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  1. hey I was wondering if that maybe in the next real traffic update that Spirit Airlines could have the A320 and The A321's, as they have been painted in the new yellow taxi looking livery.






  2. Livery to Spirit Airlines with the next airport update or DLC airport update rather would be cool if that all of Spirit Airlines aircraft where painted in the yellow taxi look as in real life they are all painted that way, the only aircraft for spirit airlines that has the yellow taxi look is the A319 and Spirit also has A320 and A321 that in tower 3D Pro are still in the old Livery would be cool if that finally all the aircraft that Spirit Airlines has would be in the Yellow Taxi look. 

  3. hey I was looking at some of the different airports that Alaska airlines goes to and I noticed that they have some A321Neo aircraft, and I was just wondering if this would be something that will be added for Alaska airlines in Tower!3D Pro here is a screen shot and a circle around what I am referring to. 

    Alaska Airlines with 321Neo circled.jpg

  4. also here is the log file for my session or sessions with tower!3D Pro.


  5. hey I just thought you should know that after the last update to Real Traffic the 7M9 for United airlines in every airport now has no red and green lights that come on when the plane is being pushed back or taxing or even when landing now I have included a screenshot of what I am talking about, as you can see I circled the airplane for united that has no running lights for the 39M or 7M9.

    United B7M9 without strobe lights and light that must be on during taxi and takeoff.jpg

  6. is there a way that I could please get a download link or something to get the new airline real traffic master list now that YMML is out please.

  7. hey now that KJFK has a new rc update I can get the liveries in that to work but now because of having this added and how it has to be at the top of the list now the plans for Spirit airlines won't show as yellow again this needs to be addressed and fixed all of the plane types that spirit has need to be yellow they don't have any planes that are painted the way they are in tower 3D Pro with the old livery thanks have a great day

  8. what is the hold up for releasing the rc update for the airport to KJFK for tower 3D Pro

    1. ATC AlaskaGuy

      ATC AlaskaGuy

      if need be i would be willing write a schedule to test the new rc for kjfk

  9. hey do you know if that eventually that the airport Seattle Tacoma International airport will be added to Tower 3D Pro as well as a new update to real traffic or real color that would have the new livery for Alaska Airlines for all their planes 

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