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  1. if you look in this screen shot you can see that even the flight numbers now are listed as AS and not QX anymore the aircraft type are the DH8D And The E175 horizon is not a airline anymore it is all Alaska now.
  2. oh and on flightrader24 if you put in QXE no flights come up but if you put ASA horizon flights are listed with Alaska as the E75 or the DH4
  3. but all the planes now all say Alaska on them and Alaska has already said that eventually horizon will no longer be a brand of Alaska all those flights will all say as on them and not QX it was on the news a while back about that.
  4. oh and Ashman actually horizon and Alaska are now one and the same as that there are no more planes that say Horizon on them they all say Alaska now there is no more horizon airlines
  5. are both of these the way I was suppose to do it, sorry everyone this is the first time I have submitted anything like this.
  6. ASA AS ALASKA SKYWEST E175 https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/n186sy#21f2c51f
  7. ASA AS ALASKA SKYWEST E175 https://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/as3395#21f32f0e
  8. ASA AS ALASKA SKYWEST E175 https://www.flightradar24.com/data/airlines/oo-skw
  9. Livery to Spirit Airlines with the next airport update or DLC airport update rather would be cool if that all of Spirit Airlines aircraft where painted in the yellow taxi look as in real life they are all painted that way, the only aircraft for spirit airlines that has the yellow taxi look is the A319 and Spirit also has A320 and A321 that in tower 3D Pro are still in the old Livery would be cool if that finally all the aircraft that Spirit Airlines has would be in the Yellow Taxi look. 

  10. I would really like to finally see all of Spirit Airlines jets painted in the yellow taxi look, the only aircraft for Spirit Airlines in Tower!3D Pro is the A319 but the A320 and A321 are still in the old livery for spirit airlines.
  11. it was for Monday August 19th now just so you know some of the times and flight numbers had to be altered a little bit as that I had a issue with getting them to work so I did that to make it work better.
  12. so cool at so far KSFO is winning that airport needs a update as it has been awhile since it came out and I think there might be new airlines that will be going to that airport, also I believe that when Alaska starts flying their 737 max-9 that SFO and LAX are going to be the first airports that they will fly to from Seattle.
  13. I just modified it to be more simple as they are all asl airlines but if you notice also I use Cargoair for the 737 aircraft cargo airline and here in all these screen shots you can see they are all part of the ASL airlines group I just didn't like the cargo variant of ASL so like I said in the schedule I have the CargoAir as the 737 aircraft type.
  14. I know that I changed that because in the master list for the airlines that is in the new excel it shows it as asl and on Wikipedia it also states that FPO is part of ASL airlines group
  15. These Files include all the new airlines and cargo airlines that have been added to real traffic, they have also been added into the schedule for you to use to, I have personally tested all of this and it all works the way I have it, there was some glitches that I encountered but that has been fixed and now it all works the way it should, so enjoy hope this works for any of you that want to use this. lfpg_terminal.txt lfpg_schedule.txt lfpg_airports.txt lfpg_airplanes.txt lfpg_airlines.txt
  16. something that Microsoft is telling everyone to do is to update your Bios or Firmware this might be the problem it was fir me as it deleted everything because the firmware had to be updated.
  17. it isn't going to take seven years to do that but look how long it took Alaska to change the planes to their new livery it was at least a couple years for that so who knows though hop that or at least would be cool if in the game that gabar made all the planes with the livery united has no reason he couldn't do that.
  18. yes that is what they need to do and if they r going to put United new livery on all their planes then maybe they should put the yellow livery on all the planes that spirit airlines has in tower 3D Pro
  19. I think it is better having current liveries then old ones for airlines that don't exist anymore beyond that it would make it very difficult to create a terminal file with all the current airlines and any old airlines and liveries together so I think it is much better having the current ones.
  20. Also who ever wants my permission to post these files on the blog for custom airport schedules you can and have my permission to do so.
  21. ok fixed that now loads even faster because of changing what you suggested to
  22. ok I will look at that and fix it
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