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  1. Just another remark for the benefit of any other person with a similar inquiry. I have not yet set about the work of programming the buttons but I believe there is a good chance it will succeed based on the suggestions of Reinhard and John. The AV8R stick mode switch does indeed register as buttons 13 & 14 in Modes A & B respectively which remain fully on when selected and off when in OFF position. The associated momentary contact SPDT toggle switches T1-T8 register as buttons 5-12 when pressed.
  2. My current FSUIPC Version: 4.947 My Saitek AV8R stick has a "Mode" switch which provides 3 different assignments for each of the 8 panel switch positions. This is accomplished by setting two of the stick's buttons high. Before I obtained FSUIPC I used the Saitek control software which allowed the Mode switch and the stick buttons the ability to program 24 unique functions which were then sent on to FSX. If a similar capability exists in FSUIPC would someone kindly point me to the correct instructions to get this done? It has been a while since I read all the details of FSUIPC programming but I seem to recall reading that there is a way to apply a boolean "AND" to button ID's and have it initiate a command or keypress. Is this only available by editing a file directly or also through the ADDON interface?
  3. Image from the current .ini file above. There are three devices but the GUID lines generated only for two of them. Is that a problem? The AV8R was not connected at the same time as the Yoke but in separate startups.
  4. I just discovered that I had a notification which was I presume from Pete asking if unplugging and re-plugging the usb devise caused a change. Last night I plugged in the specific devices for my plane profiles and re-entered FSUIPC in FSX. I then exited and changed over the devices to the Heli setup and entered FSUIPC again from FSX. Happily when I looked at the .ini file each control device had a unique Alpha identifier under the JoyNames section. In addition to the Alpha identifier it also listed several lines of numerical values like: 0.1 - - - - - (where the "- - - - -" represented some additional literal description.) I am assuming for now that these additional lines in the JoyNames section were program generated and belong there. When I began to Scan in the axis assignment tab the devices were properly identified. I have not swapped devices around yet a second time to see if things are working properly but I am convinced that this part of the setup is a success.
  5. Pete, Thanks for the reminder. I must have read it in the docs then. I am revisiting my setup after a quit a lot of time has passed. Will re-read the docs. A.
  6. I thought I read somewhere that if I disconnect my controllers and reconnect them in a different order later that I lose all my configurations saved for each aircraft. I know that each usb device has a unique identifier in the usb device but is this associated with the Joy# in FSUIPC! The reason I am asking is that I have different hardware devices for whether I am flying lanes and Helis, etc. I could have as many as 9 different hardware setups. I suppose I will go through a test tonight to see if changing may hardware and re-connecting it will cause assignment problems.
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