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  1. alaskaGuy2018

    United 7M9

    ok thanks
  2. also here is the log file for my session or sessions with tower!3D Pro.


  3. hey I just thought you should know that after the last update to Real Traffic the 7M9 for United airlines in every airport now has no red and green lights that come on when the plane is being pushed back or taxing or even when landing now I have included a screenshot of what I am talking about, as you can see I circled the airplane for united that has no running lights for the 39M or 7M9.

    United B7M9 without strobe lights and light that must be on during taxi and takeoff.jpg

  4. alaskaGuy2018

    Issue with CYVR RC

    wow I have never seen that happen before
  5. alaskaGuy2018


    I dont kniw how your real traffic and the color packs would be different but in mine when ever I put 73H in the schedule for a airline no livery on any airline but when I just put 738 the livery works for some reason in mine 73H makes the plane be white and no livery and yes I have all the latest updates
  6. so that is like a logo that comes with the airport basically then
  7. alaskaGuy2018


    the 73H for Tigerair comes up white and no livery in the real color file for airplanes in the manifest file for YMML it is listed as a 738 so if you want white planes then keep the 73H if you want the actual livery for the airline then it has to be 738 just sayin.
  8. hey do you know what airline in YMML has the logo that is Go On Vacation on the side of the plane?
  9. alaskaGuy2018


    I have it working but something that I noticed is that the plane type for TGG or Tigerair has the wrong 737 type in the schedule the one that is in the schedule that comes with YMML is 73H when it should be 738 so if you change this in the schedule for that airline then the livery will work.
  10. alaskaGuy2018

    Tower 3D Pro - Real Colors/Aircraft Master List by Airport

    is there going to be a updated real color/real traffic master list that we can get now that YMML is released or is that not being updated as I know it was a little bit of a challenge to make every time there was a update.
  11. is there a way that I could please get a download link or something to get the new airline real traffic master list now that YMML is out please.

  12. I was just curious is there a new airline master list that I can download I would really like to get it so I can make a custom schedule for YMML now that I have it.
  13. alaskaGuy2018

    Tower 3D Pro - Real Colors/Aircraft Master List by Airport

    sorry bad choice of words I would like to know where or how I can download the new airline master list that is a excel document
  14. alaskaGuy2018

    Tower 3D Pro - Real Colors/Aircraft Master List by Airport

    ok so now that Melbourne was released today I need to get the new airline master list that is a excel spreadsheet now I need to downloaded it
  15. alaskaGuy2018

    Tower 3D Pro - Real Colors/Aircraft Master List by Airport

    what is DLC? so after YMML it is going to be OMDB but after that I have no idea would hope that some more of the airports that were in the tower 2011 would be added like maybe KSEA or maybe KMIA but who knows
  16. alaskaGuy2018

    custom schedule questions

    airlines always do that when there has been a accident with that airline and flight number
  17. alaskaGuy2018

    custom schedule questions

    not sure its a good idea to add those flight numbers there is a reason they were retired
  18. alaskaGuy2018

    custom schedule questions

    easyjet Europe is actually EJU and EWE is Eurowings europe
  19. alaskaGuy2018

    why is the download server down

    was just wondering if anyone new why the download server for feel there is down
  20. alaskaGuy2018

    YMML Melbourne video

    i can guarantee that neither ymml or the update to eddm will be released until after 4th of July
  21. alaskaGuy2018

    YMML Melbourne video

    that's cool is there any news on the update for eddm
  22. alaskaGuy2018


    I was at SeaTac today and went under the runways in the tunnel and I saw a Alaska airlines E175 that was repainted with the new livery but I am sure that will get put into the game soon feel there and nyerges design are working very diligently to get the newest update for eddm and for the next released airport so when that is out I am sure there will be a update to that
  23. alaskaGuy2018

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    in egkk why do u not use sws and Pw I use those for extra flight and I have no problems
  24. alaskaGuy2018

    Tower 3D/3D Pro CUSTOM SCHEDULE For EDDM/MUC v4.0

    well something I did with the one that is Bauhinia is I changed it in the airline.txt file to CRK HX (HK AIRLINES)
  25. alaskaGuy2018

    Tower 3D/3D Pro CUSTOM SCHEDULE For EDDM/MUC v4.0

    The only one mine has a issue with bauhinia

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