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  1. in the next version of tower3d they should make the game so that the user can change the liveries for each airline on there own so that way we dont have to inform feelthere or nyerges design about changes to a airlines livery.
  2. so wait what your saying then is that the 73H and 738 in tower are exactly the same as that both have winglets on them?
  3. shouldn't the 73H be listed then in the master list for what airlines have as far as plane types though?
  4. ok so regardless of what i was showing u in the pictures will the 73H work with all airlines that use the 738
  5. this is American airlines 737 Max-8 with newer Split Scimitar winglets.
  6. one has different winglets esentially they r the same plane one just has the newer winglets same plane just different winglets
  7. in this photo this is what the 738 in tower 3D pro has
  8. in this photo this is what the 73H has.
  9. on all of my 738 in the game they have winglets but like i said the winglets are Split Scimitar.
  10. but on the max jets they r a different kind of (Split Scimitar)
  11. the winglets i am talking about are these kind (Split Scimitar) and i believe they r on the 737- 800 737-900 and they r on max jets to.
  12. so the winglets version is different then the shark looking winglets?
  13. well here is the output log you wanted not sure if you will see the error or not. output_log.txt
  14. I guess what I am asking is why is the 73H not listed in the master list in the exel spreadsheet with all the airlines and aircraft type in the game.
  15. ok that is really weird I just tried that plane type and now it is working just don't know what airports to put it in as that in the master list for the excel spreadsheet that was just put out that plane type isn't listed in it.
  16. I have all the newest RC packs for the airports in tower 3D Pro and still that plane type will not work.
  17. I have all the color packs and that plane type doesn't work. but look I am not going to argue about this ok so can we please just drop it the forum is to discuss a variety of things but not to argue amongst us.
  18. BBG, BZ, BLUEBIRD, 738 https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/9h-sho#23011c44
  19. that plane type comes up with every airline as a white plane and no livery.
  20. I think before I may have told u the wrong area but not sure.
  21. well I do have to agree lets hope there are no errors like in odmb there are jet ways at Pad G that are not connected to a building and there is not even a way for planes to park there to be connected to planes.
  22. Does anyone know what the hold up is with KDFW being released for Tower!3D Pro.
  23. there is a real color update for ODMB but I cannot find a RT update yet
  24. has anyone noticed that there is a SP update for OMDB?
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