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  1. I have found a solution. The AIFP tool is able to update the % used in a flightplan, so they are now randomized. As a result the traffic slider works again. Have now limited the AI slider to 25% but still have the major stutter. Maybe a corrupt model, but I have to dig deeper.
  2. Thanks Pete. Currently all my 1.500 AI flightplans all have the % set to 1%, so setting the slider is useless now. Guess I need some homework to do.
  3. Hi Thomas, thanks for the reply. I indeed found the maual and read it. For me the question is: what will happen if you fly into a dense area? First all the aircraft are spawned, causing excessive stutter, and then they are removed according to the settings in the *.ini file? Or are the directly spawned according to the settings in the *.ini file? I want to achieve that P3D does not stutter too much when entering an AI crowded area like Frankfurt or London. In my QW787 not an issue, but the Aerosoft Airbus is a bit sensitive...
  4. Hello Pete and simFlight community, Since the launch of the Aerosoft Airbus I am struggling with my AI. For example, if I fly into the Frankfurt area FPS lower to 3-5 for a number of seconds to load all AI at the airport. Normally not a big issue, but since the Aerosoft Bus requires 18FPS for the FBW my plane is going crazy. I have tried some AI traffic removers (Unwanted AI Remover, AI Traffic Manager), but they cannot avoid that all the aircraft are being loaded at Frankfurt if that is my destination (unwanted AI remover only removes AI except departure and destination; AI Traffic
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