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  1. well something I did with the one that is Bauhinia is I changed it in the airline.txt file to CRK HX (HK AIRLINES)
  2. already did Feelthere is aware of this issue and is working on a list of bugs with CYVR
  3. Yeah I was thinking that to but why have jetway there is the only thing
  4. I have tried to put every airplane type in the game there and there must be bug in cyvr as in pictures I have looked at air Canada Express E190 and E175 are parked at that gate not just turbo pro aircraft.
  5. Nope only turbo prop will go there but at the real cyvr that gate is used for air Canada Express with the E190 or E175
  6. what do you mean broken well the only planes I have not tried are the a319 or the a220
  7. taxiway is Juliet and here is the log file you wanted output_log.txt
  8. I noticed that one of the gates I can't get a plane to to use the jetway that is there I have a screen shot of what I am talking about, the gate I am referring to there is a plane there but the jetway won't work for that plane that is their I am referring to the jetway that is the farthest out on the left of the screenshot.
  9. Yeah I am sure you do have a lot to do, it takes me a month to write my own schedule then I have to mess with the terminal files and figure out what airline can go where with the new schedule I created
  10. well hopefully when that does come out that then it will fix the problems with there being no tugs at certain areas as well as planes getting stuck at the gate
  11. So what do u mean the real color update for eddm is ready but waiting on the airport update does this mean that eddm is getting a version update and a real color update
  12. hey is there a way that maybe somehow that in the master list by airport what cargo airlines are in the game that we can use. like just a list of Cargo airlines what sucks though is that for Lufthansa airlines cargo the ICAO code is GEC and the IATA code is LH like the airline is for some reason so not sure how that could be incorporated into Tower 3D Pro.
  13. lets hope though that the update to EDDM will be before YMML
  14. sounds good has anyone heard any news on the update for EDDM
  15. can move that file output.log and rename it to be game.log
  16. I took a screenshot of this happening in EDDM and just wondered if anyone new why this would occur or if it is just a error in the airport EDDM ? if you look at the screen shot you will see that a Lufthansa aircraft that is being pushed back is going through the plane next to it I hope that this is EDDM airport issue and not a Tower 3D Pro issue
  17. It does arrivals and departures in a 8 hour block it probably will show up depending on what time u start the game play at
  18. I know the A319 is but the A320 and the A321 are not they have had all their planes with the new yellow livery since 2014
  19. well from what I remember it took them awhile to do the update for KJFK so it could take a little while to do the update for EDDM
  20. I have the program rust now but don't know what I have to do with it or how to put the information from that screen shot into it for this work
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