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  1. I just bought EGKK and RC. I installed both and Re-installed RT. EGKK doesn't show when I start the game. I know there is a trick to get it to start but can't remember what is was. I looked in the folder with the rest of the files and it shows up.
  2. The other thing I noticed is it doesn't happen unless the other planes (FDX945 and FDX764) have radioed for pushback, otherwise, it doesn't hit
  3. no. It did it for FDX 945 and FDX 764, which is why my score on the top is -1320
  4. FDX522 is taxing by FDX764 which parked but I got a Ground Collision Alert. Why? They shouldn't have hit.
  5. I wouldn't have them in the game at all. It should just be taxi to terminal
  6. Well thats stupid. Why even have it in the game?
  7. How come there isn't any Emergency Situations for us to handle as ATC. Like an Emergency landings
  8. What is the purpose of taxi to ramp or apron if they just go straight to the terminal?
  9. How do you get Real Traffic version SP6v6 ?
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