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  1. Dave: Thanks for confirming this behavior in FSUIPC. I was assuming (incorrectly) that the command sent on release only applied to momentary toggles and buttons. I'm glad to now know that it works for standard toggle switches too. Kind Regards, Chris
  2. Hello: I am building my first home cockpit panel and I have a question regarding three position toggle switches and the USB boards that support them. I have engaged two different vendors for parts. One vendor provides ON / ON / ON functionality with their USB board, and another only provides ON / OFF / ON functionality for three position switches with their board. I need to control a fuel pump that has Hi / OFF / Lo in P3D (obviously “Low” is simulated since there is no Hi / Lo pump control in P3D, only On / Off). I plan to use Lua script and FSUIPC to read and write t
  3. Pete: Got it working with a couple of simple scripts. Thank you very much for your help! Chris
  4. Hello: I am just starting to scratch the surface of using Lua scripts with FSUIPC. I am trying to solve a problem with the Milviz C310 where the prop condition levers do not move into the feather range using my CH Products throttle quadrant. Despite accurate calibration, moving the hardware prop levers aft of the detents does not move the software levers into the feather range, nor does the prop feather animation get displayed. Instead, the Milviz C310 requires users to right-click the prop lever knobs to feather the props. My current calibration does work for other default and
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