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  1. well that might be I was just saying is all and the way I do scheduling might be a little different then or at least the way I understood how to it is that way.
  2. also ariv8ng have to have tist on the right and flight airport codearriv8ng from on left then all departing flights have to start with tist then the destination code.
  3. if u look at the line that says tisx, tist should be tist, tisx
  4. its cool, there are some really cool liveries with the eddf color pack and the lebl rc update.
  5. wasnt tryingto sound rude or nasty i was just saying that i found this out a while back and was saying that the way i have mine seems to be the only way it will work
  6. the only airline I know for sure is air Europa now has the 787-8 other then that I dont know
  7. ok so it isnt in new livery then and it was just a mistake with the excel spread sheet and not the order of the real color packs then. is this correct
  8. ok so in the newest version of the master list it is in there that the United 789 is suppose to be the new livery the 78X is but not the 789 i have tried with no avail to get the new livery for United Airlines 789 to work but it doesn't so was this a mistake in the master list? also here is a link that shows that United's 789 is in the new livery, the Tail Number is N29977 https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/n24976#240ebda2
  9. B38M EGKK tk Turkish Airlines needs to be added, in egkk for this aircraft type and airline this was added when the update took place for EGKK.
  10. gee i wasn't aware we were on a first name basis now please don't use my real name in here ok alaskaguy is who i want to be addressed as thank you.
  11. well if you look at the screen shot i showed you the things in that file have to be exactly the way i have them if they are the way the original files are then they don't work for some reason.
  12. ok i will show you a screen shot of what I am talking about, in these screen shots this is what I am talking about in the left screen shot is the gaandlocaltraffic file i have for RJTT on the right is the schedule i have for RJTT when you have what is in the gaandlocaltraffic file you can do things like touch and go low level approach, the gaandlocaltraffic file has to be done the way it is in the left screen shot in order for it to work hope this helps you eligrim.
  13. lets hope so i really want to see KSEA
  14. it has to be done in the file galocaltraffic and that will work but has to written different then it has to be in the actual schedule.
  15. the reason i am curious about the next version which is 16 i just am curious about a airline called jet management and i can't buy eddf airport or real color pack for that airport until monday and was just wondering when you have that is all.
  16. i was thinking the new real color master list but the number i thought was 20 and it should have been 16 my bad.
  17. when will version 20 be out, will it be Monday or sometime next week?
  18. here r some pictures of what st thomas international airport will look like when it is remodeled St Thoma cyril Airport 02.webp St thomas cyril airport 01.webp St Thomas Cyril Airport 03.webp
  19. something i saw though online now at tist airport they have remodeled or r going to remodel the airport so it will have jetways and more slips for aircraft, to bad feelthere or nyerges design wont update that airport to have that.
  20. how did u do that in your game with the accents for the contol tower.?
  21. i was just curios about the rc update for LEBL as a while back people were talking about it and i have not noticed it being out yet if this is something that is actually going to happen.
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