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  1. I also think it would be cool if the strobe lights a plane has would actually do what they do in real life by blinking continually instead of just blinking every so often.
  2. something I noticed with EDDM is that every time Real Traffic has a update you have to reinstall the files for the the airport not the schedule file or airlines file the actual files for the airport and then it works fine for me.
  3. in the photo I see that sun country has a different livery that I can't get to work for some reason is this on the 737 and not the 737-800 that sun country has
  4. what aircraft type does sun country have that has the more white looking livery. in all my airport the livery that Sun Country has is the blue ones only for some reason.
  5. I know but I thought that Alaska hasn't flown there for a while but then if the terminal file is correct then how come there are no flight for ASA in the schedule?
  6. well the only one that I seem to have problems with atm is LFPG sometimes when I play that airport airplanes get stuck on the runway and won't taxi to the terminal I have also noticed in LFPG that there are taxiways that are there but that don't show up on the ADIRS screen so don't know what that is all about and also when I give the command to taxi on a certain taxiway the ai doesn't want to taxi that way and it mostly only works with only saying taxi to terminal if I try to get a plane to taxi by a certain taxiway most of the time the ai gets confused and the plane sits there and sits there and sits there and then I get penalized for it sitting there when I told it to taxi to terminal on a certain taxiway.
  7. I noticed in your terminal file you still have ASA listed in it and Alaska airlines doesn't fly to LaGuardia anymore just thought you should know this.
  8. I updated these files but not sure anyone can download them or not can someone please try to download any of these files to see if they can.
  9. ok I will look at that some time today then and change things that need to be.
  10. athens air was added when lfpg came out and I noticed this then well then a month later IMDb came out and I tried using the azur air and it wouldn't paint the planes for azur air so I used athens air but now that omdb has the current real traffic azur air should work now is this correct that azur air works with a livery as when lfpg came out it was a white plane.
  11. I saw in a news post from feel there that the next airport is KDFW but then I saw a feed on facebook page that said KIAD so it has to be one of them I am thinking that it must be KDFW but not 100 percent sure of that.
  12. well in the airport lfpg Athens was added to tower and I think azure isnt a airline even in the game but I will check on that in the morning.
  13. but I have the same issue where when the planes are being pushed back it will go close up to the plane then goes back to not being close up once the plane starts to taxi
  14. wait is this the depth of field the either has a checked box or it doesn't
  15. I Didn't know you could turn it off so how do I turn it on or off
  16. I really hope that down the pipeline that KSEA is going to be in the works.
  17. something to that I found out with my updated airline list the game loads more fast then it would before.
  18. yeah I found this out online that Cathay Pacific Airlines now owns dragon air and they changed the name to Cathay dragon.
  19. here is my updated airline list Tower 3D Pro Airlines List.txt
  20. also where can I go online so can make that graph for my schedules to know what the pack or busiest hours r
  21. one thing I have done is grouped the airlines by region then will go through them all and figure out which ones r defunct
  22. ok but what about the airlines that are now defunct can I remove all of them and by doing this will the game still work?
  23. does anyone know if I can go through the airline list and amend it or correct things in it and then use it in every airport that I have by like adding what goes to this airport or what goes to that airport and make it all to be one airline list?
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