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  1. yeah i saw that to really want egll to as i have gatwick and really want egll
  2. try the 76F or aircraft type below that the runway at ksan isnt long enough for the 763 or 764 or the 76y freighter.
  3. I know right it looks really awesome from what i have seen of ATCJoe's video of the airport.
  4. i would have liked to see Eastern L1011 to me retro means airlines that are no longer around and not airlines that are still here today that is what it should have been so because that isn't what this is going to be i am not paying for this so like I said I am out.
  5. not enough airlines with L1011 in my book but oh well not sure i will buy this as there isn't enough airlines in this so I'm out
  6. ok just disregard that last message i was responding to the person before you but just delete it
  7. no what i am saying is that in the excel list for Real Colors/Aircraft Master List it is listed in there under KJFK that Lot has a 763 when in fact it doesn't they don't even fly the 767-300 anymore.
  8. I noticed in the newest Real Colors/Aircraft Master List by Airport that LOT Polish Airlines has these aircraft listed in KJFK B763, B788 and B789 i have tried to get the 763 to work with the livery that Lot polish airlfines has and the planes always come up white and with no livery for Lot Polish Airlines so i was just wondering why is the 763 listed with Lot Polish Airlines For KJFK?
  9. I don't know that could be i just know that they were going to lift into place.
  10. I have seen some videos and pictures from KIRO7 in Seattle WA but as of lately not heard anything new last i heard they were in the process of raising the structure in place this walkway is going to be even higher then the one at EGKK.
  11. how do I convert binary to text
  12. if they make a new version though will the airports we have already bought be able to be integrated into the new version or would we have to buy the new version and airports all over again
  13. I know what the hold up is with ksea it's because they r adding things to it IRL there will be a sky bridge like what egkk has but taller and longer
  14. yeah I don't get why they would want to change what the name is to KSEA from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to Seattle International Airport
  15. would be cool to if that KDEN or KSEA would be in the works I just heard on the news today to that Seattle Tacoma International is actually being changed to Seattle International airport now.
  16. has anyone heard anything about this update I was hoping that here soon it would be available?
  17. would be neat to see the strobe lights do what they do on a real plane where they continually blink or flash along with the red light being on the bottom of aircraft and on top of the aircraft but not on the tail I have never seen a red light that blinks on a tail of any aircraft.
  18. I really hope that Gabor and his team are working on KSEA might be waiting on that one thought as that parts of the airport are under renovation the North Satellite terminal is being mad bigger to accommodate Alaska airlines needing more gate space and to modernize the terminal also the south satellite is being renovated and a sky bridge connected to it from the new international terminal that is connect to the main terminal so with this happening it might be awhile for KSEA but will be cool when this airport comes out also I really hope the KDEN comes out soon to that airport is such a cool airport.
  19. I made these files with a little extra things in it some of the airlines in here don't actually fly here but I thought that it would cool to ad a little more variety with the international airlines flying into DFW. also I have in the works some files that are files by hour, should have those to add soon. kdfw_airlines.txt kdfw_airplanes.txt kdfw_airports.txt kdfw_schedule.txt kdfw_terminal.txt kdfw_schedule 0000-0400.txt kdfw_schedule 0500.txt kdfw_schedule 0600.txt kdfw_schedule 0700.txt kdfw_schedule 0800.txt kdfw_schedule 0900.txt kdfw_schedule 1000.txt kdfw_schedule 1100.txt kdfw_schedule 1200.txt kdfw_schedule 1300.txt kdfw_schedule 1400.txt kdfw_schedule 1500.txt kdfw_schedule 1600.txt kdfw_schedule 1700.txt kdfw_schedule 1800.txt kdfw_schedule 1900.txt kdfw_schedule 2000-2300.txt
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