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  1. ATC AlaskaGuy

    CYVR - Problems with Real Color for CYVR

    you have to put it in the list like this 018 if you look at this list of my texture packs for tower 3D Pro this is how they have to be numbered to work correctly
  2. ATC AlaskaGuy

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    oh ok cool
  3. ATC AlaskaGuy

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    not that I am asking about a date but have you heard anything new about the EDDM update
  4. ATC AlaskaGuy

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    well what airlines can I or can't I use this for or is not something that airline would have the livery for yet until the eddm rc update is available or can I use them for the airport in CYVR
  5. ATC AlaskaGuy

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    I was just curious about something with CYVR in the file cyvr_airplanes I see that the A320N and the A321N are now listed in that file but I don't know what airlines actually use that aircraft I do no for a fact that Alaska Airlines has some A321N's but that is the only one that I can Figure out that used it and isn't listed in the texturepack 18 file so my question is why did they put those aircraft in the airplane list but not with actual airlines yet.
  6. ATC AlaskaGuy

    KLAX Supplemental Procedures Info

    well what I always do when I am using my headset and voice recognition I say and this is just a example United 237 climb to 2000 on reaching contact departure cleared for takeoff
  7. ATC AlaskaGuy

    Which aiport should I purchase next?

    I would say maybe one that has a single runway and that has minimal traffic
  8. ATC AlaskaGuy

    EDDM update to real color for Tower 3D Pro

    hey its all good
  9. ATC AlaskaGuy

    EDDM update to real color for Tower 3D Pro

    I wasn't asking a date I was just wondering if anyone had heard anything about that update
  10. ATC AlaskaGuy

    Air France 789 and edelweiss in CYVR

    just was wondering when that the 789 for Air France would be added to tower 3D Pro they fly this now from Paris to JFK also wondered if that edelweiss would be added to CYVR as they fly the Airbus A333 to Vancouver from Zurich here are some files I am putting with this to show this
  11. ATC AlaskaGuy

    EDDM Gata to runway bug

    Isnt there suppose to be an update to EDDM that comes out soon
  12. The way it is doesn't need to have a ratings system I agree with crbascott
  13. ATC AlaskaGuy

    KLGA La Guardia Airport only loads upto 63%

    Something I have encountered is that when I have been making my own schedules that on occasion I have saved the file I am working on in the wrong place and that will make the game not work right to until I fix it
  14. ATC AlaskaGuy

    KATL rwy 10/28 exit buildup

    I am sure Gabir is aware of this issue and when he is able to he will address this issue
  15. ATC AlaskaGuy

    Delta A220

    Why do u say that I read it will be Vancouver then Dubai and then it will be another American one
  16. ATC AlaskaGuy

    I've heard of rumours of an edited "pushback" code

    Where is the rec. file at
  17. ATC AlaskaGuy

    Tower 3D Pro - Real Colors/Aircraft Master List by Airport

    I discovered that it actually flies in and out of Vancouver
  18. ATC AlaskaGuy

    Tower 3D Pro - Real Colors/Aircraft Master List by Airport

    hey I am wondering if this airline and livery could be added Atlas Global Airlines ICAO KKK IATA KK https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=nwGihgeu&id=6D13D869162A65BD6097A86696774A18E2834B48&thid=OIP.nwGihgeuPAZakD3EfZfeigHaE6&mediaurl=https%3A%2F%2Fc1.staticflickr.com%2F1%2F592%2F20293119423_a463e204ef_b.jpg&exph=680&expw=1024&q=atllas+global+airlines+A333&simid=608024233773107247&selectedindex=11&ajaxhist=0&vt=0 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AtlasGlobal
  19. ATC AlaskaGuy

    Real Color - A New Concept

    hey how can I get ahold of Gabor I thought I had a message to him in my old messages but can't find it?
  20. ATC AlaskaGuy

    Planes no wheels prear3d v4

    I have noticed this issue to with tower 3D Pro for southwest airlines planes at SFO LAX and PHX on there 737 Max-9 jets
  21. ATC AlaskaGuy

    KJFK RC Update

    I was wondering if anyone had heard when the new RC update for KJFK was coming out I heard that there was going to be a update to this airport in tower 3D Pro like weeks ago
  22. ATC AlaskaGuy

    KJFK RC Update

    well i thought they were just for that airport and were like airport specific but thats great that it would work on all the airports so a rc update does that but then what does real traffic to is that just plane types and to what airline
  23. ATC AlaskaGuy

    KJFK RC Update

    oh well lets hop that maybe eventually that can be something that gets changed to where the A320 and the A321 that spirit airlines has can be in the yellow livery eventually to but also something I figured out that update isn't just for KJFK it works for every airport
  24. ATC AlaskaGuy

    KJFK RC Update

    well why can't there be both the yellow spirit livery is what all of there planes have now and not that old livery

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