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  1. ac455

    ATC communication

    Blocked in Canada as well. 😒
  2. ac455

    Aircraft Voice Commands

    To add to @crbascott's workaround, you can also tell the aircraft to hold short of a taxiway that is not on the aircraft's taxiing path. After the command is issued, the aircraft will not stop at any runways or taxiways because it is looking to stop at a taxiway it will never cross.
  3. ac455

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    It is possible, but it doesn't work as a voice command which is unfortunate. I typed the following command into the command box at KPHL and the aircraft does taxi using the runway. AAL742 RUNWAY 9R TAXI VIA T 27R W S Make sure you don't add "RUNWAY" into the text command, or else they will jest say negative.
  4. ac455

    RC Bundle - Why No Update Yet?

    I'd say we've just been forgotten about. Hopefully soon we will get the update! I myself didn't even know that RT updated until I saw this post. We need to maintain that Current Versions Sheet!
  5. This is super helpful, thank you for putting this together!
  6. ac455

    Exiting Runway Onto Another Runway

    That's unfortunate. Definitely something to add to the possible future wist list for the next version. Thanks for the info though!
  7. Hello Tower Community, I would like to know if it is possible to exit a runway onto another runway. My example would be that I use runway 4L for arrivals at KBOS. Unfortunately they pass the final taxiway, Quebec, before having a "successful landing". This means that the aircraft wants to slowly taxi down the runway to the nearest exit, November-1. Is it possible to tell these aircraft to exit at runway 15L or 15R to clear the runway faster?
  8. I appreciate your special effort to change planes types to keep liveries, I was unaware of that and that is why I asked if it was me lacking RC packs of if it was just the schedule. Again, thank you for making these custom schedules!
  9. Same for me, I would prefer planes with liveries rather than white correct planes. Ill change the Compass 175 to a 170 as a temporary fix until I do purchase another Real Colour pack.
  10. That makes since, I only have the real traffic bundle so I do have quite a few white planes on my other airports. Ill definitely be getting LAS Real Colour if that is the case. Thanks for letting me know!
  11. Loving this schedule so far! It really does change the feel of playing LAX compared to the default schedule. I do have one question though, are the Compass E175s supposed to be white; or am I just missing the RC pack that contains them?
  12. Been holding off playing Atlanta until a custom schedule was made. It's now time to make my return. Thanks for making this!

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