2018 version
  9. I have the latest real traffic and real colours for LAX
  10. I'm having trouble with this schedule. It loads until 72% when trying to start the game and then just hangs there. When changing it back to the standard game traffic it loads with no issues

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