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  1. Hi Charles thanks for the reply. I reinstalled everthing one at a time and it works cheers and thx
  2. I have recently purchased LFPG + RC. I have Tower3D Pro. After installing both, first LFPG then RC, and selecting Pro from the installation file I do not get any traffic other than globe and Magic. I also have Real Traffic installed. My SFO, JFK, LAX, PHL all work fine. I also noticed that after I exit the game it now takes me back to the opening screen with airports as option A,B or C instead of the airports. If I restart I get the airports back. Cheers and Thank You Stephen Nelson
  3. Hello Please help me.... The preferred male voice that was the tower has all of a sudden changed to this robotic sounding voice. I have not changed anything nor do I use the voice command. I am running Tower 3d Pro with Real Traffic and colors for KLAX, etc. I have the updated sound card and there been no windows 10 updates to affect this. It happened approx. a week ago and have not been able to get the normal voice back. Have tried female and it too is robotic sounding. My speech log shows the David, Michael, Michelle, Zira but the settings in my windows 10 speech show Microsoft Ric
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