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  1. I had this same problem. I uninstalled all C++ and tower 2011 and tracon 2012 and reinstalled the games. It installed C++ but it still won't start the game.
  2. I just bought and tried to install Tracon2012 & Tower2011 but I keep getting a error message. Please resolve the following: A newer version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable has been detected on the machine. I thought I installed the latest C++ but it's not working still. Any Suggestions?
  3. I downloaded retros. I copied the airplanes, airports and airlines over. I went to the the schedule and changed some of Delta's flights to Northwest. I also added Northwest to the terminals. When I go to play, Northwest comes up as a flight but the planes are white. I even reinstalled RC. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. I reinstalled the RC and it works now. Thank you
  5. Picture 1: Every once in a while I get a random airplane that just does his own thing. This one is not following taxi way. I've had one spot where the plane does a 360 then continues on. Picture 2: I have Real Color for all the airports I have. For some reason I still get white planes. This one should be Air Canada
  6. I just bought EGKK and RC. I installed both and Re-installed RT. EGKK doesn't show when I start the game. I know there is a trick to get it to start but can't remember what is was. I looked in the folder with the rest of the files and it shows up.
  7. The other thing I noticed is it doesn't happen unless the other planes (FDX945 and FDX764) have radioed for pushback, otherwise, it doesn't hit
  8. no. It did it for FDX 945 and FDX 764, which is why my score on the top is -1320
  9. FDX522 is taxing by FDX764 which parked but I got a Ground Collision Alert. Why? They shouldn't have hit.
  10. I wouldn't have them in the game at all. It should just be taxi to terminal
  11. Well thats stupid. Why even have it in the game?
  12. How come there isn't any Emergency Situations for us to handle as ATC. Like an Emergency landings
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