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  1. I noticed something with my LFPG to when I load up the game to play LFPG or CDG it will play for a big then it will freeze and shut down the game and it is only on LFPG that this is happening for some reason and was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue.

  2. with the new RT because of lfpg the only airlines that have the cargo with no windows r Korean air cargo air france cargo and Airbridge cargo as well as certain fed ex and ups aircraft have no windows

  3. does anyone know what the ICAO code for the 787-10 is it 78X-781 or is it 78X-78J I believe that once the update for EDDM is out that this aircraft will be in the United airlines flights to EDDM.

  4. hey I was just curious about something in the screen that Tower!3D Pro starts at with Melbourne Airport is there a way to use the airline I have circled and the one I have a arrow pointed at in this screen shot, just need to know what these airlines are listed as in the airline list for Tower!3D Pro.

  5. well now I noticed it is also on the southwest airlines 7M9 to for some reason and I think it might have started doing this after the latest update to real traffic as that is when I started noticing it 


  6. has anyone noticed that the united 7M9 has no strobe lightrs or the lights on the end of the wings and on top of the aircraft don't come on  in every airport in tower!3D Pro in the screen shot I have circled the aircraft I am referring  to.

    United B7M9 without strobe lights and light that must be on during taxi and takeoff.jpg


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